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[2007] Tournament: Beyond the edge of the shadows [by Heskla]

Jan 3, 2007
DISCLAIMER: Please do NOT post in this thread yet. We still need to migrate all posts from the old thread on diabloii.net to this thread. If you want to help, feel free to do so :)

This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Heskla on Dec 12, 2007. The last post was made Jun 30, 2008.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Tournament: Beyond the edge of the shadows

Welcome to ---> Tournament: Beyond the edge of the shadows

"In the third age, in the year after the great fall
of the assassin guild Pneuk-Tho, a few of the survivors
have escaped from their light-loving enemies. Their
claws of iron now is now steel in the armors of lightbringers.
The cave of Pneuk-Tho is now razed and nothing seems to
cast the shadows Pneuk-Tho once couldn't live without.
The lightbringers have not only imprisoned the assassins
but also the evil itself."

You are the one to do this. Be the hero of the Pneuk-Tho.

You'll start in the rogue camp and fight your way out of
this imprisonment. Since you just have escaped from the cage,
the only weapon you have is you fists and the bows you can make
from the wood you find. Sure will find some clothes to waer aswell...

The rules are simple, but the journey will be a challange.

Basic Gameplay

  • Only assassins.
  • Hardcore only.
  • Only bows/xbows may be used as weapon. Drop katar in Rogue Camp. (You are allowed to put one point in Tiger Strike to help your fists.)
  • Only shadow disciplines allowed. (Plus one point in Tiger Strike for early fists)
  • You may not rerun areas. When you start a new session, run through the cleared area killing as few monsters as possible. Items found in cleared areas may not be used on your character.
  • You may skip an area and return to it later if you wish. Keep track of this if you do it.
  • You may revisit previous acts to shop and use quest rewards.
  • Any players setting is allowed, just no /p1 kill /p8 open chests cheese.
  • You cannot Save and Exit to avoid death. It's either you or them.
  • Charges from non-bow/xbow may be used.

Advanced Gameplay

  • Act 1 Merc is only allowed through act1-act3 NORMAL, from there only act 3 and act 5 mercs are allowed.
  • Since sneaking is the key for the Pneuk-Tho assassins, no boots are allowed except in act4 (too hot) and act5 (too cold).


  • You cannot mule items onto your character.
  • You may mule items off.
  • Atma may be used as an extended stash.

Versions & Mods

  • 1.10+
  • Red Rune Mod and Runeword Mod are both not allowed.


  • The tournament starts now. You can start playing any time you like!
  • You may re-enter as many times as you like.
  • The tournament ends after there have been no posts in the thread for three months (i.e. people have lost interest).

Winning & Losing

  • This is HC only!
  • Waypoints are what determines advancement, not level.
  • You may skip sidequests if you wish. Killing Baal is the official goal.
  • The official winner is the first person to defeat Baal on Hell difficulty. If we actually have multiple people accomplish that, then you're all pretty much winners anyway.

Thank you wakiki for the nice design of lists. (I took most of the layout from the no-vitality tournament.)

Forumname    Charname    lvl    Waypoint/Difficulty
*********    ********    ***    *******************
Heskla        Fjompan        1    Rogue Camp Normal

Any comments, questions?
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