[2007] .:The Trader's Anatomy:. Tournament Progress Thread! [by Drixx]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Drixx on Feb 3, 2007. The last post was made Mar 19, 2007.
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.:The Trader's Anatomy:. Tournament Progress Thread!

Hi Everyone,

You can find the original sign up thread here. For the sake of ease and clarity, I'll be including the rules and list of acceptable Sets/Uniques for the scoring at the beginning of this thread as well.

The tournament begins on February 7th. It will run for six weeks, or until five people complete hell difficulty, whichever comes first.


  • This is a SC tournament.
  • Beginning with Wirt's leg, you must ALWAYS have an anatomy item equipped. Wirt's leg may be on your weapon switch; however, as soon as you find another anatomy, YOU MUST WEAR IT. At all times, you must have one of your equipment slots taken up by an anatomy item. Once you move beyond wirt's leg, the item may NOT be on switch.
  • Once you progress into act 2, remember you must TRADE for your anatomy item.
  • This is an untwinked tournament. You start with nothing. You may only equip items you find until you defeat Andariel. After that point, you must trade for everything you want to use with other players in the tournament. If you find something good, then you have to find someone else who has something you can use in return! All trades will be handled in a SPTF thread. [highlight]Please note not every trade has to be for an anatomy item![/highlight]
  • You may use an ATMA stash to store items you find for trading purposes, however you can never take an item back from the stash to your own character. So if you trade for something, you wear it or it takes up stash room.
  • If you are under NTPP, you may not trade the restricted items. If you happen to find one, be happy for your good luck!
5.) The scoring will be as follows:
a.) -1 point per level
b.) -5 points per death
c.) +1 point per waypoint
d.) +2 points per quest
e.) +10 points for completing a difficulty level
f.) +10 points to the winner of "Best Anatomy"
g.) +5 points for trading an item that ends up in someone ELSE's anatomy
6.) This is a RWM/RMM allowed tournament. My status is RRM/RWM, so any items given as prizes are considered RWM/RMM items.


The winner will receieve first choice from the prize pool. They will get 2 items to start. After this, in descending order, every participate will get to pick any remaining item they wish. We will proceed through the list twice, so everyone gets at least two items. The remaining items go to the winner of the tournament. In order to receieve your prizes, you must submit updates while the tournament is going on, as well as submit a final progress report at the end of the tournament.

The scoring for the anatomy will be based upon the judges determination. Obviously the more anatomy items you are wearing, the better your score will be. Rarer items will count for extra points as well.

Set/Unique Anatomy List

Unique Items

The Face of Horror
Blinkbat's Form
Wall of the Eyeless (since the graphic makes it clear the "eyeless" is skulls)
The Hand of Broc
Goblin Toe
Raven Claw
Ume's Lament
Gravespine (these two under the assumption they are both bones)
The Eye of Etlitch
Cat's Eye
Blackhorn's Face
Vampire Gaze (Graphic seems to indicate it's a vampire's skull)
Skin of the Vipermagi
Skin of the Flayed One
Iron Pelt
Crow Caw
Duriel's Shell
Lidless Wall (for the same reason as wall of the eyeless)
String of Ears
Zakarum's Hand
Hand of Blessed Light
The Occulus
Coldsteel Eye
Arm of King Leoric
Blackhand Key (for the same reason as the earlier necro wands)
Lysander's Flank
Jade Talon
Firelizard's Talons
Arreat's Face
Jalal's Mane
Cerebus' Bite
Homonculus (It's a shrunken HEAD)
Darkforce Spawn (these two are skulls via their item type)
Andariel's Visage
Giant Skull
Griffon's Eye
Steel Carapace
Spike Thorn
Dracul's Grasp
Demon Limb
Death's Web (Again, same as the normal/elite versions)

Set Items

Angelic Wings
Angelic Halo
Arcanna's Flesh
Arcanna's Head
Cathan's Visage
Cleglaw's entire set
Death's Hand
Hsaru's Iron Fist
Hsaru's Iron Heel
Infernal Cranium
Isenhart's Horns
Tancred's Skull
Tancred's Hobnail
Tancred's Spine
Aldur's Stony Gaze
Cow King's entire set
Griswold's Heart
Immortal King's Soul Cage
Natalya's Soul
Guillam's Face
Magnus' Skin
Sazabi's Mental Sheath
Tal-Rasha's Lidless Eye
Trang-oul's entire set

Rare Items

Any rare item who's RARE NAME would indicate it's some sort of body part will count. Style points will be given for rares! If you're unsure, feel free to ask if a rare meets the requirement.

Please note: We have tried to be as generous as possible with this list. Some items are iffy, but an attempt was made to provide every class with some selection of items useful to their class that will be counted for the scoring. If you feel a set or unique should be added to the list, feel free to PM Drixx or Freekje, and we will consider it ... but it's not likely the list will change.

The table will be included on the next post!

Best Regards,

PS - If you are interested now that this tournament is about to start, you may join by adding yourself to the table and indicating you are joining as a reply.
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