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[2007] The No Vitality Tournament [by wakiki]

Jan 3, 2007
DISCLAIMER: Please do NOT post in this thread yet. We still need to migrate all posts from the old thread on diabloii.net to this thread. If you want to help, feel free to do so :)

This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @wakiki on Oct 28, 2007. The last post was made Feb 14, 2010.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

The No Vitality Tournament

Welcome to the No Vitality Tournament!

This tournament was inspired by the Glass Cannon Dexterity Tournament. In that tournament, all stat points must be placed into dexterity. I found this idea interesting, but I was annoyed by the fact that people couldn't place points into strength for better bows.

Which brings us to this tournament. Points may be placed into any attribute, except vitality, allowing for far greater flexibility. Actually we will be practically drowned in spare stat points! While I expect to see some glass cannon bowazons, I'm sure we will be seeing lots of other interesting builds as well!

The rules are straightforward:

  • No points may be spent in Vitality.
  • You may not rerun areas. When you start a new session, run through the cleared area killing as few monsters as possible. Items found in cleared areas may not be used on your character.
  • You may skip an area and return to it later if you wish. Keep track of this if you do it.
  • You may revisit previous acts to shop and use quest rewards.
  • Any players setting is allowed, just no /p1 kill /p8 open chests cheese.
  • You cannot Save and Exit to avoid death. It's either you or them.
  • You cannot mule items onto your character.
  • You may mule items off.
  • Atma may be used as an extended stash.
Versions & Mods
  • You may use any version you like, but let everyone know if you are using something other than 11.1b Expansion.
  • Red Rune Mod and Runeword Mod are both allowed.
  • I suppose other item color mods are allowed. I don't mind. Please declare them when you enter.
  • The tournament starts now. You can start playing any time you like!
  • You may re-enter as many times as you like.
  • The tournament ends after there have been no posts in the thread for three months (i.e. people have lost interest).
Winning & Losing
  • This tournament is HC. You may play SC if you wish, but your character is out of the tournament after your first death.
  • Waypoints are what determines advancement, not level.
  • You may skip sidequests if you wish. Killing Baal is the official goal.
  • The official winner is the first person to defeat Baal on Hell difficulty. If we actually have multiple people accomplish that, then you're all pretty much winners anyway.
  • Winners receive bragging rights. Sorry, no items.

Note: If you have questions about the rules or situations that arise, please ask. I would rather address issues before they come up. Here's an example that came up in my other thread, about the Save and Exit rule:

Drystan said:
Does this include no returning to town in the case of Claw Vipers in Hell trapping the stairs to reload and try again?
I've had a tourney (untwinked - I believe it was Morathi's) where there was nothing I could do. There were too many vipers close to that starting area, and got trapped almost as soon as I moved. That place is a nightmare for many untwinked builds.
Try not to get in this situation. You need to gamble a Circlet or amulet with teleport charges, or shop a staff from Drognan to prepare for this. You may consider using FCR if you are using a slow caster like an Amazon.

If you can't even make it up the stairs, you are dead, no Save&Exit. If you can make it up the stairs, you may S&E and try again. You would have to run back through the temple killing the fewest monsters possible and not picking up loot.

I think that covers it, let's get this started!
Forum Name    Character    Class        Location            Level
wakiki        Destroyer    Frost Zealot    Norm Rogue Encampment        1
(Gee, I'm winning!)

GOOD LUCK everyone!👍
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