[2007] The Golem-mancer Tournament [by Quickdeath]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Quickdeath on Jan 29, 2007. The last post was made Oct 23, 2007.
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The Golem-mancer Tournament

What to do with my 1,000th post on the SPF? Well with the Enchantress Tournament running out of steam, I thought that launching another, similarly-themed tournament, might be fun.

The Golem-mancer Tournament

I've been intrigued by the underpowered Golem skills and would like to see how far the SP Forum (and I) can take a Golem-mancer. The rules will be very liberal for this tournament to give us the best chance of Pat-ing a Golem-mancer. In particular, the tournament will be SC and deaths will be allowed. I want to give players the chance to learn the character and take him as far as possible.

Characters & gameplay

* Characters may be SC. A SC death does not disqualify the character from further participation, but the number of deaths should be reported as part of the scoring.
* Players can use version 1.10 or 1.11
* Red Rune Mod (RRM), and Runeword Mod (RWM) may be used.
* Any /players setting is allowed, and may be changed at will.
* Any merc may be used, and may be changed at will.
* Areas may be rerun if desired.
* Players are not required to find each WP nor complete each quest. Make progress as best you can.
* Play is untwinked. ATMA may be used as an infinite stash.

* Players must play a Necromancer. Of the first 60 skill points invested in the character (by character level 52-54), 30 of the skill points must be invested in Golem Skills. Golem Skills are:
- Golem Mastery
- Clay Golem
- Blood Golem
- Iron Golem
- Fire Golem
* No more than 1 skill point may be invested in Raise Skeleton.
* Other than these two rules, there are no restrictions on skill placement for your Golem-Mancer.

* 4 points for completing Normal Act,
* 6 points for copmpleting each Nightmare Act
* 10 points for copmpleting each Act in Hell Difficulty
* 100 points is maximum.
* Winner will be the player whose Golem-Mancer progresses the further. In the event of a tie, the player with the fewest deaths will be the winner.

Other than bragging rights, there is no prize for winning.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? It should be fun to compare the success of different skills strategies. Which Golem or Golems will you go with? What Curses will you invest more than one point in? IM? Decrepify? Life Tap? Confuse? Attarct? What other skills? CE, probably, but will you try for some Bone Spear/Spirit or a Poison Skill to speed the killing? How about a Bone Wall? Or Skeleton Mages? Revives?

Let the Parade of Golems begin!
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