[2007] SUTC3: "The Deuces Wild Twournament" [by skunkbelly]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @skunkbelly on Jul 19, 2007. The last post was made Dec 31, 2007.
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SUTC3: "The Deuces Wild Twournament"

SUTC3: 'The Deuces Wild Twournament'

This tournament, the latest installment of my 'Pass It On' Tournament Series, is sponsored by the number two.


-- HC only.

-- Version 1.10, 1.11 and 1.11b are permitted. RWM/RRM are permitted. If you play RWM, you may not use any RWM-only runewords.

-- No Multi-Player permitted (but see EQUIPMENT rules below).

-- You may play on players setting 2, 4, 6 or 8. Not players 1, 3, 5 or 7.

-- Re-running areas is NOT allowed, except for Act Bosses, Shenk, Eldritch, Pindle, and the Countess, who may each be run TWICE (if you wish to risk it).

-- You will be expected to play one act per week. If you cannot play through an act in a week, please do not sign-up.


You will be assigned a partner at the beginning of the tournament. This person will be your partner until one of you dies. At that time, you are both disqualified, and your characters are removed from play. The last partnership standing wins the tournament.

You MAY NOT speak to your partner about the builds of your characters. It is up to your partner to figure out how to best spend their skill points and stat points.


You and your partner will each be given a character to begin play. Any class and build is permitted, but you may not choose your starting character: it will be chosen for you. Don’t worry if you don’t like your starting character… you’ll get to play several throughout the tournament!

You and your partner will swap characters every TWO WAYPOINTS. The town waypoint does not count, so technically, you will swap when you have found WPs # 3, 5, 7 and 9, as represented on the WP menu in the game. WPs MUST be found in the order they appear on the in-game screen (i.e., you cannot find Cats 2 before finding the Inner Cloister). When you swap characters with your partner, you must send all items. Please do *not* send your map files. The new player will be on their own to explore. Send only the .d2s file.

To make things really easy, here are the switch points:
ACT 1:
Stony Field
Black Marsh
Jail 1
Cats 2

ACT 2:
Dry Hills
Far Oasis
Palace Cellar 1
Canyon of the Magi

ACT 3:
Great Marsh
Lower Kurast
Upper Kurast
Durance 2

Act 4:
River of Flame

Act 5:
Arreat Plateau
Glacial Trail
Ancient's Way
Worldstone Keep 2

After both of your partnership's characters have completed an act, you will send them to me. I will send them along to the next randomly selected players. You will then receive two new characters to play... or, maybe you'll get your own character back. That's the nice thing about random numbers :flip:

You may visit previous acts for shopping purposes only.


You may or may not solve quests, as you see fit. If giving up rewards improves your chance of survival, so be it.


Skill and Stat points must be assigned in multiples of two. For example, you could NOT place a mere 1 point into Warmth; you could, however, place TWO points into Warmth. If you do not have enough stat or skill points to assign two to a particular stat or skill, then you must hold that point until you earn more.


All play is to be untwinked. ATMA use is permitted, however, for one special purpose.

During the act you and your partner are playing, your character must keep their current gear through each swap points: you may not mule items off your character into an ATMA stash, save items that you find that your character cannot carry, or trade them to your partner. This changes, though, when you complete the act.

When both of your characters have defeated the act boss, you should strip the characters of ALL of their equipment and gold, with the exception of the Soulstone after act 3. These items should be pooled into one ATMA stash. Then, you and your partner may combine gems, cube runes, pool gold, etc…. and, when you get your new characters, you may decide how best to equip them to ensure survival. After equipping your new characters, all unequipped items (gems, runes, spare items, etc.) should either be carried in your inventory, placed in your in-game stash, or sold. You may NOT keep any items in the ATMA stash once you have begun the new act, with one exception (see below). HINT: it will be smart to make sure you keep some decent items for all classes in your game stash... you never know what sort of character you will have next! HINT #2: if you wish, it might be easiest to swap items with your partner in a multiplayer game. This is the only time MP is allowed.

Other equipment rules:

All items equipped must include the number 2 somewhere in their item description. Examples:

- a weapon with 4-12 damage
- an armor with +2 to defense
- +2 Traps amulet
- etc.

This rule does not apply to charms. Be careful when creating runewords… if the new item does not include the number 2, you cannot use it, and your runes will be wasted.

EQUIPMENT EXCEPTION: your partnership may keep all items personalized through the act 5 quest may be kept in a separate ATMA stash, for use as needed. But please note: if you do not have enough room in your character’s inventory to mule in the personalized item, you will have to sell or delete items to make room. Personalized items need not have the number 2 in their item description.


When sending your character forward, please send your mercenary with ALL of the gear they were wearing at the end of the act. You are on your honor not to strip your merc of good gear in order to disadvantage other players... and if I receive a merc in act 2 hell wielding a cracked spear, you are very likely to see that character again, despite the "random" distribution of characters. The tourny has a small degree of built-in instant karma. Got it? Good.


Registration is open now. The tournament is limited to 22 players. First come, first served. The tournament will start sometime during the week of July 23.

To register, list your forum name and email address in the table below.

NAME            EMAIL
Skunkbelly              m* AT*DOT com
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