[2007] Random Tournament 2007 [by Vang]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Vang on Mar 20, 2007. The last post was made Jun 7, 2007.
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Random Tournament 2007


Last year when I converted from battle.net to the SPF, Skunkbelly was holding a rather fun tournament. Everything was randomly chosen from a set of items. Now, I rather enjoyed that tournament, so I'll attempt to get it as close to what he had with a few adjustments I would assume(Can't see his original post)


1. HC only
2. RWM and RRM are allowed HOWEVER no rune words not found in vanilla 1.11 are allowed.
3. Any player setting is allowed, please no cheese for popping chest.
4. No MP
5. No rerunning areas.
6. All quest do not have to be completed neither do all waypoints need to be activated. Your points will be affected though.
7. May not go back to previous difficulty. You are allowed to go back to a previous act to complete a quest(Imbue, Socket, etc)
8. Any merc allowed
9. Starter equipment may be used.
10. Replays are allowed, but a different class must be chosen. A total of 7 tries.
11. Someone must roll you up, other than yourself
12. You do not have to use any skill you get chosen if you choose not to(for instances you get increased stamina, you can elect not to place a point into it.)
13. Re-roll: You are allowed to get a skill and/or Equipment choice rerolled once per character. Example: You get Sash chosen as belt, and choose reroll, it can be anything, including a sash again. Sometimes fate decides for you.
14. Atma is allowed
15. No save and exit when your about to bite the dust.


1 point per waypoint.
2 points per quest complete.
5 points for difficulty completed.
In the event of a tie, lowest character level will be declared the winner. (Bragging rights)

Skill choices:

1 Reroll is allowed.
You will get a random roll to decide your skills. You may choose a max of 3 in one skill tree. You can choose 3-1-1, 3-2, 2-2-1.

For skills, go left to right in order. So Barbarian combat: 1 Bash, 2 Leap, 3 Double Attack, etc..10 Berzerk
*In the event you are a Barbarian, and choose the mastery tree, you are free to say, mastery as weapon choice(if a mastery is not rolled, you will have to choose then)
*If you are a druid, you are free to shapeshift into any form that can be used by a skill you are rolled, with 1 point.

Other notes: Items with passive skills are allowed to be worn, items with charges are allowed to be used(as you pay with gold or cube to recharge it) and CtC items are allowed as well. +Skills of non-skills aren't allowed to be used

1 Reroll of a slot is allowed.
Each slot is randomly chosen for you. The exceptional and elite versions of each base item chosen can be used. (Axe, Cleaver, Small Cresent)
*Incase of Circlet(add to helm list as last one) all 4 can be used.
Go top to bottom, for example: sash, light belt, belt, heavy belt, plated belt.
You are allowed your choice of weapon type: Axe, Sword, Javelin, etc.
A Class item is chosen as well.
*Amazons have the option of either: Random or the same chosen type(Bow and Bow for example) So if your hoping for Javelin and Bow, you leave it to chance.
*Assassin must choose a non-claw weapon since claw is class item.
*Rings, Amulets, and Charms can be used freely

MERCENARY equipment is the same for Helm, Shield, and Armor. Weapon is a free to choose from available items.

Diablo 2 items

Sample character:
Skills, 2 Combat, 2 Warcries, 1 Mastery:

(2)Leap, (9)Whirlind, (1)Howl, (7)Battle Orders, (4)Polearm Mastery.


(3)Belt, (10)Light Plate, (1)Leather Gloves, (5)Greaves, (8)Bone Helm, (5)Spiked Shield, (3)Horned Helm, (4) Poleaxe

At this point, the player can choose one skill and one equipment to be rerolled.
*Incase of Barbarian, he may elect to reroll Mastery, but does not get reroll of weapon automatically, must use that equipment reroll as well on weapon to get that option.

You can leave out the (X), just doing that to clarify how skills and items are chosen.

I'll start with a Barbarian, a 2 Combat, 2 Warcries, 1 Mastery with weapon as mastery. Someone roll me up!

Score Character      Class         Forum Name      Level  Act    WP
   1  SlothChunks    Barbarian     Vang            1      A1     Rogue Camp       

Score Character      Class         Forum Name      Level  Act    WP
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