[2007] Moor Tournament! 2v2 Odd Couples! [by Liquid_Evil]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Liquid_Evil on Mar 6, 2007. The last post was made Apr 24, 2007.
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Moor Tournament! 2v2 Odd Couples!

Laaaadies and gentlemen. Again, we are revisiting the Moor, this time in a round robin 2v2 tournament challenge! Players of a higher skill level have been paired with players of the "almost godly, but not quite yet" variety.

I have enough people for 10 teams and I believe that's plenty. I've named and paired everyone involved in a random manner according to timezone. I've also benched sirpoopsalot, Aman, and RibGriller. Two of the three are injured or ill and none have posted in the interest thread. Real life > d2 sometimes I guess. Maybe they can get in on the next eh? I also don't feel I know YeaaaReaper well enough to let him in on this particular challenge just yet.

That said, let's see the teams! I tried my best to pair each Pro with a semi in the most appropriate timezone. (Dave, you got demoted back to semi for the sake of balance, hope you don't mind)

Team Alpha Dog- Denton, DeadDave
Team Bloodlust- Naab, Aitrus
Team Carnage- Doomas, Thyiad
Team Dark Sky- Death_Mage, herobomberman
Team Ravenous- Liquid_Evil, Sitro
Team Mongoose- kabal, Ashmer_Amadeus
Team Tiger Shark- Zhao_Yue, Ray Patean
Team Mantis- nex, lazyslothman
Team Scorpion- Colony, zarfen
Team Wolfsbane- sablast, pedu
(As host I made sure to get placed last with probably the worst timezone conflict teammate, Sitro. (My apologies Sit, looks like you're stuck with me))

Why the teams names? Each team needed an identity, something they can cling too and uphold...and also it's much easier for recording the scores. I thought about going with colors or the Greek alphabet as in past challenges, but I didn't want to reuse them. And with 10 teams, we would have had some "Team Pinks" or something disgustingly fraternity sounding...So, I went ahead and just named all the teams myself with no real pattern. I tried to pick somewhat cool ones...or what an 8th grader might consider "cool." Don't like yours? Too damn bad. Just be glad you're not "Team Pink" or "Team Pelvis" as it would have been if Thy would have had her way.

Can I change my team name?

What are the rules?
We fight in Hell.
No potions, mercs, wells, or shrines.
No recasting Cyclone and Bone Armor.
No minions that cannot be summoned in town with the exception of Decoy.
No Holy Freeze, Decrepify, or Bone Prison.
No mass slow (>10%), no mass poison from items (>200), no mass replenish (>25). This encompasses Holy Bolt teammate healing which is NOT allowed.
No curse charges (this includes Slow Missiles). Chance to cast is acceptable.
No overabsorb. Limit 2 items per element with the standard ban on Rising Sun and Black Oak. A paladin's "Resist Cold, Fire, Lightning" auras count as one piece of absorb/max gear.
Necromancers cannot cast Life Tap. CtC is acceptable.
**If something is discovered the gives an unfair advantage, I reserve the right to make additions to the rules

How do you win?
Get the most points.

How do you earn points?
Each team signifies readiness in a cleared Blood Moor. Identify which is the PRO and which is the SEMI-PRO before you fight. You are obligated to tell which you are. Someone signals go. A battle proceeds. Each team matchup will consist of 5 rounds only.
5 battles take place against each team and points are awarded for the following:
1 point for completing all 5 battles against a specific team (max 1 per team)
0.5 points for each PRO kill. (max 5 points)
1 point for each SEMI-PRO kill (max 10 points)

Team Alpha Dog and Team Mantis square off.
Mantis wins the first round losing no players though the PRO was the one that earned both kills (.5 +.5 = 1 point)
Mantis wins the second round with the PRO getting one kill and the SP getting the other, they didn't lose any player on their side once again. (.5 + 1 +1 from last time = 2.5)
This continues until all 5 rounds have been played. At the end, each team is awarded that bonus point for completing the duels.

If you want to put this in more of a formula instead of typing out "PRO killed both players in 2nd round, we didn't lose any players" you can use these tags.
SP= Semi-Pro
( )= netted a kill
- =dead at end of match
+ = alive at end of match
> = won...(always put your own team first.)
< = lost '' ''

Say youre a Pro and your SP teammate and you each got a kill, but the SP ended up dying by the other team's SP. It would look like this:
+(P)-(SP) > -P-(SP) = [insert your new point total]
Or say your team lost (by the P) without killing anyone from the other team. It would look like this:
-P-SP < +((P))+SP = [new point total]
***If you're confused, just post the results in word form with your point totals. It may be hard to keep track, so make sure you record the outcomes between each match. Double check your opponents math as well.

Post your point totals in this thread! Keep it updated and quote your old totals!

When's this going down?
It starts on March 24 and ends April 21, 2007. I'll post when the dueling begins and when it ends. Don't save all your duels until the last minute.

Can I borrow gear?
Gear on long term loan is okay to use. Gear can be loaned between only the Pro's and Semi Pro's that are on the same team.

Trash talk?
Yes please.

What's at stake?
The bottom 5 teams will have to wear avatars. By playing in this tournament, you agree to this. I'll post the avatars when the tourney concludes.

Any questions? Comments? Concerns?
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