[2007] LK tournament [by ZeN]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @ZeN on Apr 27, 2007. The last post was made Jun 22, 2007.
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LK tournament

A credit ( and a honor of hosting it ) goes to tripsu if he is willing to do it.

I hope there will be people who are interested.

The tournament is to run LK superchests ONLY and record the amount of flawless gems you find. The purpose is threefold:

1. Have fun
2. Find those bers and surs
3. Calculate ( based on your measurements ) the average number of flawless gems per run and per hour

The rules

1. 1.10/1.11
2. RRM/RWM allowed
3. Any character ( state which one )
4. Hell difficulty only
5. 2 campfires maps only
6. Only drops from superchests count
7. Measure your playing time ( including muling )
8. 1000 runs ( or how many you manage until deadline, if it's less than 1000 )
9. /players 8 only
10. The deadline is 1st of July 2007 - (added per request - Hrus)

The prize

None, but you will sacrifice your time and body to science during that tournament.

[B]Name [/B]          [B]Character[/B]             [B]Runs[/B]       [B]Time [/B]     [B]Gems[/B]
ZeN            Pure Blizzard         0          0         0

Suggestions are welcomed. We will have to have at least 10 participants to have a sizable sample.


The tornament starts as soon as we have 10 participants. The sign up will be closed by me at some point ( since there is no timeframe, I will have to decide on it arbitrary ). Join up!
Further clarifications here (added per request - Hrus)
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