[2007] Diverse Tournament of Multifariousness [by Kool69]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Kool69 on Jun 20, 2007. The last post was made Feb 3, 2008.
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Diverse Tournament of Multifariousness

It's been a while since I've hosted a Tourney around the good old SPF, and here's an tourney I've been tossing around in my head, so, enjoy it.

Or don't.

Haha =D

Diverse Tournament of Multifariousness

Diverse Tournament of Multifariousness

As Azrael finally landing the killing blow, tearing forth the heart of the Lord of Destruction, he sank to his knees, worn and exhausted. Suddenly there was a bright flash; as Azrael looked up he saw the Arch Angel Tyreal himself open a portal. A portal to safety? To another world? To the Heavens? Azreal had no clue, and no strength to argue with the angel's command to enter at this point in time. As he stepped through the portal, his world swirled away and voices, thousands of them cascaded into the inner barriers of his mind almost overwhelming him.

When Azrael finally stood up and looked around, his mind was still fuzzy and felt like mush. But one thing was clear, one sole voice rang clearly in his head, "The key to enlightenment is not in the compatibility of similarity, but rather in the harmony of discord..."

And so begins the Diverse Tournament of Multifariousness, during this tournament your skills will be tested as you use all your wit to strive and survive with very diverse and varied equipment and skills. ;D


  • Must be Hardcore.
  • Must be 1.10+ Character
  • May only use RRM.
  • May not use Rune Words added with a mod.
  • Can be any character class.
  • If at anypoint your character dies, another character can be created, however this new character cannot be the same class as one of your dead characters.


You are allowed to use any and all equipment that you find, however there are still restrictions as to what you can equip.

You are allowed to equip one of each of these items:
  • Unique Item
  • Set Item
  • Rare Item
  • Crafted Item
  • Magical Item
  • Runeword Item
  • Gemmed Item
  • Socketed Item (With No Sockets Filled)
  • Superior Item
  • White Item
  • Ethereal Item
  • Cracked/Low Quality Item

So for example, let's say Timmy Twoface is playing a Druid called T-squared.

T-squared is wearing:

Unique: Biggin's Bonnet Cap
Set: Cathan's Ring
Rare: Bone Bludgeon Large Shield
Crafted: N/A
Magical: Shimmering Amulet
Runeword: "Strength" Flail
Gemmed: Gemmed Leather Armor
Socketed: N/A
Superior: Superior Leather Boots
White: Sash
Ethereal: Ethereal Bloodfist Heavy Gloves
Cracked/Low Quality: N/A

He is playing by the rules because he is wearing nothing that falls into the same category, simple right? Don't screw it up. ;D


Rules of Socketing:
  • For all socketed items on your person, they may only contain: One of each type and quality of gem. (Ex. You can have a Perfect Ruby and a Flawed Ruby in your socketed items, but not two Perfect Rubies)
  • For all socketed items on your person, they may only contain: One of each Rune
  • Runewords are exempt from the above rule, for example, you can have "Bone" (Sol + Um + Um) which obviously using two Um's breaking the above rule, however now you are not allowed to put another Sol or Um into any other part of your equipment.
  • Jewels are also bound by this rule, only one blue jewel, one rare jewel, and one unique jewel (if you can find a unique jewel/want to waste it in your items =D)


You may only have at any given time in your inventory: One Small Charm, One Large Charm, One Grand Charm.

However if you find a Gheed's, congrats, you get to have two Grand Charms, one magical, one unique ;D


Now the fun part =D

During Each Act you must pick a new skill tree to place points into, for example, GibItemz, the newly created Sorceress picks Fire Skills as her Act 1 Skill Tree, once she gets to Act 2, she must either pick the Cold Skills or Lighting Skills, so she picks Cold Skills, since she picked Cold skills, once she reaches Act 3, she has to use Lighting skills, then act 4 back to Fire, then act 5 cold, act 1 nm lighting, rinse and repeat. And you must spend skill points immediately! No saving them for later acts!

So, basically, the first tree you pick becomes Tree 1, the second Tree 2, and the last Tree 3, and you alternate between those trees placing points. Questions? = )

Exceptions to this rule are the skills gained from skill quests: Den of Evil and Radament (These skills may be saved indefinitely and placed into any skill in any tree regardless of your chosen skill tree for that act.)


  • +1 Point for every waypoint activated (including Town Waypoints)
  • +2 Points for every quest completed
  • -1 For every level you are. (This includes level 1)
  • +5 Points for obtaining Destroyer status and killing the Cow King
  • +10 Points for obtaining Conquerer status and killing the Cow King
  • +25 Points for obtaining Guardian status and killing the Cow King

Other Rules and Reminders:
1. HC only.

2. Version 1.10, 1.11 and 1.11b are permitted. RRM (Red Rune Module) is permitted, RWM (Rune Word Mod) is not permitted.

3. No Multi-Player permitted. No trading permitted.

4. You may play on any players setting you wish, and change that setting as you see fit. Please do NOT engage in cheesy “kill monsters on players 1, open chests on players 8†tactics.

5. You may not use the escape key to bail out of a rough battle. If you cannot run away or portal out, RIP.

6. ATMA is permitted to extend your stash, but no items may be used except items that you find in this tournament, buy at stores or gamble in this tournament.

7. You do not have to solve all quests and find all way points. Of course, you won’t get the score points.

8. Rerunning is not permitted.

9. The tournament will end when there are no new posts for thirty days. (No interest, no tournament.)

10. The winner will be the highest score when the tournament is finished.

11. Again replays are allowed, but you must select a new character type each time. That means that you are limited to 7 attempts.

Signing Up:
To sign up, enter a post that looks something like this:

Forum name: Kool69
Character Type: Barbarian
Character Name: NeedzITEMS

Required Posts:

Provide an update at the end of each act that includes level and any choice tidbits of information on how things are going. Begin by replying to the last post with the table in it. Erase everything before the table’s [.code] command and everything after the [./code] command. Update the table with your new score and location. Then include your new information in front of the table. It might look like this:

Blah blah blah, look I didn't die to scary Diablo and his halitosis breath.

He gave me this awesome Unique Breast Plate, I am going to use it FOREVER CAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

Level (36): -36
Way Points (31): +31
Quests (21): +42
Total Score: 37
[then the table will occur here]

When you die or retire, notify with a final update.

Character        Class       Forum Name    Level   Act    Last WP      Score

Character        Class       Forum Name    Level   Act    Death Site   Score

And props to Wolron, I used his post for the All Alone Tourney to act as a outline for this post mwhaha ;D
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