[2007] Co-Op Tournement [by YoungDbl]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @YoungDbl on Jan 6, 2007. The last post was made Jan 28, 2007.
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Co-Op Tournement

Hey spf. This is my first ever tournement that ive hosted. To tell you the truth ive never played in one either. I thought it would be a fun idea to play and also rewarding for the winner(s). Its open for discussion on rules and whatever. Also it'll be a nice chance to meet another forum member and maybe get a new friend. This tournement is based on a partner. You must rely on each other and your surroundings to survive. Ok on to it then shall we?

1. It is going to be played in sc. I know most people play hc tournies but not this one! The idea isn't about not dieing its more about utilizing each others abilities and helping the weaknesses to progress through the game and eventually pat/mat.

2. Rrm and rwm is banned. I know this isn't right but itll be harder to get partners if we have to worry about mod status. So start a nice fresh icon and just deal with it please?

3. No abusing bugs or player settings. (no kill p1 and open chests on p8)

4. Player setting can be altered at any time. Do not abuse!

5. The character selection is the main part of the tournement. If person A is playing a male character (pat) then person B must play a female (mat). Also lets say that B is a trapsin. Trapsin would be considered caster so player A must use a melee character. If the player A builds a wind druid then player B must play a melee character like a MA assassin. The exception to melee skills that is kind of grey is:
Melee: Whirlwind , charged strike , all MA skills exlcuding dragon flight , smite , fire claws , rabies , pretty much anything that is not a missile.

6. You must complete every quest and get every quest reward before the end of that difficulty. You must also get every wp. You may rerun areas but remember you have to have your partner with you via ip games at all times.

7. The winner of the tournement will be the highest level team at the end. The tournement will end on a specific date that I will post later. So after you pat/mat your team you can do baal runs or go do meph runs for items and what not. You cannot rerun an area untill the difficulty is complete. So no mf'ing untill you finish that difficulty you wish to mf in. You must have your partner with you for it at all times. Also you must get a wp before you can pass onto the next area. Side areas are not required.

8. Atma is ok for muling off but not as an extended stash. Dont be greedy you have a melee and a caster so split gear 50/50. For the hellforge quests after some one completes theres save and exit and do for the next person.

9. Save your best 5 items or so from your quests. The winners of the tournement will each recieve one item from every person. So you have 2 winners in this tourney. A and B win. So now C gives A an Item and D ( C's partner ) gives B an item. You decide which item to give. If you have a nice melee item you found ( lets say a azurewraith ) then you give that to the winner of the team that played the melee build. If this is confusing let me know.

10. Since this is softcore you can die. Every time you die make sure you write it down. Lets not cheat. At the end subtract 5 points for every death. Thats every death per character. So if you bolth die at the same time you lose 10 points. Completeing normal is 40 points. Completing nm is 60. Completing hell is 100. If the end of the tournement your team is below level 70 ( some how :rolleyes: ) minus your team 20 points. If your under 80 minus 30 points. Add 5 points for any level over 90. The point system may get a little confusing but bare with me please.

Banned builds:
Hammerdin with conc aura
Pure sorcs of one element
Pure javazon
Pure lite trapsin

Those are the most cookie cutter I could think of. I was going to ban a fanatzealot but if your going untwinked then I guess itll be a challange. Try not to be stingy with your rewards to the winners and try not to lie about death count. Also make sure you choose the right partner. If the winners are self-found and dont want the items we throw them in a giveaway and ill host that. To keep things from getting to far out of hand I was thinking of limiting the tournement to 10 teams of 2. As soon as you sign up with your partner and I give it the go ahead then you may begin. End day wont be for a while becuase I know some of us play slow , like myself , and itll give you a good chance to get a decent level. Plus any good items you find you can keep in a stash. Just remember to save 1 melee item and 1 caster item for the winners. I hope there is some interest in this becuase I thought it was a good idea and hope to have some one for a partner. Please try and keep the table neat and have a open mind and give it a try. Its my first tournement dont let it go down in flames!

Group 1
Forum name    Class     Build        Level   Deaths  Group location

YoungDbl      Pala(p)   ZealSmite    1       0       Act1 Wp1
-             -   (m)   -            -       -

Group 2
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Group 3
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Group 4
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Group 5
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Group 6
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Group 7
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Group 8
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Group 9
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Group 10
Forum name     Class     Build    Level    Deaths    Group location

Input...Signup... Please!!!

My time zone is east I guess. I can play anytime after 3:30 eastern. I have tons of time!!! Im a loser! I dont want to take out the idea of rerunning becuase the whole point is to have fun and gain a nice beefy character and hopefully a new friend at the end of this tournement. Just no rerunning untill you finish the difficulty.
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