[2007] Begins with 3 Tournament [by Morathi]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Morathi on Nov 29, 2007. The last post was made Feb 1, 2008.
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Begins with 3 Tournament

So it begins.

Hello everyone, an idea for a tournament came in my mind the other day (well actually 2 and a half weeks ago) and with the successful conclusion of my last tournament the “Barb Thrower Tournament†(congrats roninDOG and Oldsoldier on the guardian’s 👍) and the finishing of my exams. I think its time for my idea to become reality.

Firstly I will explain to you what this tournament is. This is a tournament where the first 3 skills (from left to right) in each skill tree, for each character can only be used. However to further avoid any confusion I have decided to take screen shots of all the skill trees and circle in red and blue which skills you can invest your points into (see below).

Before I show you all the screenshots the Diablo 2 gods have shined upon you this fateful day. They have taken pity upon your mortal soul and granted you the ability of Skill Sacrifice, which may only be used ONCE!
With this option you have the choice of sacrificing one 1st tier skill (first 3 skills from left to right) from one skill tree, for one 2nd tier skill(2nd row of skills from left to right), in the same or even different skill tree.
So for example if you are a Sorceress and you decide to sacrifice Charged bolt, you may then pick a skill in the 2nd row of the same or different skill tree and invest points into that. Lets say you pick up Fireball. However as a result you may not place any points at all into Charged bolt as it has been sacrificed. (Please notify us if you have decided to use Skill Sacrifice and state which skill you sacrificed and what skill you picked up instead.).

I have taken screenshots of all 3 skill trees for each character and circled the tier 1 skills with red and the tier 2 skills with blue. As you will see I haven't included all the tier 2 skills as some of them require pre-requisites that cannot be obtain due to the tournaments rules (Skill Sacrifice).

Amazon skill trees

Assassin skill trees

Barbarian skill trees

Necromancer skill trees

Druid skill trees (elemental skill tree has an exception due to its weird format, so if you pick Tornado you automatically get Cyclone Armour which is another tier 2 skill.)

Sorceress skill trees

Paladin skill trees

Hopefully you understand all of that, if you don’t just ask me some questions and I should hopefully explain it to you. Now with that out of the way I will explain to you the general rules for the tournament.

1- Your character must be HC (Hardcore).
2- You must be Untwinked (no muling items on), however you may mule items off your character.
3- ATMA may not be used as an extended stash.
4- Any players setting may be used.
5- This is a single pass tournament, which means there is no re-running of areas and especially act bosses.
6- RRM is allowed however RWM is not allowed. (If you have RWM installed, just make sure you don’t use any of the runewords it provides)
7- All quest and waypoints must be collected before moving onto the next difficulty. For example; you may save your Charsi imbue until act 5. But you must use it before moving to the next difficulty.
8- Items that yield plus to all skills/skill tress may be used. However items that have +1 to a certain skill…example +1 to Blizzard or +1 to Berserk may not be used (the item can be used not the skill it allows). The same applies for charges.
9- You cannot Save and Exit to avoid death.
10- The official winner is the first person to defeat Baal on Hell difficulty and become a Guardian.
11- Have fun and most of all GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Forum Name      Character Name    Class        lvl    Act     Area
Morathi           Archaon         Barb         1      Act 1   Rogue Camp

Dead/Retired    Character Name    Class        lvl    Act     Area

I have decided that Archaon will use his Skill Sacrifice on Axe Mastery and pick up Battle Orders instead.

Regarding the table please make sure that it isn’t posted on every post as it takes up too much space and time. However if you are entering the tournament for the first time you may include your self in the table and post it.
It is desired that the table is posted once on every page (preferably the first post of that page). When posting updates please make sure to include information at the bottom of your post, such as, character name, level, act and area.

Any one interested in joining may do so whenever they feel like it…but remember the sooner the better 😃.
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