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[2007] All Alone Tournament III [by skoolbus]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @skoolbus on Jun 7, 2007. The last post was made Nov 20, 2007.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

All Alone Tournament III

After resting for over a year, it's finally back to force the SPF into submission...

All Alone Tournament III

1) HC, RRM/RWM allowed, (SC is fine but you're out when you die)
2) Any class. Any skills allowed.
3) Any item you find may be used.
4) Here's the tough part, no going to town unless it is essential for progressing in the game AND you may only speak to those necessary people solely for the purpose of going on, not to buy anything. Exception to this rule is you may go to town after killing Radament
5) No using the stash in town.
6) No Save and Exit to escape death.
7) No re-running areas/bosses.
8) No multiplayer.
9) You do not need to get all the wps nor complete all the quests. (As you cannot)
10) You can mule off any items you want, but may not mule anything back on.
11) Winner will be whoever gets the furthest, if there is a tie then whoever has the most experience wins.
12) If you accidently break the rules, don't use the reward/item/merc you got from it. If it's a small breaking, you're not disqualified, but if you find yourself in act 4 with a rogue merc, that's severe enough to disqualify you.
13) Any /players setting allowed, may be changed at any time.
14) No limit to number of entries (though only one alive one at a time)

You may carry around tps and make town portals, but never go in them, in order to reroll ancients or because you think they look cool. Exceptions to this are when you must go to town, as in act 2. You may wish to run around in the jail to find a tome of identity.
You also face a conundrum of whether to carry extra potions, khalim's brain, that rare self-repairing scimitar, or the stormlash you found.
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