[2007] A new tournament: "Make no bones about it" [by Merlin The Wizzard]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Merlin The Wizzard on Dec 19, 2007. The last post was made Jul 17, 2008.
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A new tournament: "Make no bones about it"


An excerpt from a document received by the Grand Commander of Necromancy Nemisto, detailing a speech delivered by a as of then unknown subfaction inside
the city:

Welcome my friends. Few are we, and blessfully forgotten. Forgotten by the citydwellers, who at one time or another ostracized and cast out our forefathers. That was the start of a new life, if life can be used to qualify our excistence. We eke out a halflife, on the edge of a society itself ostracized by humanity. But where the necromancers were outcasts due to the necromantic arts they practiced, we are blameless. All our ancestors did was... to be born. For decades, nay, for almost two centuries have we been waiting for a chance to prove ourselves once again. To finally reclaim our rightful place above. But we know it is not going to happen. Our deadly allergy to those ensorcelled bones would force us away time and time again. So then what? What options are left for us? What if I tell you that, after almost twohundred years of waiting, a chance has arrived once more! A chance to right a wrong, to restore the balance, and gain the admiration of humanity at large! We have a duty to our ancestors, ourselves, and our children to seize it, my friends! Evil has broken free, and one of the three Prime Evils wanders around in the west, wreaking havoc and seeking his brothers. He must be stopped, and let us be the ones to do so. To honor! To Glory! To a new future!

The idea
As you may have guessed, a necromancer build. As you may have guessed, one with a deadly allergy to bones... With far reaching consequences to gameplay. Interested? Read on!

The rules
- HC only
- Necromancer only.
- Rerunning allowed (up to two times for areas, three times for Act Bosses or other specific superuniques)
- No twinking.
- Atma allowed as an extended stash.
- Choose any player setting you like, but no cheesy chest popping at p8 tricks!
- Any merc is allowed.

Character limitations


The following skills are forbidden for ever getting any point :
- Skeleton mastery, Skeleton, Skeleton mage in the summoning tree.
- Bone Armour, Bone Wall, Bone Prison, Bone Spear and Bone Spirit In the poison and Bone tree

- Blood Golem may only be used as a prerequisite, never summoned. 1 point max.
- Corpse Explosion MUST be fully maxed out. Why? This is a necromancer allergic to bones, this includes corpses. He must therefore do his utmost best to leave as few corpses as possible.

- If a merc is used, (s)he must also deliver Cold damage (so corpses can potentially shatter). The same goes for any physical damage you deliver.
- Skeletons can never be meleed by you. If a situation arises where such seems unavoidable, use curses instead to break free, or TP back. This includes the revived warriors in Act V. The merc and Golem are exempt from this restriction.

- The following items cannot be equipped, in either normal, exceptional or elite form : Bone wand, Grim Wand, Bone Helm, Bone Shield.
For the shrunken heads, neither the Unraveller nor the Gargoyle head , or any of their exceptional and elite forms, can be used.

The following base items cannot be used :
- Elite Skullcap : Hydraskull
- Elite Hard Leather armor : Scarab Husk
- Elite Chainmail : Boneweave
- Elite Field Plate : Kraken Shell
- Elite Heavy Gloves : Vampirebone Gloves
- Elite Heavy Leather boots : Scarabshell boots
- Elite Chain boots : Boneweave boots
None of the elite shrunken heads can be used
- Elite dagger : Boneknife

The following Set items cannot be used :
- The infernal torch
- Tancred's Skull
- Tancred's Spine
- Natalya's Totem
- Sander's Superstition
- Trang-Oul's Guise
- Trang-Oul's Wings

The Following Unique Items cannot be used :
BoneFlame - Unique Succubus Skull
Undead Crown - Unique Crown
Wormskull - Unique Bone Helm
Boneflesh - Unique Plate Mail
Wall of the Eyeless - Unique Bone Shield
Bladebone - Unique Double Axe
Gravenspine - Bone Wand
Ume's Lament - Grim Wand

Stealskull - Unique Casque
Vampire Gaze - Unique Grim Helm
Lidless Wall - Grim Shield
Boneslayer Blade - Unique Gothic Axe
Skull Collector - Unique Rune Staff
Arm of King Leoric - Unique Tomb Wand
Blackhand Key - Unique Grave Wand

Giant Skull - Bone Visage
Leviathan (But this one shouldn't spawn anyways) - Unique Kraken Shell
Head Hunter's Glory - Unique Troll nest
Dracul's Grasp - Unique Vampirebone Gloves
Sandstorm Trek - Unique Scarabshell boots
Marrowwalk - Unique Boneweave boots
Wizardspike - Unique Bone Knife
Boneshade - Unique Lich wand
Death's Web - Unearthed Wand

Rare Items
Any armor with the word Bone or Skull in the name cannot be used. As far as weapons goes, if the word Bone and or Skull is incorporated in the name, and seems to indicate the material it's made of, it's prohibited from use. Otherwise, it's not.

(An example - A Rare sword named the Gleaming Thighbone can't be used... But a rare sword named Bonecarver can be used)

I haven't got the gusto to check magic prefixes/suffixes. The only one I can think of now is Gravedigger's this one is prohibited. Should you guys have any other suggestions, let me know.

Here is where the semi-tourney thing kicks in. I just want to make this a challenge, not a tourney per se. No deadline, no tables, no scoring, just try and see if you can complete a Guardian Necro with an allergy to bones...
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