[2006] Untwinked Grail Tourney (SC or HC) [by jjscud]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @jjsucd on Aug 28, 2006. The last post was made Nov 5, 2006.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Untwinked Grail Tourney (SC or HC)

Well, with a bit if ugliness lately and the last one was just fun, I think its time for another untwinked grail tourney

Please excuse the blatant plagerism of Hrus original rules

Untwinked Grail Tourney (SC)

This tournament is for the players who want to start fresh (for example in 1.11 ladder), or are just starting fresh (welcome noobs or converted bnetters!), or want to have fun with filling the holes in the empty grail table again (like me).

BASIC IDEA: Start an untwinked character, and try to find as much set and uniques as you can in one month. The winner will be the player who will have the highest grail count.

All entrants will donate 15 PGems as the signup donation. Winner will take all of them.

I've thought about this a bit and with all the mods floating around, I'm going to require a Vanilla start here. You must gather 15 Vanilla pgems with your tourney char and then submit those. Once you've submitted your 15 PGems, you may use the forum accepted mods (RRM and RWM) - jjscud

I am sure we can make the final answer for the favorite noob question: "Which character should I start with?"

Just for kicks, here's the results from last time, I'm simplifying the scoring to just grail count. As you can see, gail count afected everything else quite directly anyways.

forumname         character-name   build           totalscore   grail  top5  TC3  Cathan
Hrus              Astreon          Hammerdin       456.8        392   64.8   9   38
Sint              Crutch           FW/Orb Sorc     452          389   63     11  40
javcek            Ladia            Meteorb         387.3        342   45.3   6   21
factory           VenusAsABoy      Blizzard        377.8        311   66.8   6   13
jjscud            Stormlash        Zealot          334.4        300   34.4   3   15
Tasdaz            ColdHeart        Blizzard        332.2        294   38.2   7   12
Quickdeath        Carpenter        Hammerdin       204.6        186   18.6   5    6
Billybgame        JavvyLovesBilly  Javazon          77           77    0     2    1
Duesnox          Dionysus       Fishymancer      70           70    0     1    1

1. Untwinked SC (can be HC too, but HC chars are seriously disadvantaged). You can mule the items off to special stash, from which you can mule back on your char. Trading is not allowed. MP is not allowed.

2. Only 1 character.

3. No build restrictions, 1.10 or 1.11 only (please note if you are 1.10)

4. You can run any area any difficulty anytime. Whatever player settings you like.

5. You can't use maphack and seed command to recover maps.

Base score will be the number of different set/uniques found with your character. The same as in the Grail thread, we have a great tools such as Flavie and Medieval Mart to count them.

7. START DATE 08-28-2006, END DATE 09-30-2006 (local times)

9. The signup PGEM donation should be sent in a mule called forumname_ugt until 09-15-2006 to my mail: *(at)*(dot)com. You have to collect your gems with the tournament character. Any PGems are acceptable, I think you know how to use them if you win. (Just a hint, PGems are easily gethered by running around Lower Kurast in either NM or Hell. I would estimate one hour's effort would get you enough PGems)

10. Signup will close the 5th of September, but players may start immediately.

11. No use of ATMA. Just kidding, now get started.
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