[2006] Tournament: The Art Exhibition [by Atil]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Atil on Jan 31, 2006. The last post was made May 25, 2006.
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Tournament: The Art Exhibition

Harrogath is hosting an exhibition/competition in the Art Gallery (What do you mean "There isn't an Art Gallery in Harrogath?" It's the square building next to the Waypoint. Admittedly it only has crude paintings of Barbarians hitting things with sharp bits of metal or pointy sticks, but that is to about to change).

For the exhibition to be a success pictures are required according to the following rules:

1. Any new or existing character can compete. Any version, any difficulty, HC, SC, vanilla or (acceptably) modded.
2. Each entry must consist of 5 pictures, to be submitted in the form of in-game screenshots. Images can be hosted by ImageShack or similar sites. (To take a screenshot, press the "Print Screen" key. The image will be stored in your main Diablo II Folder).
3. Pictures must be of Unique monsters. (Original work only. No copies of other people's work is allowed).
4. Boss, Super Unique and Champion, Fanatic, Possessed, Ghostly etc. type monsters do not count. (Super Uniques spawn in fixed areas and include the likes of Thresh Socket, Pindleskin, Bishibosh, etc. The full list can be seen in ATMA's Drop Calculator).
5. One point will be awarded for each letter, spaces not included, of the Unique monster's name. Rusthole The Flatulent, for example, would score 20 points.
6. Unique monsters having each name beginning with the same letter score double. Sweaty Skull, for example, would score 22 points. Scale Skin The Scary would not score double as 'The' does not begin with 'S'.
8. Characters with the ability to use a corpse (for raising minions or horking) cannot claim the word "Corpse" added to the Unique's name after it has been killed.
9. The entrant with the most points wins. In the event of a tie, the winners will have one further submission of 5 pictures. If there is still a tie, the winner will be decided, by me, on artistic merit. This can be gained by having a theme to your pictures (e.g. "Unique Skeletons", "One From Each Act", "The Forgotten Tower Five" or "Desert Scenes - Night". Use your imagination!)
10. Characters may submit multiple entries. However, once a picture has been submitted, it may not be used as part of another entry.

Entries are accepted from now until 18:00 GMT on Tuesday 28 February 2006.

The prize is an ATMA stash of items I collected during Quickdeath's Scavenger Hunt. All items were found using D2/LOD, v1.11b, vanilla, SC. Winner takes all, to do with as they please. The stash contains the following (fully repaired/charged) items:

Set Items
Angelic Raiment Set
Arctic Gear Set
Berserker's Arsenal Set
Cathan's Traps Set
Cleglaw's Brace Set
Hsarus' Defense Set
Infernal Tools Set
Isenhart's Armory Set
Milabrega's Regalia Set

Aldur's Advance, Aldur's Rhythm
Arcanna's Deathwand, Arcanna's Flesh, Arcanna's Head
Civerb's Icon, Civerb's Ward
Death's Guard, Death's Touch
(The Disciple) Rite Of Passage
Griswold's Heart
(Heaven's Brethren) Dangoon's Teaching, Haemosu's Adamant
Hwanin's Justice
Immortal King's Will
M'avina's Tenet
Sander's Riprap, Sander's Superstition, Sander's Taboo
Sigon's Gage, Sigon's Guard, Sigon's Sabot, Sigon's Visor, Sigon's Wrap
Tal Rasha's Adjudication
Tancred's Crowbill, Tancred's Skull, Tancred's Spine, Tancred's Weird
Vidala's Barb, Vidala's Fetlock, Vidala's Snare

Unique Items
Baezil's Vortex, Biggin's Bonnet, Blacktongue, Bladebone, Blood Crescent, Bloodrise, Bloodthief, Bonesnap, Brainhew,
Chance Guards, Crushflange, Culwen's Point
Darkglow, Deathspade, Doomslinger, Duskdeep, Dwarf Star
Ginther's Rift, Goblin Toe, Gorefoot, Goreshovel, Gravenspine (Ethereal), Grim's Burning Dead, Griswold's Edge
Hand Of Blessed Light (Ethereal), Heart Carver, Hellcast
Iceblink, Ichorstring, Iron Pelt
Kelpie Snare, Kinemil's Awl, Kuko Shakaku
Lance Of Yaggai, Langer Briser, Lidless Wall
Magefist, Manald Heal
Nagelring, Nightsmoke, Nokozan Relic, Nosferatu's Coil
Pelta Lunata, Pus Spitter
Rakescar, Raven Claw, Raven Frost, Razorswitch, Razortine, Riphook, Rixot's Keen
Serpent Lord, Shadowfang, Skin Of The Vipermagi, Skull Splitter, Soulflay, Soul Harvest, Sparking Mail, Spectral Shard, Spellsteel, Steelclash, Steeldriver, Steelgoad, Stormguild, Stormstrike, Stoutnail, Swordback Hold
The Atlantean, The Centurian, The Chieftan, The Dragon Chang, The Eye Of Etlich, The Hand Of Broc, The Iron Jan Bong (Ethereal), The Jade Tan Do, Thundergod's Vigor, Tiamat's Rebuke, Toothrow, Treads Of Cthon, Twitchthroe
Ume's Lament
Venom Ward
Windhammer, Wizendraw, Wormskull

Wirt's Leg (3-Socket)
Weird Long War Bow Of Butchery (30 Maximum damage, +325 AR)
Snowy Throwing Spear Of Fire (Adds 1-11 Fire Damage, Adds 7-25 Cold Damage over 1 Second)
Glimmering Ring (+1 Light Radius)
Circlet Of Life (Damage Reduced By 4)
Long Staff Of Restoration (+1 To Fire Ball, Repairs 1 Durability In 20 seconds)
Mechanic's Crown Jewels Of Virility (Of Ages) (+14 STR, Indestructible)

Forum Name       Artist Class      Artist Name       Title Of Work     Points
Atil             Barbarian         Sigon             The Pit Pack      74

The Pit Pack
Mind Maw The Slasher = 17
Blight Shield = 12
Gut Froth = 8
Gut Tongue The Unclean = 19
Ooze Froth The Mauler = 18
Total = 74
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