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[2006] 'Three Monsters' Tournament [by PSYCHO]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @PSYCHO on Jul 28, 2006. The last post was made Dec 5, 2006.
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'Three Monsters' Tournament

Greetings and welcome to another Hardcore SPF tournament 😁 Although I do not intend to have this particular tournament wear on like previous TWD encounters, I still hope for the same enthusiasm and sportsmanship! I'm not entirely sure if a tournament like this has been done before however the closest I can recall something like this taking place is way-back-when in the Arctic Summoner tournament.

This tournament focus' on players to literally become a type of monster in the game via their skill placement. Each player must choose three different characters to play, two from the list of 'Normal' monsters and one from the list of 'Unique' monsters. Each character must be of a different class (for instance, you cannot have two Amazons or two Barbarians - you must have three different characters in total).

Of course this wouldn't be an interesting or challenging tournament without some limits and it will feature plenty of them.

Normal Monsters:

1. The first limitation is that every character in the 'Normal' monsters category is only limited to using THREE skills during play.
2. As you can see 'Normal' monsters each have one specific skill listed already - this skill is included in your three skill limit.
3. You must decide what your other two skills will be before starting ANY of your characters.

Remember that you may choose any two other skills you wish but realise that these will be the ONLY three skills you will be able to use in the entire game for each 'Normal' monster character.

Unique Monsters:

1. 'Unique' monsters are also only allowed to use THREE skills during play.
2. As you can see 'Unique' monsters each have two specific skills listed already - these skills are included in your three skill limit.
3. You must decide what your other skill will be before starting ANY of your characters.
4. 'Unique' monsters also have further skill limitations that make choosing another skill quite difficult. I will go into further detail about these limitations below.

Remember that you may choose another skill but also realise that these three skills will be the ONLY ones you may use in the entire game with that character.

Normal Monster Listing:

This is a list of the Normal Monsters you may choose from. Pick two different characters that appeal to you and decide what your other two skills for each character will be. Remember that you'll need to pick these skills before you start playing ANY of your characters. An important note here: when you pick your two skills, pre-requisites DO NOT count towards those two skills. For instance, if I were to pick 'Balrog' as one of my characters, and also wanted to use Blizzard and Teleport as my other skills, all the pre-requisite skills I'd need to get Blizzard and Teleport DO NOT count towards my three skill limit. The other side to this is that I would NOT be able to use any of those pre-requisite skills during play (just Inferno, Blizzard and Teleport).

Dark Spearwoman (Jab)
Slinger (Lightning Fury)

Moon Clan (Polearm Mastery)
Thorned Hulk (Frenzy)

Siege Beast (Shockwave)
Death Mauler (Maul)

Balrog (Inferno)
Gloam (Lightning)

Doom Knight (Bone Armour)
Hollow One (Skeletons)

Reanimated Horde (Charge)
Spike Fiend (Thorns)

Succubus (Dragon Tail)
Claw Viper (Dragon Flight)

Unique Monster Listing:

This is a list of the Unique Monsters you may choose from. Pick only ONE monster that appeals to you (and that is a different class to your two Normal monsters), and then choose the remaining skill you will use for that character. Remember that you'll need to pick your last skill for this character BEFORE you start playing any one of your characters. Also remember that pre-requisites don't count towards your skill total but that you are also not allowed to use pre-requisite skills at all - just the THREE skills you have chosen.

Blood Raven - Fire Arrow / Guided Arrow
The Countess - Decoy / Critical Strike

Blood Raven: No cold arrows (Cold, Ice or Freezing) or evasion skills (Dodge, Avoid, Evade)
The Countess: No Valkyrie or evasion skills (Dodge, Avoid, Evade)

Madawc - Double-Throw / Battle Orders
Talic - Whirlwind / Shout

Madawc: No Weapon Masteries (Sword, Axe, Mace, Polearm, Spear or Throwing) or other Warcries (other than pre-requisites)
Talic: No Battle Orders or double-handed weapons

Duriel - Holy Freeze / Zeal
Hephasto - Concentration / Sacrifice

Duriel: No other Offensive Auras or Fist of the Heavens
Hephasto: No Blessed Hammer or Fanatacism

Radament - Skeleton Mages / Poison Dagger
Shenk The Overseer - Attract / Revives

Radament: No Curses
Shenk The Overseer: No Skeletons, Skeleton Mages or Golems

Baal - Shadow Warrior / Pheonix Charge
Battlemaid Sarina - Burst Of Speed / Weapon Block

Baal: No Traps
Battlemaid Sarina: No minions (either Shadow but excluding mercenaries) or kicking skills (Dragon Talon, Dragon Tail or Dragon Flight)

Nihlathak - Arctic Blast / Dire Wolves
Diablo - Firestorm / Fissure

Nihlathak: No fire skills (Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure, Volcano or Armageddon) or any Shapeshifting skill
Diablo: No minions (Wolves and Bears only - excludes mercenaries, vines and sages)

The Summoner - Glacial Spike / Firewall
Izual - Frost Nova / Cold Mastery

The Summoner - No lightning skills
Izual - No fire skills

Gear Limitations:

What would a tournament of mine be without some gear limitations, hmm 😁 ?

1. Normal monster characters cannot wear Unique, Set or Crafted items (yes, this includes Gheed's Charm)
2. They are, however, free to wear White, Magic, Rare and Runic (runeword) items as much as they wish!
3. Unique monsters cannot wear Set or Crafted items...
4. They can, however, wear any White, Magic, Rare, Runic (runeword), or Unique items they want!
5. Gear with 'Chance to cast' is allowed.
6. Charges are also legal


1. Please keep ONE Atma stash and fill it with items you find. If you do not wish to use Atma, then I do not mind if you use stash characters instead, but please keep them organised. A note here to be choosey with what you put into your stash or onto your stash characters. I really don't want to see 30 Green Breast Plates for instance, so be a little logical with what items you're going to save for the prize pool
2. If you're playing a self-found grail or simply do not engage in trading, please state so. I will not stop you from playing in this tournament or being in the scorer's list however you shall receive no prizes, only bragging rights
3. 1st Place in the 1.10, 1.11 and RWM will receive all prize stashes from the other competitors in that category
4. Please, if you don't think you can handle finding a good item and then parting with it because you didn't come first, don't join the tournament. Everybody's in it to win it (or have fun and not win it), so please understand what you are required to do as a competitor 😃

General Rules:
1. All characters must be Hardcore, either Vanilla 1.10, 1.11 or RWM (please state what version you are running)
2. All characters must stay within one Act of each other. For instance, if I am in Act I NM, and finish Act I with a character, I may keep playing that character until the end of Act II NM but I CANNOT go to Act III to shop or quest until both my other characters are in Act II.
3. Characters that die stay dead and so do their items. Please do not take items off dead characters and put them into the prize pool or transfer them to living characters. The motto is: "If it can't be done in the game, then I shouldn't do it with ATMA". You can't take items off a dead HC character so please don't do it with your tournament characters.
4. No twinking from characters or stashes outside of your tournament characters. It's meant to be challenging so putting a stack of uniques on your characters from your personal stash is simply unfair.
5. All quests MUST be completed before moving onto the next Act. However some quests (such as imbuing, socketing and personalising), do not have to be completed (simply returning the Malus, killing Shenk and killing Nilhathak are good enough).
6. Going back to other difficulties is ONLY allowed to imbue, socket or personalise items and to change map seeds. If you are returning to a previous difficulty you may NOT shop or gamble!
7. You are ONLY allowed to keep items you want to use on your characters, nowhere else. For instance, if I want to save a Hone Sundan for a mercenary later on, I must either keep it on the character I am playing or one of the other two tournament characters. Please do NOT mule items off into your prize stash then back onto your characters. This goes for all other items including charms, jewels, gems and potions - it's not a very difficult task to go through your three characters and discard junk to make room for better stuff.
8. Items that give bonus' to Passive skills on a character are not allowed. However, items that give auras are allowed to be equipped (as are 'Chance to cast' items for skills that are disallowed or have not been chosen).

1. 1 point is rewarded to each character per quest completed
2. Characters completing Normal receive a bonus 3 points
3. Characters completeing Nightmare receive a bonus 5 points
4. Characters completing Hell receive a bonus 11 points
5. Completing the Cow Level is optional, may be run as many times as necessary and will NOT result in any extra points if the Cow King is killed

Here's a few notes to make tallying your scores easier:
30 points per character finishing Normal
62 points per character finishing Nightmare
110 points per character finishing Hell

The end date for this tournament will be October 1st. The tournament will begin on August 1st, so signups are in progress starting from now!


And now I present to the SPF, Team P§ÃÇHÕ!

Convictus (Hephasto with Conviction)
- lvl 1 Act I Normal
Sparky_McGhee (Gloam with Teleport and Static Field) - lvl 1 Act I Normal
Dirty_Harry (Hollow One with Skeleton Mastery and Clay Golem) - lvl 1 Act I Normal
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