[2006] The "When It Rains, It Pours" Tournament [by skunkbelly]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @skunkbelly on Jan 23, 2006. The last post was made Mar 1, 2006.
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The "When It Rains, It Pours" Tournament

Well, now that I'm back to D2 again, it's time for another of Skunkbelly's famous tournaments... drum roll please...

The "When It Rains, It Pours" Tournament

Once upon a time, a group of brave heroes joined the fight against evil. They quickly learned, however, that their journey was difficult in many ways. Instead of gaining experience in a smooth curve, they learned in fits and starts. And instead of finding useful equipment along the way, they discovered huge troves of treasure only rarely... the rest of the time, they found nothing at all. Not the best circumstances to fight back the hordes of wicked beasts that roamed the land... but a hero's gotta do what a hero's gotta do!


1. HC characters only.

2. RWM is permitted.

3. No multiplayer is permitted.

4. ATMA is not permitted.

5. You may play any character class you wish.

6. You may play on any players setting you wish, and you may change it at any time.

7. Any mercenary may be used; mercenary equipment must adhere to the same rules as character equipment.

8. You must solve all quests and find all waypoints, in order. Imbue and item-personalizing quest rewards may be saved within the same difficulty level (i.e., you must use your Normal imbue reward before proceeding to Nightmare difficulty).

9. SKILLS: All skills may be used, without limitation. However, skill points may only be used upon meeting certain objectives, as follows:
a. Upon finding the Black Marsh WP.
b. Upon finding the Lost City WP.
c. Upon finding the Great Marsh WP.
d. Upon finding the River of Flame WP.
e. Upon finding the Ancient's Way WP.

So for example, after starting the game, you may not assign any skill points until you reach the Black Marsh WP (and according to rule #5, that means you must have cleared the Den, defeated Blood Raven, rescued Cain, and found all the waypoints up to the Black Marsh). You then must assign *all* skill points accumulated to that point. You will then have to wait until reaching the Lost City WP before assigning any additional skill points.

10. EQUIPMENT: You may ONLY use items you find in the following areas of the game (but see rule 11 for exceptions):
a. The Den of Evil.
b. Catacombs level 4.
c. The Arcane Sanctuary, but the four path-ending areas ONLY.
d. Tal Rasha's Chamber.
e. The Swampy Pit, levels 2 and 3.
f. The Durance of Hate level 3.
g. The Chaos Sanctuary.
h. Abaddon.
i. Worldstone Chamber.

This rule includes nearly all items, including scrolls, keys, charms, all socket-fillers, mana potions, rejuvenation potions, antidote potions, throwing potions, thawing potions, and even gold! You may, however, purchase healing potions (but see rule 11). You may wear your starting item(s) as long as you wish (i.e., paladin short sword, necro +1 raise skeleton wand, barbarian hand axe, etc.).

11. GAMBLING AND SHOPPING: You may sell any item found in the areas listed above (but not anywhere else!). Gold that you obtain through selling items may be used as follows:
a. To purchase a single tome of town portal and identify. Once you have purchased one of each tome, you may not purchase another.
b. To purchase healing potions (Any size are permitted, but no other kinds of potions may be bought! All others must be found as described in rule 10.)
c. To repair items.
d. To gamble. However, you may ONLY gamble for items immediately upon completing an area listed in rule #10 (i.e., once you finish the Den of Evil, you may gamble for items, but you may not gamble once you reach the Cold Plains).

12. You may use the Cube to modify any items in any way you see fit, so long as ALL recipe ingredients were found according to the rules listed above.

13. You may make any runewords you wish (RWM words included), so long as ALL ingredients were found according to the rules listed above.

14. You may re-run areas for experience, but NOT for items.

15. Character stat points may be assigned at any time.

The tournament starts now, and continues until April Fool's Day. Points will be scored as follows:

-1 point for each level gained.
1 point for each WP found (towns included).
2 points for each quest completed (for scoring purposes, quest box must be turned gray to get points… if you save your imbue, for example, you don’t get points until you redeem it...and if you die first, you never get the points).

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