[2006] .:The Trader's Anatomy Tournament:. Updated [by Drixx]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Drixx on May 9, 2006. The last post was made Jul 27, 2006.
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.:The Trader's Anatomy Tournament:. Updated

.:The Trader's Anatomy:. A tournament by Freejke and Drixx

Welcome to the Trader's Anatomy, a tournament unlike any other. What sets this one apart from every other tournament going on right now? I'm glad you asked. Pull up a chair and listen as I describe for you the Trader's Anatomy.

The first thing that sets this tournament apart is that everyone will receieve at least one prize for participating. That's right. If you participate, and make progress updates, then you will get a prize just for playing. Drixx is currently doing 2000 Mephisto runs in hell seeking a few specific items, and aside from those few items, every single item found is being added to a massive stash which will feed the prizes for this tournament. To top it off, Freekje is adding a considerable amount of items as well.

You can find the most current Flavie report of Drixx's reward stash here

When Freejke sends His over, you will be able to see it here

The second thing that sets this tournament apart is that after completing Act 1 in normal difficulty, you must TRADE for every equipment upgrade you want. You may not equip anything you find or purchase, but rather you must trade with other players in the tournament. When the tournament begins, we'll handle trades in this thread.

The third thing will be the Anatomy. This is described in rule 2 below!

Now that we've gotten your attention, let's go over the rules.

~~~ Rules ~~~

1.) This is a SC tournament. 1.11 Vanilla play ONLY!
2.) Beginning with Wirt's leg, you must ALWAYS have an anatomy item equipped. Wirt's leg may be on your weapon switch; however, as soon as you find another item that has a body part name in it, YOU MUST WEAR IT. At all times, you must have at least one of your equipment slots taken up by an item with a body part in the name. Once you move beyond wirt's leg, at least one item MUST be in a main slot (NOT switch)
2a.) Once you progress into act 2, remember you must TRADE for your anatomy item.
3.) This is an untwinked tournament. You start with nothing. You may only equip items you find until you defeat Andariel. After that point, you must trade for everything you want to use with other players in the tournament. If you find something good, then you have to find someone else who has something you can use in return! All trades will be handled in a SPTF thread unless we obtain permission to use a separate forum set up just for this tournament.
3a.) Re-running areas is acceptable if you want to MF for items to trade for what you need.
4.) Runes and Charms are excempt for now, whichever you find you may use yourself.
5.) You may use an ATMA stash to store items you find for trading purposes, however you can never take an item back from the stash to your own character. So if you trade for something, you wear it or it takes up stash room.
6.) The scoring will be as follows:
a.) -1 point per level
b.) -5 points per death
c.) +1 point per waypoint
d.) +2 points per quest
e.) +10 points for completing a difficulty level
f.) +10 points to the winner of "Best Anatomy" - This will be judged by Freekje and myself. We will post how we made our determination after the contest closes, to keep it fair ahead of time. Multiple equipped and used Anatomy items are definately a bonus.*

~~~ Prizes ~~~

The winner will receieve first choice from the prize pool. They will get 2 items to start. After this, in descending order, every participate will get to pick any remaining item they wish. We will proceed through the list twice, so everyone gets at least two items. The remaining items go to the winner of the tournament. In order to receieve your prizes, you must submit updates while the tournament is going on, as well as submit a final progress report at the end of the tournament.

The tournament will run for six weeks, or until 5 people have completed hell difficulty, whichever comes first.

* - To clarify. Anatomy is any item who's name indicates that the item itself is some part of a body. Cranium Basher would NOT qualify since it's describing what the weapon DOES to a body part. Skin of the Vipermagi DOES qualify, since the item is assumed to be the "skin" of the vipermagi.

The tournament will begin on May 21st. Please do not start early.

To enter, merely reply with the following information:



Entrants so far:

ForumName: Drixx
CharacterName: Garibaldi
CurrentLevel: 1
CurrentAct: 1, Normal
CurrentWP: Rogue Encampment
CurrentPts: 0

ForumName: Freekje
CharacterName: Ohgl
CurrentLevel: 1
CurrentAct: 1, Normal
CurrentWP: Rogue Encampment
CurrentPts: 0

ForumName: Kool69
CharacterName: Sabriel
CurrentLevel: 1
CurrentAct: 1 Normal
CurrentWP: Rogue Encampment
CurrentPts: 0

ForumName: Gabriel74
CharacterName: Grey
CurrentLevel: 1
CurrentAct: 1, Normal
CurrentWP: Rogue Encampment
CurrentPts: 0

ForumName: Tadzio
CharacterName: Rockefeller
CurrentLevel: 1
CurrentAct: 1
CurrentWP: Rogue Encampment
CurrentPts: 0

ForumName: omgmir
CharacterName: Kevorkian
CurrentLevel: 1
CurrentAct: 1
CurrentWP: Rogue Encampment
CurrentPts: 0

ForumName: Docturnal
CharacterName: Pious_Surgeon
CurrentWP: Rogue Enc.
CurrentPts: 0

ForumName: Omegamann
CurrentWP:Rogue Enc.
Current Points:0

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