[2006] The Pic'o'rama Grand Tribute (Tournament) [by Sint Nikolaas]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Sint Nikolaas on May 20, 2006. The last post was made Jun 15, 2006.
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The Pic'o'rama Grand Tribute (Tournament)

Well.. as grand as can be 😁

P'o'r 1
P'o'r 2
I know, the links don't work in the threads. You can get a general idea out of them though.

I promised a long time ago I'd do another one of these and the time is finally upon us. I'll tell you what's going on and lay out the rules (using old and new).

What is the Pic'o'rama tournament?
The pic'o'rama tournament is a tournament about D2. Allthough it doesn't involve any playing of the game you'll have to understand the game and know some of it. It is a tournament raised about two years back, but due to laziness it got cancelled after round two. The interest then was quite nice and people seemed to enjoy it quite much.

Yeah allright, but what is the Pic'o'rama tournament?
It's a search and find tournament. It's an art tournament. I will give you pictures, screenshots out of diablo 2 situations, and you will have to find strange things on it. Mostely things that don't fit. For example if I have a picture of a level 1 character in hell difficulty you can say that is a ''flaw''. All the pictures have a set numbers of mistakes, your job is to find them all.

I can get a level 1 character in hell...
I'm sure you can. I play RWM 1.11 D2 Single Player without multiple patches, multiple startups or multiplayer games. All you will see is a single character in a single screen with some flaws. If you see a second player in it, it will most likely be edited in on purpose and you can call it a mistake.

Yeah, ok.. but...
No, skip it, read the rules first.

Tournament Rules:

1. REALLY IMPORTANT: to not spoil it of other players you cannot post ANY answers in this thread. If you think you find answers to the picture(s) I'm giving out you must either PM me or mail me at *@*.com . If you decide to neglect this rule and spoil the fun by posting answers here, I decide to neglect the friendly ''Mod'' posistion and spoil your fun by ignoring your entry. (sry to sound harsh).

2. If you wish to enter you must post in this thread that you do.

3. You can enter multiple times per picture (if you find 3 first and find another one later orso).

4. If you send your answers in by PM or mail ALLWAYS include your forum name and e-mail adress (even if you PM me and I technically allready have your forum name).

5. I will post probably upto 10 pictures to complete this tournament (I have 6 now..). You will have to enter again EVERY time I post a new picture following rules 1 trough 4.

6. As much as I normally don't deal with stashes and/or prize giving or taking after tournaments, there will be a prize stash. The prize stash will contain any item YOU wish. If you win you will send me an ISO-list (in search of) with 10 items on it. I will search trough my stashes to find the items. This will mean two things... 1, you can get a very nice stash if you win. 2, if you put only TC 87's on it I will most likely will have only 1 item on the list (orso) and you will receive only 1 item. Think before you send me the list. If the tournament grows out I'll let the prize fund grow too... 1 stash per 10 contestants. So if 19 people join in only the winner will get a stash, if 22 people join in the top 2 will win.

7. Winning the tournament will be deceided by points. Each of the pictures will have 5 flaws. Every flaw will give you 2 points. You can get a perfect 10 every round and a perfect 100 if you complete every round perfectly.

8. I will NOT give out the right answers. You will have to search untill you drop and if you send in 4 wrong ones (and think you're right) you'll see in the end which ones are off the mark. I will however give a score update after every round. This means you can deduct your score and see if you got everything right. If you have a 3 out of 5 you obviously got two wrong... you'll have to look for yourself to correct it (or leave it...).

9. I will update the rounds frequently. I will also post new rounds frequently. This means this tournament will most likely last 3-4 weeks. I can manage to post a new picture IN THIS THREAD about every two days. You will have to come here to see if something has happened.

10. If you enter late you still have as much a chance of winning as everyone else. However, if you enter late you will only receive 1 point per correct answer. This is not to punish the people who couldn't be here in time, this is to reward the people who managed to find (the) mistakes in a shorter timespan of about 2 days per round.

That's it. 10 rules, please read trough them again... especially rules number 1, 4, 5 and 8.

Reread rule number 1.

Any questions can be asked in this thread too.

I'll give a couple of hints that might last troughout the tournament..
- Allways look very closely, the image graphical details might be a bit less due to internet stuff.
- Look for things that are out of place, but don't also forget to look for things that are missing.
- Some mistakes are ofcourse very small, but remember that sometimes big mistakes are the easiest to overlook.
- Read the rules again.
- Read trough the old threads... they ofcourse can help you.
- Take your time, there are five mistakes each picture, if you can find only three just relax and try again later.
- Be sure about your answers, double check the picture even if you think you found all five.
- Sometimes the mistakes not only require looking, but also thinking.
- If you think of something about the pictures that isn't related to the mistakes, type it into this thread.. it could help you or others out later on. (like points on which you focussed at first but didn't help out)
- For the love of pete.. read the rules...

Allright, that's it, I'll post the first picture in post #2. Don't post if it's not there yet.
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