[2006] "The Moo Moo King Must Die" Tournament [by Quickdeath]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Freekje on Sep 10, 2006. The last post was made Apr 30, 2007.
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"The Moo Moo King Must Die" Tournament

I always aspire to organize tournaments that are off-beat, fun, a bit of a a challenge and that don't require a massive time commitment to play. Here's my latest one, which I think should be a blast. I hope you'll try it.

"The Moo Moo King Must Die" Tournament

The object of this Tournament is to kill the Nightmare Cow King on Players8 setting with one of the following three characters.

1. The Bowler. This is a Molten Boulder Druid. He uses Molten Boulder as his major offensive weapon. Your Druid must max Molten Boulder and put at least 20 skill points into its synergies. (Firestorm and Volcano). You may not use Firestorm, Volcano nor any other offensive elemental skills nor any skills from the shape shifting tree. Summons are allowed, as well as attacks with any weapon you can obtain. The Molten Boulder skill is weird. Enjoy this character!

2. The Conductor. (or the Drummer) This is a Barbarian who wields a wand (or two wands). The limitation is simple - once you get past your starter weapon, your Barb must wield a wand (or dual-wield two wands). No other offensive weapon may be used. Remember that some wands have modifiers with unusually high levels of elemental damage! And some have sockets!

3. The Awler. A Paladin who must wield a Kinemil's Awl. This is the only object in the tournament that may be twinked in (in fact, it must be used by the Paladin once he reaches Level 23.) Note that the Awl grants +6 to the Holy Fire Skill - the most obvious route will be to play the Awler as a Holy Fire Paladin. For this reason, you may invest no more than 5 points in Holy Frost and no more than 3 points in Holy Shock or Blessed Hammer. "Awl other decisions" are yours to make.

Miscellaneous rules.

1. Softcore tournament (hardcore is allowed). Single player (no multiplayer action.) PlayerX settings are at your discretion, but you must be at Players8 when entering the Cow Level on Nightmare difficulty and play at the P8 level until killing the Cow King..
2. Untwinked, except for the Kinemil's Awl weapon, which may be twinked in to the Paladin character. ATMA may be used as an infinite stash for your character's self-found objects.
3. Vanilla runewords only.
4. There are no limitations on use of items other than the ones in the character definitions. CTC modifiers or "+X to a skill" are fine.
5. Everyone who kills the P8 NM Cow King with one of these characters is a Winner of this tournament. There will be no prizes - this is just for fun and bragging rights.
6. You may play more than one character!
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