[2006] The "It Takes All Kinds" Tournament [by skunkbelly]

Mar 14, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @skunkbelly on Mar 14, 2006. The last post was made Jul 5, 2006.
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The "It Takes All Kinds" Tournament

The "It Takes All Kinds" Tournament

This tournament will force your character to use a little bit of everything, equipment-wise. May the most well-rounded player win!


1. HC only.

2. No multiplayer permitted.

3. You may keep an ATMA stash for the following items only: socket-fillers, charms and potions (if you find items you wish to use on other characters or for grail purposes, you may mule them off).

4. You may play any character build that you wish. However, the following builds start with a 10 point penalty: necromancer using skeleton warriors, lightning fury amazon, lightning trapper assassin, hammerdin. Any build using teleport, either with hard skill points or item charges, receives a 10 point penalty. Upon joining the tournament, you must indicate whether you will use a two-handed weapon, a one-handed weapon and shield, or two weapons; you must also give the same info for your weapon switch.

5. You must find all WPs before proceeding to the next act, but not necessarily in order.

6. You must solve all quests before proceeding to the next act, but not necessarily in order. If you wish to save rewards for use, you may do so, but you do not receive points for the quest until the quest box is turned to gray. All quest rewards must be redeemed before moving to the next difficulty level.

7. STATS: In order to remain in balance, your base stats must at all times be within 10 points of each other.

8. EQUIPMENT: this is the meat of this tournament. There are 10 different quality levels of equipment in the game:

1. low-quality items ("cracked," "damaged," etc.)
2. ethereal items
3. normal "white" items
4. superior items
5. magic items
6. socketed items
7. rare items
8. set items
9. unique items
10. crafted items

Between your character and your mercenary, there are a total of 10-12 item slots available, depending on whether you use a one-handed weapon and a shield, a two-handed weapon, or two weapons.

1. ring 1
2. ring 2
3. amulet
4. helm
5. armor
6. gloves
7. boots
8. belt
9. weapon
10. shield (or 2nd weapon, for assassins and barbarians who double-wield)
11. weapon switch
12. shield switch (or 2nd weapon switch, for assassins and barbarians who double-wield)

When you join the tournament, you will be given a randomly determined list of what item slots will match up with which required quality levels. All 10 item qualities will be assigned *somewhere*, so that each will be represented on your character at all times.

This will leave you with zero to two items slots unassigned, depending on your character's weapon/shield preferences (a character with a polearm as their weapon, and a bow on switch, would have only 10 equipment slots, for example). If your character will have more than 10 equipment slots, you may make a choice: keep those slots as "wild cards," which you can fill with anything you wish, at a score penalty of 10 points per slot; OR, if you prefer, I can roll you random item quality levels for those slots, with no score penalty.

Here's a sample character, to give you an idea:

1. ring 1 - rare
2. ring 2 - magic
3. amulet - WILD CARD - minus 10 points
4. helm - superior
5. armor - ethereal
6. gloves - unique
7. boots - low quality
8. belt - crafted
9. weapon - normal
10. shield - socketed
11. weapon switch - set

9. Other equipment rules:

Any item slot may be filled with a low-quality normal item (i.e., no low-quality exceptional or elite items) or your character's starter gear, until the first legal replacement is found.

You may obtain items in any way you see fit, so long as they are found, crafted, bought, gambled etc. within the confines of the game: no muling items on, but anything else goes.

Quest reward items (rings from Ormus and Akara, Charsi Imbue, Anya reward) may be used if they fit your restrictions; otherwise, they may not be used. Important tip: quest items (the staff, the viper amy, the hellforge hammer, etc.) are unique items, and might be helpful if you are required to use unique weapons but have not found any!

Impossible item combinations will be re-rolled (no low-quality jewelry for example, or ethereal bows).

Please note that ANY ITEM THAT FITS THE DESCRIPTION may be used in a given slot. Pay close attention. For example, if your armor slot must be filled with an ethereal item, that includes ANY ethereal item: an ethereal rare or unique is permitted, or an ethereal with sockets"¦ it need not be simply a boring gray ethereal item with no other characteristics. If you must have a socketed weapon, it can be a rare with sockets, a set item that you socket with the Larzuk reward, etc. This can also work against you, in some cases: that normal weapon you are wearing cannot gain a socket through the Larzuk reward, for example, because then it would no longer be a normal white item.

Sockets may be filled with anything you wish.

10. PERKS. Upon obtaining certain objectives, you earn a "perk": you will have the option of raising or lowering the quality level of one of your item slots by one position on the chart above. For example, if you had to use a "magic" quality weapon, you could bump that selection up to "rare," or down to "socketed." Here are the points when this may be done in each difficulty level:

? Upon finding the Outer Cloister WP.
? Upon finding the Lost City WP.
? Upon finding the Travincal WP.
? Upon killing Nihlathak.
? Upon killing the Cow King.

These perks may NOT be saved up for later use: they must be used immediately upon being earned. You may forfeit your perk if you wish, but you may not save it. When you use a perk, you must say in your post how the perk has been used.

11. MERCS: any mercenary may be used, and their equipment is not restricted in any way.


+1 for each WP found.
+2 for each quest completed (turned to gray).
-1 for each level gained.
-10 for each "extra" item slot used as a wild card (must be determined when starting your character).
-10 for handicapped builds (skellimancer, any build using teleport, hammerdin, lightning trapper, LF zon).

13. The tournament begins now, and ends on July 4th.

14. Rolling item selections for other players is a simple process. You may not roll your own item qualities, but you may roll items for another player (I can't always be available). To do so, visit www.random.org/sform.html. Type 1 in the first box, and a number from 10-12 in the second box depending on how many item slots the player will need. You will receive a random sequence of numbers. Simply match this sequence up with the item quality list above. If you have items that will be impossible (low-quality rings, ethereal bows, etc.) then fill that quality slot with the next item position, and retry the skipped item at the end. For example, for an amazon with a bow in each weapon position, I would obtain the sequence 8-6-10-9-4-1-2-7-5-3. This would give me:

1 low-quality 8 belt
2 ethereal 6 gloves
3 normal 10 switch weapon
4 superior 9 main weapon
5 magic 4 helm
6 socketed 1 ring - not possible - 2 ring - not possible - 7 boots - not possible - 5 armor!
7 rare 3 amulet
8 set 1 ring (held over from above)
9 unique 2 ring (held over from above)
10 crafted 7 boots (held over from above)

In the rare instance that you get a completely impossible sequence of numbers, just reroll the sequence and start over.


I will play a bowzon... could someone start me out by rolling my equipment selections?
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