[2006] The "Homage to the desert mercenary" Tournament [by newco]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @newco on Jan 30, 2006. The last post was made Feb 20, 2006.
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The "Homage to the desert mercenary" Tournament

Durga stood by the fireplace of the rouge encampment and scratched his head. It has had been month ago when he had been hired by Warriv to protect the caravan while travelling from Lut Ghoulein to some cloister in the west. It has been an easy journey with no mayor troubles involved, at least no troubles which could not been solved with a quick jab from his polearm. But when they reached the cloister, suddenly everything seemed to go wrong. It was as if the gates of hell had opened. Durga glanced over the body of a nearby rouge. Hmmmm .... maybe the gods wanted to punish them for indecent clothing? Not that he had any problems with indecent clothing, as matter of fact he had grown rather fond of it over the last weeks. But the weather started to nag on his nerves, and he missed the sand and his old dinking buddy Geglash. There had been some efforts to solve the problems in the cloister. In fact a lot of do-gooders appeared to solve the problem, but unfortunately it seems as if nobody has succeeded yet. Damn! He was still stranded, it rains constantly and he had the impression that the monsters are closing in. To make it worse, even his good old polearm has broken. Never the less he had the feeling that if he doesn't solve the problem himself he would be stranded in this bloody rain forever. So with a sigh he moved out of the camp to see if he could find his way back home.

1. HC only

2. Paladin only

3. no shopping. Use what you find.

4. you can repair items

5. you can gamble items

6. you have to use spears or polearms (until you find the first one use your fists, no shield permitted)

7. no blessed hammer, charge, FoH or smite (obviously)

8. zeal, sacrifice and vengeance are permitted

9. as soon as you reach normal act 2 you might use the blessed aim, defiance or prayer aura

10. as soon as you reach nightmare act 2 you might use the might, thorns or holy freeze aura

11. no other auras are permitted except of the use as synergy

12. all quest rewards might be used (the act 5 pala shield has to be sold)

13. no mercs are allowed, except of the act 1 "quest reward" merc (after all it is a hard life out there in the wilderness, to hard to be alone all the time). But you have to use the "quest reward", no hiring permitted.

14. all quest have to solved before moving to the next difficulty (imbue, socket etc.)

15. all wp's must be found

16. the tournament ends after the people lose interest, people are dead or we have a winner

17. RWM and RRM are permitted

-1 point for each level gained.
1 point for each WP found (towns included).
2 points for each quest completed (for scoring purposes, quest box must be turned gray to get points... if you save your imbue, for example, you don't get points until you redeem it...and if you die first, you never get the points).


level 1 = -1
quests 0 = 0
wp's 1 = 1
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