[2006] The Enchantress Tournament [by Quickdeath]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Quickdeath on Oct 29, 2006. The last post was made Feb 25, 2007.
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The Enchantress Tournament

The Enchantress Tournament

I've been wanting to play an Enchantress for a long time, and I thought I would make it into a Tournament so that I could have some company. The tournament will be about playing a Sorcress that does not use offensive elemental skills, but instead uses Melee weapons, or Ranged Weapons.

The rules

1) Everyone must play a Sorceress
2) Softcoe, or Hardcore is your wish. In eitehr case, you're out of the tournament when you die.
4) Version 1.10 or more recent (Vanilla / RRM / RWM allowed, also runewords granted by RWM)
5) ATMA may be used as an infinite stash. No twinking on any items that hav enot been found by the tournamnet character.
6) No MPing
7) Rerunning areas is allowed. /players setting is at the contesteants' option.
8) You need not perform every quest.
9) You are allowed to use 10 skills:

Fire Tree: Warmth, Enchant, Fire Mastery
Lightning Tree: Teleport, Energy Shield, LIghtning Mastery
Cold Tree: Frozen Armor, Shiver Armor, Chilling Armor, Cold Mastery

You may invest skill poitions in other Sorceress Skills for synergy points (e.g., Telekinesis, but you may not use those skills. Note: despite the name of the tournament, you are free to make a Sorceress who does not use Enchant -as long as you stay within the above list of skills.

10) You may not use Charges of forbidden sorceress skills, but you may indeed use items that have a "chance to cast" for any kill whatsoever, inclyding forbidden sorcerss skills.

11)The tournament will be over whenever the forum loses interest in it, or until all participants have been killed or have killed Hell Baal. Latecomers are welcome - don't feel shy joining the tournament after it has been udnerway for a qhile.

The winner

The contestant that kill Hell Baal first (Good luck with that one!), or whoever progresses the furthest, as measured by Waypoints.

The tournament starts now. Good luck to all!
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