[2006] The A.D.D. Tournament (Sign-up & Progress) [by ElMiko]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @ElMiko on Jul 15, 2006. The last post was made Aug 26, 2006.
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The A.D.D. Tournament (Sign-up & Progress)

The A.D.D. Tournament

Basically, the idea behind this tournament is that your character just doesn't have the patience to learn higher level skills. Practically, it means that your character will be focussing on an elementary skill. What is an elementary skill? Well, I'll get to that. But first, the basic rules.

1. Hardcore only. Naturally, you can create a Softcore character, but once you're dead, you're out. Muligans if dead in the first 2 Acts? We'll see.

2. Untwinked. No muling on or off. All your character can use is what he/she can carry.

3. 1.10 and 1.11 only. RRM and RWM allowed as long as you only use runewords allowed on standard single-player.

4. Any player setting is allowed and can be altered whenever you feel it's appropriate. Please don't abuse this, because that's just gross.

5. Re-running areas: you have A.D.D., you haven't the patience to do things more than once. No re-running... Sort of...

5a. You may do a second run of all act bosses and the countess, provided that you defeat them and their minions on /players8. Eg. clear Chaos Sanctuary on /p8, clear 3rd lvl Durance of Hate /p8, clear 5th lvl Forgotten Tower p/8, etc. Second clears of act bosses on /p8 score you an extra 2 points, so please post if you've done so.​

5b. For every subsequent act boss re-run and any reruns of areas not mentioned in rule 5a, you will subtract 5 points from your score. So, if you run Diablo 4 times, that's minus 8 (+2-5-5) from your score; if you run the Pit 3 times, that's minus 10 (-5-5). Capiche?​

6. Townfolk interaction: only to collect quest rewards. This means no Atma auto-heal, NO REPAIRING EQUIPMENT, and no identifying with Cain, NO SELLING ITEMS TO VENDORS. And yet, townfolk interaction has some exceptions, too. I'm gonna come clean here. Lots of tournys limit NPC contact, but I'd like to give people a reasonable incentive to pick up gold, so...

6a. You may gamble, except with Jamella.​

6b. You may buy red and blue potions (provided that you are at full health and mana when you buy them).​

6c. You may BUY identification from Cain (if you choose not to rescue him in Act I).​

6d. You may buy two tomes as soon as you can afford them. However, you may never buy scrolls of any sort.​

6e. You are allowed one merc resurrection per difficulty. Merc resurrections are not cumulative. If you do not resurrect a merc in Normal, that doesn't mean you can resurrect a merc twice in Nightmare.​

NOTE: Remember, you're only allowed to pick up gold, not sell stuff for it (you dont have the patience for all that negotiation).

7. Mercenaries: You are allowed to redeem each of your mercenary rewards at any time during a given difficulty level. You are also allowed to resurrect one of your mercs ONCE during a given difficulty level. Following the Rogue merc, you will need to pay for these rewards with your own gold. However, if you opt to have a merc, subtract 15 points from your total. You only calculate this penalty once.

8. With the exception of Mercs, you cannot revisit acts to collect quest rewards.

9. Reward: I'll take my IndianaJones barb out of retirement for some MF. You'll be getting a personalized and socketed excpetional unique (if i'm feeling especially generous/lucky,it may be elite) or set item. Probably something like, "Distracted_Champ's *blank*"



-1 for each character level.
+1 for each WP.
+2 for every quest completed (that means it's grayed out!).
+2 for going back to kill an Act boss on /p8.
See Rule #5 for scoring rules on re-running areas.
-15 for deciding to use a merc.



Every character will have a few skills to choose from as his/her primary skill. This skill must be maxed by level 40. No other skill levels may have more than 10 hard points in them. With a couple of exceptions, level 12 and 18 skills will be limited to 8 hard skill points, and level 24 and 30 skills will be limited to 5 hard skill points (this is to encourage synergizing while not providing a way to ignore your primary skill). For the sake of balance, and in trying to keep in the spirit of this tournament, some skills are banned. That is to say, you may put points into them according to guidelines just mentioned, but you may not use them. Sorry.
Onto the class specifics:

Primary skills to choose from: Fire Arrow, Cold Arrow, Multiple shot. Inner Sight, Critical Strike, Dodge. Jab, Power Strike, Poison Javelin, Lightning bolt.
Banned skills: Fend, Lightning Strike, Lightning Fury, Plague Javelin, Charged Strike. All Passive Skills not listed as possible primary skills are limited to 5 hard skill points, and Valkyrie is banned. With the exception of Strafe, all Bow & Crossbow skills not listed as possible primary skills are banned; Strafe is limited to 3 hard skill points.

Primary skills to choose from: Tiger Strike, Dragon Talon, Fists of Fire, Dragon Claw. Claw Mastery, Psychic Hammer, Burst of Speed. Fire Blast, Shock Web, Blade Sentinel.
Banned skills: Phoenix strike; Claws of Thunder and Blades of Ice are limited to 5 hard skill points. Shadow Master. All Traps not listed as possible primary skills are banned.

Primary skills to choose from: Except Find Potion and Find Item, any Warcry can be selected as your primary skill*. All Weapon Masteries. Bash, Double Swing, Double Throw.
Banned Skills: Find Potion and Find Item (NO GRUMBLING!). All non-weapon Masteries are limited to 3 hard skill points. Leap, Leap Attack, Concentrate, Frenzy, Whirlwind.

*NOTE: If you choose a warcry other than War Cry or Grim Ward as your primary skill, then you may only use that warcry which is your primary skill, the rest are banned. (PLEASE, SOMEBODY, CHOOSE GRIM WARD AS YOUR PRIMARY SKILL. I WOULD RESPECT YOU IMMENSELY, FOREVER).

Primary skills to choose from: Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Arctic Blast, Cyclone Armor. Werewolf, Lycanthropy, Werebear, Maul, Feral Rage. Raven, Poison Creeper, Oaksage, Spirit Wolf, Solar Creeper, Spirit of Barbs.**
Banned skillls: All Elemental skills not listed as possible primary skills are banned; however, there is no hard skill point cap in this tree (so if you're gonna be elemental, Sin-ergize). All Shape Shifting Skills not listed as possible primary skills are limited to 5 hard skill points. Dire Wolf, Grizzly; again, however, there is no syngery skill point cap in this tree.

**NOTE:You may choose one and only one minion skill to use. This means that you may not summon any minions other than the minion you select as your primary skill.

Primary skills to choose from: Raise Skeleton, Skeleton Mastery, Clay Golem, Golem Mastery, Skeletal Mage.*** Teeth, Bone Armor, Poison Dagger. Except Confuse, all Curses are fair game.++
Banned Skills: All Summoning Skills not listed as possible primary skills are banned; however, there is no synergy skill cap. Corpse Explosion is limited to 5 hard skill points; all other Poison & Bone Skills not listed as possible primary skills are banned. Confuse.

***NOTE:You may choose one and only one minion skill to use. This means that you may not summon any minions other than the minion you select as your primary skill.
++NOTE: Any curses not selected as a primary skill are capped at 5 hard skill points.

Primary skills to choose from: Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Lightning, Defiance, Vigor, Salvation. Might, Holy Fire, Blessed Aim, Concentration, Holy Shock, Sanctuary. Sacrifice, Holy Boly, Smite, Blessed Hammer.
Banned skills: Prayer, Cleansing, Meditation, Redemption. Thorns, Holy Freeze, Fanaticism, Conviction. Charge.

Primary skills to choose from: Ice Bolt, Frozen Armor, Frost Nova, Ice Blast, Shiver Armor, Chilling Armor. Charged Bolt, Telekinesis, Lightning, Energy Shield. Fire Bolt, Warmth, Inferno, Blaze, Fireball, Enchant.
Banned skills: Glacial Spike, Blizzard, Frozen Orb. Static Field, Nova, Chain Lightning, Teleport, Thunderstorm. Firewall, Meteor, Hydra. All Elemental Masteries are limited to 3 hard skill points.


Please post updates in the following manner:

Forum Name: ElMiko
Character Name: ChangeTheTopic
Character Class: Druid
Primary Skill: Poison Creeper
Level: 1 (-1)
WP: Rogue Encampment (+1)
Quests: 0 (+0)
Act Boss /p8 kills: 0 (+0)
Re-run Penalties: 0 (+0)
Total: 0


I've tried to be careful with designing these characters, but if you see something that you think is patently unfair, post a nice, restrained reply saying why you think so, and I promise I will carefully consider it. With this in mind, let's hold off on starting the tourny for a week or so.


Forum Name     | Character Name    | Class   | Primary Skill    | Lvl | Act | Waypoint     | Score |
ElMiko           ChangeTheTopic      Druid     Poison Creeper      1    A1    Rogue Camp         0
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