[2006] Tension in the Moor! A Challenge! [by Liquid_Evil]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Liquid_Evil on Feb 17, 2006. The last post was made Mar 27, 2006.
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Tension in the Moor! A Challenge!

Ok here's the deal. As most know, kabal has a pretty mean dueler. TUB, arguably the most versatile dueler in SP land with an impressive track record, was bragging up his l33tness in an MSN convo. Tempers flared, ego's grew, and feelings were hurt. Long story short, kabal CHALLENGED myself and the friendly neighborhood Zhao_Yue to a duel to the death. Duels in Hell with anything allowed (minus potions, etc). The losers hafta do something embarassing (help us decide what).

Here's a dramatic rendition of what happened via MSN.

Liq: And that's why cults are so dangerous...
Zhao: Well at least the Kool-Aid is delicious
kabal has joined the conversation
kabal: Yo yo! What's up room?? *gives a dozen red roses to all the ladies* lol
Liq swoons
Zhao whispers to Liq: I thought this was a private conversation
kabal: Seriously guys, I'm the best dueler in the world. Most other duelers aren't fit to wipe the sweat from my groin!
Liq: Okay....
Zhao: :rolleyes:
kabal: So, I am challenging you to a crazy 2v2 fight to the death. I'll bring Totally Ugly Briefs, or TUB for short, my barb of destruction and fight you two.
Liq: Hmmm, I've been out of the game a while now, wrestling with my own personal demons, I'm not sure I'm up for it anymore. Maybe twenty years ago, but now?
kabal: No pots, anything goes, prison rules, cage match! You and Zhao against me and some shlub I'll probably choose at random in a drunken stupor.
Liq: Bah, I'll do it. Everything inside of me is screaming this is bad news, but I have my trusty sidekick riding shotgun to watch my back.
Zhao: Gee golly Liqqy, are you sure you don't want at least a half decent dueler on your team?
Liq: Positive. Having you as an anchor will only sweeten the victory when kab's corpse tumbles to the ground...along with what's left of his ego.
kabal: So, do you accept my challenge or what?
Liq: Oh, the gloves are off kab, the gloves are off.
Zhao: My pants are off.
Liq: Come Zhao, to the Liq-mobile!

So that's the story folks. We need your ideas on what should happen to kabal and his teammate when they lose. Oh, and we are also open to ideas about what characters we should pit against kab and his nublet. Best 3 of 5 takes the cake.
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