[2006] Skill-less tourney, 2nd ed. Signup and progress [by Docturnal]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Docturnal on Apr 27, 2006. The last post was made Aug 20, 2006.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Skill-less tourney, 2nd ed. Signup and progress

So here It is. The chance you all have been waiting for.
Your opportunity to show jianzons and jgreg that you can do better.

In short, its time for the Skill-less Tournament, 2nd Edition!

1. You may not put any points into any skill.
2. You may play SC, but If you do you're out of the tourney when you die.
3. No multiplaying.
4. Rerunning is allowed.
5. All items and runewords are allowed, except those not normally available to SP chars.
6. Any /players setting may be used and altered at any time.
7. All quests must be completed, but no rewards are required to be collected.(They need to be finished before exiting the act they're in. Rewards can be gotten later)
8. Atma may be used as an extended stash between sessions, but nothing you haven't found in this tourney goes on your char/merc.
9. Any build and any merc merc may be used.
10. The winner is the one that has gotten the most points before stopping or dying.

Point system:
-15 points if using a merc.
+2 point per quest, +1 per WP
-1 point/character lvl
+10 for finishing normal
+25 for finishing NM
+50 for finishing hell

Starting time/Ending time
Starting will be allowed as soon as you've signed up in this thread. The preliminary ending will be around oct 1st. Depending on how many participants are left I might alter this
date though.

Plz use the following format for reporting your progress and signing up.

Forum name: Docturnal
Name: Gadgette
Class: Sorc
Lvl: 1
Last WP: rogue encampment
Score: 0

Let teh g4ming begin!
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