[2006] Single Pass Untwinked MLD Tourney: Phase I PvM [by Brak]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Brak on Dec 2, 2006. The last post was made Feb 11, 2007.
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Single Pass Untwinked MLD Tourney: Phase I PvM

Although Trogdor was wholly exhausted from his battle with Baal, his sleep was shallow. His dreams were haunted by the screams of his fallen comrades and visions of his brethren's corpses strewn about the land of his youth. It wouldn't take much to disturb his volatile slumber.

The scream of a necromancer in his death throws is something that one has to experience to truly comprehend. It has been said that the last gasp of a dying necromancer can curdle any dairy product within a three mile radius, even those that have already been curdled. Such a sound could understandably awaken the normal dreamer, but Trogdor was jolted awake.

To awaken to ghastly screaming was disorienting enough, but for some reason Trogdor was in a knapsack within the wooden walls of the rogue's encampment. This was quite odd since he distinctly remembered ending his evening at a cousins house in Harrogath. He couldn't have drank that much mead, could he? Pants check revealed no.

He staggered to the first person he recognized, it was the rogue captain Kashya.

"What is going on? Why have I returned here? Were all of my sacrifices for naught?"

"You mean have all of Hell's minions have repopulated Sanctuary, but this time they are stronger and more deadly; however, along the way you will find items that look similar to those that you have already obtained but possess greater powers so that you may readily face these fiercer minions?"

"Ummm...I guess so."

"No don't be silly, that would be ridiculous."

"Then why have I heard the screams of death?"

"Oh, that must have been the Games. You see after Baal was defeated, there was an overabundance of highly skilled warriors with no one to fight who had developed a taste for large piles of gold coming out of monster's bums. The elders of the lands of Sanctuary decided that the best way to keep these people from becoming powerful warlords was to have them fight one another for entertainment. You must have been summoned to represent your people."

"O, I see."

Trogdor walked away contemplating his future. He had not thought of what he would do after defeating the evils of Hell. He figured he would be paraded around as a hero. But this did not happen, everyone had lost so much, how could they celebrate? But the Games would pose a great opportunity for him to demonstrate the power of the Barbarian clans. They had been shamed in seeking aid to defend their homeland. Trogdor would have to prove the might of his people once again.

*Basic Rules*
-SC version 1.11b, Vanilla or RRM/RWM allowed. RWM runewords also allowed.
-All classes can be used, skill restrictions noted below.
-Multiple characters may be entered as noted below.
-No Save and Exit to escape immanent death.

*PvM Rules*
-You may enter as many characters as you wish into the PvM leg of this tournament in order to test each builds effectiveness in PvP prior to the start of the dueling leg.
-No MPing.
-No trading, except for one specific instance discussed in the PvP section.
-A quarantined ATMA extended stash is allowed during PvM phase. Please do not twink your character, and be careful not to mix up items amongst your entrants if you have multiples.
-Players setting can be changed at your whim, but please do not abuse this by killing monsters a p1, and opening chests at p8.
-You may only play a Single clear through normal difficulty, Secret cow-level included. No re-running areas, no playing in NM.
-If you must pass through an area a second time, please do so at players 1 setting. And only kill out of self defense, do not pick up any loot (you may mule off an item if it's really sweet). Please do not abuse this policy.
-Keep track of the number of times you die as this information will be important for the PvP stage of the tourney. If you do not have this number, it will be set to infinity.
-All quests and waypoints are optional.
-Quests may be saved for later in the game (ie imbuing can be done after completing normal difficulty).
-There are no mercenary, item or skill restrictions while you are playing PvM.

*PvP Rules*
-You may enter up to two characters into the PvP phase of this tourney from those that have completed the PvM leg above. Brackets will be set such that double entrants may only meet in the finals.
-The tourney will be structured as a double elimination tourney such that you will be sent to the losers bracket after your first loss (hope I can figure out how this works).
-Duels will be fought in the NM Blood Moor. Please try to clear this area with a non-participant character. If you cannot do this, please clear the area at p1, and do your best not to level up. If there is absolutely no way to avoid leveling, never add stat or skill points to your character gained from such levels.
-Each round will consist of a best 4 of 7.
-If a neutral host is not available and either of the participants requests one, the participants can choose to play a series of 3 of 5 bouts alternating the host between participants. First to win two consecutive rounds is the winner.
-If byes are available they will be given with the following priority:
1) whether you've already had a bye (forum account),
2) least number of deaths in the PvM phase,
3) lowest level,
4) characters not using RWM runewords,
5) random chance.
-PvP entrants may trade a single item via the Personalization quest reward. A single item that has been personalized by a PvP entrant may be traded for any item personalized by a different PvP entrant. Note that you may trade with yourself if you have two characters entered, but you cannot trade with a character that was only listed in the PvM leg of the tourney. Also no trading outside of the tourney. Vanilla players be sure to look out for RRM/RWM taint.
-The following item restrictions apply for PvP:

  • -You may only access your stash and inventory during a battle. ATMA muling can only be done before the bout.
    -Gold can be muled onto your tournament character from other characters to cover repair costs.
    -Resistances are capped at 85%.
    -PLR is capped at 50%.
    -No knockback items.
    -No slow items.
    -No charges of Life Tap.
-The following skill restrictions apply for PvP:

  • -No thorns
    -No charge plus vigor.
    -No BoS for trapsin builds.
    -No decrepify or holy freeze.
    -No bone prison
    -No recasting bone armor/cyclone armor
    -No use of skills that consume corpses during battle (death sentry, corpse explosion, raise skeleton etc.).
    -Summon necros may bring an undead army into battle, but they cannot be recast during the fight. Think of this as a prebuff. Golems and other minions may be recast.
-No potions
-No shrines/wells
-No mercenary

This thread will serve as an updating thread for characters in the PvM phase of this tourney. You must list you Character class, level, last wp, and number of deaths in the table. This way I can get an idea of the number of participants expected come dueling time. Tell as much or as little as you like about your character(s). And as much or as little of that has to be true:evil: .

I'm thinking the dueling can begin the first week of February. I'll gague if that's too slow along the way. But I know some of us will be gone over the Holidays.

Forum Name   Character Name        Class         Level   No Deaths   Last WP
Brak         SpearChuckerJones     Barbarian     0       0           None
Brak         Unfortunate Accident  Necromancer   0       0           None
Brak         a little girl         Sorceress     0       0           None
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