[2006] Set/Unique Item Worshippers Tournament II [by erimatbrad]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @erimatbrad on May 30, 2006. The last post was made Apr 7, 2007.
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Set/Unique Item Worshippers Tournament II

And, it returns. This was, without a doubt, my favorite tournament I participated in. And, by the gaming gods, I _will_ make a Guardian this time!

S/U Worshippers Tournament #1

And now the rules, graciously stolen from the first tournament, with two minor changes:

Set & Unique Worshipper Tourney Rules:

. Characters are Hardcore. Version 1.10/1.11. RWM/RRM may be used, but only Runewords that are able to be created unpatched can be used.... while you can. *cue evil laughter*

§2. You may use ATMA as an extended stash for socket fillers and Set/Unique items only.

§3. You may not use Save & Exit to escape death, unless it happens during a move to a "new" area (see §5).

§4. You may distribute stat points (or save them for later) as you see fit. Exception: if you find a set/unique item (see §10) that you don't meet the STR/DEX requirements for and you have no other S/U such item (boots, for example), you will have to add all points to the lacking stat until you can equip that item (unless you find another S/U such item with less requirements before that has happened).

§5. There will be NO repeating/farming/running of areas/bosses/chests etc. Recommended methods are to either 1.) Clear an area, get the waypoint and the next time run from the waypoint to the next area without killing anything, or 2.) Run to the waypoint without killing anything and next session start from waypoint and clear that area (only recommended for small areas and those with a known waypoint location (Travincal, Cold Plains, the Cloisters)). However, you may use method 1.) and clear a path from waypoint to exit if you must do so to stay safe, but don't pick up any items that drop during this "transport". You may also kill off monsters that happen to follow you into the "new" territory, but don't lure them out there on purpose.

§6. You may skip areas and return later to clear them. You can even go back to an earlier difficulty to clear areas you have skipped earlier. If you fiddle a lot with skipping areas, keep notes about where you have not been.

§7. Any /players setting is allowed, and you may change it any time you wish.

§8. You may not choose which character class you play. That will be chosen at random. If you roll a "Crap, I don't want to play a ..."-character, you get one reroll, but then you have to take what that roll gives you. This is called a minor mulligan.

§9. If your character dies in Act 1 or Act 2 Normal, you get one more chance. This is the major mulligan. When/if you start a second character, you can also take a minor mulligan if you like.

§10. (This is the real kicker in the tourney). Whenever you find a set/unique item for a certain item slot (that doesn't have one already), you HAVE to equip that item. It can only be replaced by another set/unique item in that item slot (if you have more than one S/U item for a certain slot, you can choose and switch between them as you like). The total number of equipped S/U items must be as high as possible. This includes the weapon switch and the mercenary. It is OK to put away a crappy S/U weapon in the weapon switch and use whatever weapon you like, until the slots are filled. You will probably at some time have to adapt the choice of mercenary after what items you have. You may not sell S/U items that may later allow you to equip more S/U items. Be especially wary with shields and one-handed swords (all one-handers if you're a barbarian!), since the act 3 merc uses those (since he can equip both, an Iron Wolf will most likely be your end game mercenary).

§11. To prevent caster/cookie cutter characters from totally dominating this tourney, the skill point choices have a large random element to them. Every third level you achieve (the 3rd, 6th, 9th, etc.), you can place as you wish (or save it for later). You may also place rewarded skill points from the Den of Evil/Radamant/Izual as you wish. All other skill points (the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th levels, etc.) will be determined at random, and those points may not be saved. Hint: use your "free" points wisely, to increase your chances for the random ones to go where you want them.

New participants are allowed at any time (as long as there is interest). When you write your updates, I want you to mention:

* The name and class of the character. This is only really needed when they are introduced, but it won't hurt.
* What level they have reached.
* How far into the game they have reached.
* How many set/unique items that are equipped.

Here is a class list to help determine what class you should play with your roll:


The game begins now! May all your drops be gold and green!
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