[2006] Scavenger Hunt #2: The Great Hunt [by Quickdeath]

Mar 14, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Quickdeath on Apr 3, 2006. The last post was made Aug 3, 2006.
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Scavenger Hunt #2: The Great Hunt

Scavenger Hunt #2 - The Great Hunt

Know thou this: the Land of Sanctuary is threatened and is in great need. There be 54 items that are needed, items filled with ancient magic of unmeasureable power - power beyond the knowledge of the Horadrim, wild magic beyond the ken of demons and angels. These 54 items have always existed in Sanctuary, unmarked and unnoticed - perchance you may have even encountered some of them before. But some of the 54 are surely the most amazing items in the land. And the items must be found.

And so, now we need Heroes! Heroes to arise, to band together, to cover the lands, to join this Great Hunt. The Greatest Hunt of all. This be your quest, your sacred charge:

"Thou shall seek out as many of these 54 items as thou canst. Some may be easy to find, some may be devilishly hard. No warrior, born of mortal man, is expected to be able to find them all. The fun and the glory shall be in the Hunting."

Tournament Description
The objective of the Great Hunt is to locate as many of the 54 items as you can within the timeframe of the tournament - 4 months. You may use different characters, as many as you wish. You may participate in this Scavenger Hunt while you are questing, while you are playing in another tournament, and while you are playing either an existing or new character. HC or SC, all are welcome. You may mule or not mule, twink or not twink.

1. The Scavenger Hunt #2 Tournament begins April 3 and ends July 31, 2006 at midnight, local time.

2. Anyone can play, and there is no entry fee. You may enter the Tournament at any time simply by posting a message on this thread saying that you are in. Note that nothing you have done prior to posting your message is allowed to count towards satisfying the Scavenger Hunt. (I have been known to make exceptions to this last rule, so if you do find an item which inspires you to enter the Hunt, try asking nicely.)

3. There are 54 Scavenger Hunt items listed below that you are seeking, each is items to collect. An exception is that one of them is a monster to meet. The player who finds the most items by July 31 wins the Scavenger Hunt.

4. Any item found by any D2 character in Single Player mode between now and January 30 is eligible to be counted towards the Scavenger Hunt. You may find items while playing already existing characters, new characters, twinked or untwinked characters, in P1 or P8 mode, Softcore or Hardcore characters. Items you find in someone else's tourney may be counted towards the Scavenger Hunt. The only eligibility restrictions are:

- No Multiplayer characters. Nothing found by a character while playing with other players in Multiplayer mode will count. Single Player with P8 is okay, of course.
- Only Version 1.10 or later, please!
- No Mods other than the mods generally accepted by SPF: Red Rune Mod and Runeword Mod. You may indeed use the rune words granted by the rune word mod, if you wish.
- No obtaining items by trade. All items must be self-found.

5. Any item that is to count against the Scavenger Hunt must not be sold; it is to be saved either in an ATMA Cache or as an item in use by a character. For the one monster you are asked to find, posting a screenshot would be nice but is not required. Just give us your word that you found the guy.

6. The Winner of the Tournament will receive some worthless item that is personalized to commemorate the tourney.

7. And now here are the 54 items you are seeking:

Gheed's Anatomy
Obtain Unique, Set or Quest Items that have 28 parts of the human anatomy within their names "“ one point for each anatomy part. You only need one item per anatomy part - once you have an item with "Bone" in its name, collecting a 2nd item with the word "Bone" does not improve your score. The words you seek must be within the actual names of the unique, set or quest item and not within the base item. Example: A Gravenspine Bone Wand counts as "spine" but not as "bone." The 28 anatomy parts are:

1. Arm
2. Back
3. Blood
4. Bone
5. Brain
6. Cranium
7. Ears
8. Eye
9. Face
10. Fist
11. Flesh
12. Foot
13. Hand
14. Head
15. Heart (Isenhart's equipment does not count, due to spelling)
16. Heel
17. Leg
18. Mouth
19. Palm
20. Rib
21. Scalp
22. Skin
23. Skull
24. Spine
25. Throat
26. Toe
27. Tongue
28. Tooth

Many words that are more descriptive of animal anatomy (tusk, fang, haunch, flank, mane, beak, gut, etc.) were not included, so please don't even ask. Stick to the 28 items above. Some will be easy, none are extraordinarily rare - but collecting the full anatomy will be a difficult challenge!

Worst Modifiers
Collect the worst equipment modifiers in the game. The first four are found on unique items.
29. Requirements +20%
30. -4 to Light Radius
31. -8 to Defense
32. -5 to Mana
33. A Charm with only +1 to Defense (A Stout Charm - must be the only modifier)

Stutter Items
34. A Nagelring Ring
35. An Undead Crown Crown
36. Naj's Circlet Circlet
37. A Jagged Jagged Star. This is the base item called Jagged Star with the magic prefix Jagged. You may have any suffix or no suffix.
38. A Russet Russet Armor. This is the base item called Russet Armor with the magic prefix Russet. You may have any suffix or no suffix.
39. A Divine Divine Scepter. You may have any suffix or no suffix.
40. Any one of these three items:
a. A Lancer's Lance. This is a Lance with the magic prefix Lancer's. You may have any suffix or no suffix. You may earn style points (only) by temporarily changing your character's name with ATMA and personalizing the item so as to create a "Lance_Lancer's Lancer's Lance."
b. A Harpoonist's Harpoon. Any suffix or no suffix.
c. A Warder's Ward. Any suffix or no suffix.

My friend Bill
41. - 43. Find 3 of the following Bills. Each Bill must have one of the prefixes on the list below and no other affix. Example: a "Strange Bill of Shock" would not qualify towards the scavenger hunt, but a simple "Strange Bill" does qualify.
a. Crude Bill
b. Foul Bill
c. Strange Bill
d. Weird Bill
e. Merciless Bill
f. Cruel Bill
g. Savage Bill
h. Raging Bill
i. Furious Bill
j. Pure Bill

Unusual Places
Find the designated items in these unusual places.
44. A set or unique item found by kicking an urn, a large urn, a jar or large jar, or a basket.
45. A set or unique item of any kind by Gambling.
46. A rare, set or unique as dropped by a catapult, a nest (Black Raptor, others) or by a Gargoyle Trap.
47. A magic (or better) Scimitar (Cutlass, Ataghan) as dropped by a Flying Scimitar. The phrase "or better" means a rare, set, or unique version of the weapon.

Amazing Items
48. A weapon with no variation in physical damage (its minimum damage and maximum damage have the same value because of a modifier with +X to minimum damage)
49. Slippers. Occasionally, a Rare set of footwear will have the word "slippers" in its randomly-selected "rare name", thus creating the only slippers in the game. (No rare items other than footwear seem to be eligible to get the label of slippers.)
50. A Wight. The Land of Sanctuary is filled with many creatures, but not Wights. But wait, an occasional Unique monster does have the word "˜Wight" in its name. Find one.
51. A Namesake. This is a Rare item that happens to have the name of an existing unique or base equipment item. One example is a Rare that is named "Death Cleaver."
52. An item, as obtained, with at least 10 different modifiers. (see note below)
53. An item, as socketed, with more than 20 different modifiers. (see note below)

And the last item, and possibly the most powerful of all, is:

54. A Maiden's Mancatcher. This is the base item called Mancatcher with the magic prefix Maiden's - it may have any suffix or no suffix. Whenever I see this phrase I think about what a Maiden's Mancatcher is in real life. And I laugh out loud.

Question and Answers about modifiers for items 50 and 51.
Q: What is a modifier?
A: A modifier is any line on the display and/or ATMA readout that displays a modification of the item.

Q: Give some examples of modifiers
A: +10 to Mana, or Half Freeze Duration, or Attacker takes damage of 3, or +2 to Grim Ward (Barbarians only).

Q: What about ethereal, socketed and superior items. Are their properties considered to be modifiers?
A: Yes. The following would each be counted as a modifier:
"Socketed (2,0 used)"
"Socketed (6,6 used)"
"+50% Damage to Undead"
"+10 to Durability"

Q: Is "All Resistances = +10%' considered to be one modifier or four?
A: It is considered to be one modifier because it will appear as one line in the display and ATMA Readout. However, if an item has "All Resistances = +10%" and also has another modifier that is "+5% to Poison Resistance", then these two modifiers would count as 4 different modifiers, because the displays would then read as:
+10% to Fire Resistance
+10% to Cold Resistance
+10% to Lightning Resistance
+15% to Poison Resistance

Q: What about a modifier such as Fool's, which shows up as 2 lines on the displays?
A: It counts as two modifiers.

Q: What if an item has a modifier of +10% to poison resistance, and I socket it with an item that provides +30% to Poison Resistance? Is that two modifiers, or one?
A: It counts as one modifier, because it shows up on the display as "+40% to Poison Resistance"

Q: So what items might have 10 different modifiers, as dropped?
A: Oh, several types. A Rare Class Specific with 3 different + skills mods. Maybe an ethereal, socketed, rare mace. Some uniques.

Q: Gulp. Okay, but hey, dude, what could possibly have 20+ modifiers? Are you nuts?
A: Think of jewels in a 6 socket item. Rare jewels.

Q: And the modifiers all have to be different, to total up to 20 modifiers?
A: Uh-huh.
Q: Ooooooh boy. You are insane. I mean, this may take a while.
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