[2006] PvP Ladder Results and Summary Thread [by Zhao_Yue]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Zhao_Yue on Feb 24, 2006. The last post was made May 1, 2006.
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PvP Ladder Results and Summary Thread

It's 2am here, so it's Friday Feb 24 and I deem the Ladder officially start now! Good luck to all participants.

[B]Name            Player            Points[/B]
ColdBlood        Liquid            1000
Murdercat        Liquid            1000
Sidewinder        Liquid            1000
Truffle            Zhao            1000
Augustus        Zhao            1000
Beors            Zhao            1000
the_pikleinator        Mikle            1000
pikleinabox        Mikle            1000
xaro            Mikle            1000
BoneMage        Deathmage        1000
Gale_Force        Deathmage        1000
Sir_smitealot        Deathmage        1000
eBony             Pucho            1000
Victor            jrlafrance        1000
Unnamed            Kabal            1000
Tapio            Denton            1000
Pip            Denton            1000
Yawgmoth        Lemming            1000
BFG            xDoomasx        1000
flying_monkeys        Lord Nikon        1000
Unnatural        DX            1000
Scud            jjscud            1000
Ruia            Gabriel            1000
Smite            Feceset            1000
Norkul            javcek            1000
Gem_Archer         Aman            1000
Toro            SolarisW        1000
Cloudstareyed        SolarisW         1000
Vengeance        SolarisW        1000
Ultra_Magnus        Skaman            1000

Remember that you have until March 24 to enter new characters.

Each ladder 'week' will end each subsequent Friday morning-ish (EST). I will try to post an updated ladder every morning.

Use this thread to post your results.
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