[2006] PvP Bad Blood Tournament Summary and Results [by Zhao_Yue]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Zhao_Yue on May 27, 2006. The last post was made Jun 19, 2006.
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PvP Bad Blood Tournament Summary and Results

It's almost 12am where I am, so let's get this tournament started!

Here is the updated contact list:

Name        MSN Contatct            Tier        Timezone
Zhao        @hotmail.com        B        GMT -5
Martinkingss    @hotmail.com    B        GMT +1
Denton        @hotmail.com        B        GMT +2
xDoomasx    @hotmail.com        A        GMT +2
Liquid_Evil    @hotmail.com        B        GMT -7
Skaman        @hotmail.com        B        GMT +10
Ocau_Mikle    @hotmail.com        A        GMT +10
Ray Patean    @yahoo.com        A        GMT -6
Jrlafrance    @cox.net        B        GMT -8
Deathmage    [email protected]        A        GMT +10
Guaicaipuro    @hotmail.com (email)    C        GMT -6
Kabal        @hotmail.com        A        GMT -5
Dx-Crawler    @hotmail.com        A        GMT +1
sablast         @yahoo.com (email)     B               GMT +1
kobe            @hotmail.com            A               GMT -8
javeck          @gmail.com                A               GMT -6
Asmodeous       ?                               B               GMT +10
Kefir-Tribe     @hotmail.com         A               GMT +1

I still need you MSN contact Asmodeous.

Here are the randomly assigned letters for each player:

xDoomasx    A
Denton            B
Liquid_Evil    C
Ray Patean    D
kobe             E
Kabal            F
Martinkingss    G
Guaicaipuro    H
Dx-Crawler    I
Zhao            J
Skaman            K
Ocau_Mikle    L
Jrlafrance    M
javeck           N
Asmodeous    O
Kefir_Tribe    P
Deathmage    Q
sablast           R

Here are the groupings:

A B I        C F N        F J N
A B R        C G M        F J O
A C E        C H Q        F K L
A C F        C H R        G H N
A D H        C I O        G I K
A D I        C J K        G J K
A E J        C K P        G L P
A F L        C L O        G M Q
A G K        C L Q        G O R
A H Q        D E H        H I O
A K N        D E I        H I P
A L Q        D F K        H J R
A M R        D G J        H L P
A O P        D H K        H L R
B C H        D J P        I L N
B D Q        D L M        I L P
B D R        D N R        I M Q
B E G        D O Q        I N Q
B E P        E F O        I O R
B F M        E G M        J L O
B F O        E H M        J M N
B G P        E J L        J P Q
B I J        E K N        J P R
B I N        E L N        K M O
B J M        E O Q        K Q R
B K M        E Q R        M N P
B L N        F G P        N O Q
C D N        F G Q        K P R
C D P        F H M        A G O
C E R        F I R        F K M

Each corresponding player should have 15 duels.

When you post your results in this thread, please put it in this format:
Match Code - C L O
Liquid Evil (C) - 3 points (2 wins)
Ocau_Mikle (L) - 1 point (0 wins)
Asmodeous (O) - 5 points (3 wins)

I'll be posting players standings periodically.

Good luck and happy hunting!
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