[2006] Kool69's "Straight and Narrow" Tournament [by Kool69]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Kool69 on Feb 11, 2006. The last post was made Apr 9, 2006.
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Kool69's "Straight and Narrow" Tournament

Hello hello my fellow adventurers, it's been about two weeks since I've re-installed Diablo 2 and already I'm itching to make a tourney. Thus so, I present you with the..

"Straight and Narrow Tournament"

Once upon a time there was a great group of adventurers, a team for the ages. They slew every dezien of Hell together from the meek quill rat to the mighty Baal himself. Unfortunately as age and experience came upon the adventurers it became quite apparant they had their own opinions about what types of armour, arms, stats, and skills were the most desirable. These rows within the group eventually shattered the ties that bind, and each adventurer headed on his and her seperate way fully convinced that they knew best...


1. HC Only.

2. No Multiplayer allowed.

3. ATMA is not allowed.

4. Open to any version. RWM is allowed.

5. All characters must adhere to EQUIPMENT, SKILL, and STAT rules. (Discussed later.)

6. Mercenaries need not adhere to character equipment rules.

7. Any players setting may be used and may be changed at any time.

8. All quests must be completed, all way points activated.

Indepth Rules:

1. EQUIPMENT: I will randomly select what type of armor, (Ex. Leather Armor and its Exceptional and Elite versions.) helm, boots, belt, shield, and gloves you will use. You will select one class of weapon (Ex. Axe) and I will randomly select the type of weapon you must you. (Ex. Hand Axe, Exceptional version, and Elite version.) You also receive a randomly rolled type of class item you may use. (Ex. Katar and higher versions of itself.) These and an amulet and rings are the only items you are allowed to equip. These items can be obtained in anyway that is "legal". (Ex. Not brought in from another character, hacked, etc.) Legal is basically anyway you could normally obtain it in game. (Ex. Gambling, quest reward, imbueing, finding, purchasing from a shop, etc.) Charms, pots, scrolls and other non-equipables are free game and may be used.

*Note: You are not allowed to use throwing potions unless you select that as your weapon class. As to why you might do that, I have no clue.


As for skills you have two choices. A randomized 3-2 or a randomized 3-1-1. In a 3-2 you select one skill tree that I roll you 3 skills from and a second skill tree I roll you 2 skills from. In a 3-1-1 I roll you 3 skills from one skill tree, 1 from another, and 1 more from the last skill tree. THESE ARE THE ONLY SKILLS YOU MAY USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! You may NOT use any of the pre-required skills you gain to reach your randomly selected skills.

Related: You may not use the + class skill on an item UNLESS it is one of your randomly selected skills. However, you are allowed to use Chance to Cast items of any skill. (That is if they fit your predetermined equipment choices.)


You will be randomly assigned a stat. (1 - Str, 2 - Dex, 3 - Vit, 4 - Eng) This stat is your PRIMARY STAT It must at all times be higher than any of your other stats! This difference can be by 1 or 100, it does not matter as long as it is your highest stat.


You are allowed ONE mulligan to reroll either ALL equipment, ALL skills, or your primary stat.


1. For every level you gain -1 point.

2. For every wp you gain +1 point.

3. For every quest completed you gain +2 points.


1. The tournament starts now.

2. The tournament ends on May 1st.

No prize except for bragging rights, Good luck and have fun!

Forum         Name          Class               Level       Act       Score
Kool69        ?                 Necromancer    1            1           0

*For those wishing to roll for themselves their prefered items/skills/stat. Just take a list of whatever you are rolling for (Armor, Javalin Skills, Wands, Class item, etc.) from this site, use http://www.random.org/nform.html, get a number, match to an item/skill/stat, and voila, you are done!*
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