[2006] Just got this touny idea [by DeathMaster]

Jan 3, 2007
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Just got this touny idea

This is not just normal "random" touny. I had this idea while I was waiting for pickup.

A totally random touny, and based on purly random number and guess work.

So far, I had the following in mind:

1. HC untwink as usual, no mod or maybe RWM allowed.
2. The host decide how each char should work, purely based on guess work (explain later)
3. My fev rule on mule: nothing on, it is one way route -> mule off only.
4. no repeat running.
5. Here is how char developing work:
Once a char started, you can not tell anyone about anything. No name, no class, no nothing. The host guess your char class by using random number generator (eg. 1 = zon, 2 = sin, etc), then guess what build you may play. each skill tree is marked by a number (eg. the first tree = 1, etc), and the host tell you exactly how many points you have to spend in each tree, and on each level skills (eg. in tree 1: 10 point in level 1 skills, 6 points in lvl 6 skill ...). On top, the host also guess your stat points placement by random number generator (eg. each level up, spend 3 in str, 2 in Eng for the first 10 lvls, then 4 dex, 1 vit for the next 10, etc).

So you may land something lucky, eg you started a necro, and the host correctly guess you play a necro, and guess you will play a fishy. You may also get something complete wrong, eg. you started a pally, but the host guessed you will play a pure blizzard sorc. If you started a barb, and your stat points got good roll, you may get really strong, but the roll could be all goes eng, which makes you cry.
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