[2006] Jekyll & Hyde Tournament - Signup & Progress [by mwille]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @IRoK on May 16, 2006. The last post was made Aug 31, 2006.
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Jekyll & Hyde Tournament - Signup & Progress

As the name implies, you will be playing your character as if you had 2 personalities by using 2 separate sets of skills. When your character level is odd, you will play as "Dr. Jekyll" & when it's even you will be "Mr. Hyde". The skill trees allowed for each character class & "personality" are listed below with restrictions after the table.

Class         Dr. Jekyll (odd)  Mr. Hyde (even)  Common (both)
Amazon        Bow/Crossbow      Javelin/Spear    Passive/Magic
Assassin      Traps             Martial Arts     Shadow Disc.
Necromancer   Summoning         Poison/Bone      Curses
Barbarian     1-H Combat(*)     2-H Combat(*)    Warcries & NON-weapon Masteries
Paladin       Offensive Auras   Combat Skills    Defensive Auras
Sorceress     Cold              Fire             Lightning
Druid         Elemental         Shape Shifting   Summoning
(*) For the Barbarian, each player will pick 3 Weapon Masteries for Jekyll (odd) & the other 3 will be for Hyde (even) - (with no skill point restrictions). They will be allowed to use only the weapon types for the "personality" they are in at the moment (or any weapon that doesn't have a mastery). The Combat Skills are split as follows: for Hyde (even) - Leap (not Leap Attack) & 2-handed skills (the 3 on the right side of the skill tree) & the others are for Jekyll (odd).

You may use any skill in your "Common" tree at any time. However, you may never have more (hard) points placed in those skills than the number of the highest act you have reached (Normal = 1-5, Nightmare = 6-10, Hell = 11-15). So you would have to wait until Act 2 before placing a second point in any (or all) skills in the "Common" tree , Act 3 before placing the 3rd, etc. Point placement in the other skill trees is not limited in any way. However, you may not use any skill belonging to your "inactive" personality (skill tree). In addition to the "Common" skills, you may use your normal attack or throw at any time.

I suggest clearing any hotkeyed skills you have set for your inactive personality (skill tree) so that you don't accidentally use a skill that isn't allowed at that time. (One way to do that is to pick an active hotkey & assign it to each inactive skill then back to its original skill.) Every time you level up you should try to back away, switch your hotkeys and/or equipment, & unsummon any minions (only if they aren't allowed for your new "personality"). Of course you don't have to stop in the middle of a battle, just try not to continue unnecessarily.

Other Rules

1. You may use skills granted by items or charges, as long as they aren't one of your currently inactive skills. Of course, any items with "chance to cast" skills are allowed.

2. Versions 1.11 and 1.10 only. RWM and RRM are allowed as long you don't use realm-only rune words.

3. New characters only & should be HC.

4. Any /players setting can be used; however, it should not be abused.

5. You may use any mercenary you wish.

6. You may mule items off as you see fit, but only items found by a Jekyll/Hyde character may be transferred back.

7. Multi-player games would be OK I guess. I don't see why it would make a difference.

8. You may do quests in any order (or not at all if you wish) & will only count in the scoring once it is totally completed (grayed out).

9. You may redo areas as many times as you wish; however, note the scoring system below. For scoring purposes, an "area" is defined as all levels with the same name (all 5 levels of the tower for example). Each difficulty (N, NM, H) will count as a new & different area (so doing multiple countess runs in just NM & H will be -2pts). It will not be counted against you if you have to go through an area already mapped out if it is the only way to continue through the game.

-1 pt for each Character Level
+1 pt for each Waypoint (all town WPs count)
+2 pts for each Completed Quest
-1 pt each for electing to redo a specific area.
+2 pts for killing the act end bosses a second time using your OTHER personality the first time you level after the initial quest. (This will not count as a rerun unless you do it more than the 2 times).

I realize the penalty for redoing areas is unusual, but that way I don't have to set a limit (it just depends on if you want to find more items or get more points).

Prizes - I really don't have anything to offer, so it will just be for fun.

Start Date - Any time... I'm not setting a deadline for signups, & will allow one mulligan.

End Date - My guess is that if a month goes by without any progress posts, everyone has lost interest & it should be considered over.

You may post your progress using the following format and/or code table. I'll get it started with my entry.

Forum Name: mwille
Char Name: Jackie-Heidi
Class: Assassin
cLvl: 1 (-1)
WP: Rogue Camp (+1)
Quests: 0 (+0)
Areas Redone: 0 (-0)
Score: 0

Forum Name    Character   Char Name       LVL  ACT   WP                 Score 
mwille        Assassin    Jackie-Heidi    1    A1    Rogue Camp         0

Good luck to all!
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