[2006] Ironman Tournament - Progress [by LordMay]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @LordMay on Jul 15, 2006. The last post was made Oct 2, 2006.
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Ironman Tournament - Progress

I've changed the start date to today (obviously). Here is a repost of the rules from the original thread:

Change: The sorc can now use teleport.

In Diablo, a core of dedicated gamers seeking extra challenge played a variation called "Ironman". A team of typically 3 players, one of each class, would enter the dungeon and never return to town (or at least use its services) until they or Diablo were dead. Restart in town was not allowed, only resurrection. One game, done with each level in order, start to finish. Despite thousands of such game attempts, scant few, known as Ironman Champions, have succeeded...

I don't know if you all remember the good ol' days but going through hell and making it to Diablo with a legit character was tough. Really tough. Those monsters didn't play games and death was around every corner. Diablo 2 doesn't have the same atmosphere and requires a different kind of skill. This tournament is my way of bringing my favorite variant back from the dead and upping the ante for what is required to Defeat the Lord of Terror.

Now I introduce to you...

The Ironman Tournament

The goal of the Ironman is to defeat the Three Prime Evils. The tournament will end when all Ironmen are dead or no progress has been made in a months time. Sound easy? Done it before? Here is a list of rules that will prove what you are really made of.


1. HC only.

2. Version 1.11 allowed. You may play if you use RWM/RRM, but you may not use any runewords that are unavailable in unmodified SP play.

3. No Multi-Player permitted. This will be a solo Ironman.

4. Any players setting is allowed at any time you choose.

5. No "Save and Exit" to avoid death.

6. The only time you are allowed to interect with an NPC is when they have an "!" above their. All you are allowed to do is recieve the quest reward. No Buying*/Selling/Repairing/Gambling/Identifying of any sort. The Ironman shall use what the minions of evil drop on his quest to slay the Prime Evils.

7. You are allowed to use the socket/personalize/imbue items but this must be done so before you leave the act.

8. The re-running of areas is not allowed. If you have to go through an area again you may not kill any monster, open chests, or use shrines.

9. The rouge merc is the only allowed mercenary. You must defeat Blood Raven before talking to Kayasha. No waiting until level 8 to get a free one. The rouge has one life just like you. No resurrection.

10. An act may not be revisited.

11.All quests must be done and waypoints found however full clears are not required but highly encouraged.

12. NO USE OF ATMA IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. PERIOD. All the space you get is your stash, inventory, and the ground should you choose to utilize it for the game session.

*Seeing as how ATMA is not allowed you may buy a tome of identify and tp.


1. All characters are allowed but there will be restrictions to skills that would make this tournament too easy.

Skill Restrictions.

A restricted skill can only have 1 hard point but may still be used. A banned skill can have 1 hard point but may never be used. Restricted skills cannot be used via charges, plus skills, or CtC.

Amazon Skills: Banned - decoy, valk, magic arrow, guided arrow. Restricted - Lightning fury

Assassin Skills: Banned - Trap skill tree except blade shield, shadow warrior, shadow master, and mind blast.

Barbarian: Restricted - Warcry

Druid: Banned - Elemental skill tree except cyclone armor, Summoning Tree.

Necromancer: Banned - Summoning tree, Poison explosion, poison nova, teeth, bone spirit, bone spear.

Paladin: Banned - prayer, redemption. Restricted - blessed hammer, FoH.

Sorceress: Not banned skills - Masteries, Cold Armors, Enchant, Warmth, Telekenesis, Energy shield, Teleport

I hope that is everything. My goal was to try and force all the classes to melee for the most part. The mage in D1 usually relied on charges and needed extreme luck in finding books. With skills and summons it would be too easy for a character to use them and have no need of good gear. Magic in this game is incredibly powerful and would make the tournament much easier if you could just run around and cast.


+1 point for every wp
+1 point for every quest
+1 point for every 50k gold
-20 points for using the rouge merc

Special bonuses ( These are for run and point variety, these are optional and could very well not happen to you)
+10 points for the Ironman with the most gold at the end of the tourney so grab every piece.
+3 points for every Godly plate of the Whale found
+3 points for every King's "sword" of Quickness found (IIRC they took out the "haste" suffix)
+5 For the best picture, with a caption (using the "!" command) while in Tristram whether it be fighting Gris, saving Cain, hovering over wirt etc. Three entries per difficulty.

I'd be interested in any more diabloesque ideas that points could be given for.

You shall recieve a trophy. I have not yet decided which item it will be yet but its name will be something like Ironman_Champion's *Insert item here*

I really did contemplate making more changes than the small one I did but restisted the urge. As good as they were I had a clear idea for how I wanted this tourny to go. That being said I would appreciate it if no rules suggestions are made in this thread.

I made a table to get ya'll started. I hope I got everyone. If I didn't just add yourself please.

Forum Name     | Character Name  | Class   | Build          | Score |  Gold |
IRoK            Sir_Issac         Pally     Frost Zealot           0       0
PretendBalloon  Barak             Barb      Concentrate            0       0
Harrid          Red_Vex           Amazon    JavazonBarb            0       0   
JoeBruce        Demon_Crusher     Barb          ?                  0       0
FoghornLeghorn  ChuckAlloy        Barb      ThrowerLoathed         0       0
AlterEgo        PhearMe           Nec       Poison Dagger/CE       0       0
ElMiko          OldYeller         Druid     Wolf/Bear              0       0
Hoop76          Amrion            Amazon        ?                  0       0
LatentSanity    Tony_Stark        Barb          ?                  0       0
nex             Cooler            Pally     Frost Zealot           0       0
OneFromBeyond   TheChoseOne       Assa      Kicker                 0       0
gotfocus        Tinderella        Sorc      Enchantress            0       0
If anyone still wishes to enter the tourny they have until the 22nd of July to do so.

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