[2006] Heros of Heavenlight [by Skullcaptain]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Skullcaptain on Mar 1, 2006. The last post was made Aug 5, 2006.
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Heros of Heavenlight

It's afternoon. The sky is cool, snowing. The tavern in Harrogath is in a party. Everyone there having fun, gambling, drinking wine, dancing. Some of them even joked about "back in those days when Prime Evils walks on the land".
"Hey ya, ya know that it's a hard life for us to live when Prime Evils are walking around freely?"
"Agreed. And a lot of heros have rised to slay them, and to put a stop to their massacring campaign."
"But most of them are not here now, some of them may already passed away."
"Quite sad to hear that. Hail to our victorous warriors!"
Everyone of them laughed, and continue with their party...

At the western most Harrogath Gate, A guard sit at his own chair at his position, and was overseeing a wonderful scene at his beloved mountain.
"Ahh... My nice beautiful homeland"
The snow falls on his palm tenderly, and he smell it. The snow from his own home town is always the best.

An arrow being fired from no way hit the wall beside him. Shocked. He stared at the arrow.
To his horror, that arrow was used by Diablo's minion during the war at Tristram. He studied it, and when he turned and looked at the foothill, to his amazement, a troop of dark orcs arrived at the gate. They howled their horns, demand to speak with the gate keeper. He had no choice but to face to talk to them..

Everything happens like in the cut-scene......

"The horde have attacked the city!!!!!"
"The horde have attacked the city!!!!!"

"DAng Dang Dang Dang Dang"
The bell rang loud. Everyone is in horror. Soldier quickly wore their armour, carry swords. Civillian quickly evade to the Citadel of Harrogath (i think is the place where our character appears). The hordes killed everyone they saw, and the leader, the one sits on a pride chair, laugh.
"The heros who slain my brothers had make a terrible mistake!!!1"


Somewhere in Rogue Encampment, a passer-by sorceress awake from her nightmare. She looked around the camp fire, and see everyone sleeping well, she looked up the sky, a shadow of an eagle flew by.....

"Baal still alive........ He must be stopped....... Harrogath is in trouble... I must go and help them..."

The next day, she told all her friends about what happen in her nightmare.
"Certainly, we'll love to join your conquest to slain Baal." a necromancer answered.
"Yup, i'm in" a druid replied.
"You'll have my bow and arrows"
"You'll have my swords and axe.."
"My shield....."
"My Katars..."

So, they curved their names down onto a Pride Rock in Rogue Encampment, a Pride Rock that will hold their names forever, those name who killed Baal, and reach the highest level ever, called...... The Heros of Heavenlight... in another name, the list is also a lv99 progress thread..... FOR 1.07..

Exp(billion)      Lvl     Class         Name         Player
0.003             27      Sorceress     Cozlinia     Skullcaptain

Still waiting some more 1.07 players to join..
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