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[2006] Glass Cannons -=- The Dexterity Tournament [by Freekje]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Freekje on Oct 15, 2006. The last post was made Nov 26, 2007.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Glass Cannons -=- The Dexterity Tournament

Glass Cannons -=- The Dexterity Tournament

A while ago I hosted a tournament where people had to aim for as high strength as possible with a barbarian. I already announced back then that I would make a next one that would resemble it. People already guessed what it would be, and here it finally is:

The rules

1) Everyone plays an amazon
2) All stat points must be placed in dexterity

3) Hardcore only (or softcore, but you're out of the tournament when you die)
4) Version 1.10 or more recent (Vanilla / RRM / RWM allowed, also runewords granted by RWM)
5) One-way-muling (Muling off is ok, mule on is not)
6) No MPing
7) Rerunning areas is allowed

The winner

The winner will be the one with the most dexterity (base + bonus from items).
It's allowed to keep dexterity alterating gear in the stash and use that only to reach higher str levels. So you don't have to play with that gear.

The tournament starts ... NOW. Good luck all!
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