[2006] 2006 Bad Manner PvP Tournament [by Liquid_Evil]

Mar 14, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Liquid_Evil on Jan 11, 2006. The last post was made Feb 10, 2006.
link to original thread on diabloii.net)

2006 Bad Manner PvP Tournament



The format for this PvP tourney will be based around an "anything goes" theme. Just about every skill, skill combination, item, curse, and cheap tactic in the game will be allowed. However, there are penalties for each infraction.

I will make a start post sometime on January 13, 2006. The dueling can begin immediately following my post on that day. Post your wins and losses in this thread so the website can be updated accordingly (continue adding to a list you post after every duel for best results). The tournament's first part will conclude on February 4, 2006 when I post. Any duels completed after that time will yield no points. The two highest point scorers (after deductions) will face off in the Blood Moor one last time with a "best of 5" to determine 1st and 2nd place so the bragging rights can be issued accordingly. The two top scorers need to meet and duel within one week of the close date or a draw will be declared to end the tournament.

So, to be perfectly clear:
-All participants are put on a website list (link to follow).
-The tourney begins and they duel as many other people on that list that they can.
-They earn points based on participation and wins.
-The tourney ends after a specified time period (probably a month after it begins)
-All the participant's points are totaled. This is their net score.
-Points are then subtracted based on how much BM gear they used. This is their FINAL score.
-The top two point scorers will duke it out in a violent Hell battle. The first one to chalk up 3 victories (same 'best of 5' premise) is crowned winner of the tournament.

Duels take place in the Blood Moor (Hell difficulty) after the area has been cleared of monsters and both parties have signified readiness. Exiting the Moor area is considered a loss.

1) No bugged, hacked, or duped items/characters.
2) No potions, potion prebuffing, CtC prebuffing, wells, or shrines.
3) No multiple casting of Bone, Cyclone Armor.
4) No use of Bone Prison.
5) New absorb rules, i.e. +max resist counts as absorb and each character is allowed two sources of absorb per element.

Points will be awarded for round robin wins.
5 points for 3/5
3 points for 2/5
2 points for 1/5
1 points for 0/5 (I like to reward participation)

Teleport (Enigma or Sorceress skill): -25 points
Blessed Hammers and Concentration together: -20
Slow gear on a Ranged character: -20
Dracul's Grasp or Exile (for use of Life Tap): -15
Lower Resist, Amplify Damage, Life Tap, Decrepify charges during a duel: -15
Teleport (as a Charge): -10
Lacerator or Atma's Scarab: -10
Knockback on a Ranged character: -10
Major .08/.07 Vita Items (Arkaines, Grandfather, Shako): -10 points for each
Holy Freeze: -10
Skeletons/Revives**: -10
Call to Arms (Beta or otherwise): -10
Runeword Mod items: -5 per item
Mercenary*: -5 points
Decrepify skill used by Necromancer: -5
Enchant charges before a duel: -5
Slow gear on a Melee character: -5
Poison Damage over 200 limit from charms or items: -5 for every hundred over the limit
Life replenish items or skills totaling over 25: -2 for every point over that amount
NO "Bad Manner" Gear: +5 points

*If you are using an Act 2 Holy Freeze Mercenary you will be deducted 15 points instead of 5.
**You will be allotted 2 minutes between each duel to summon as much of an army as you can.

This list may be edited before the starting date based on the number of actual tournament players signed up. For the most part though, this is what you can go by.

Here are the players that expressed interest in playing. To be entered in the tournament and added to the website roster, you'll need to acknowledge that you will be playing by posting here with your character name, your BM items and penalties, and your MSN information (if you have that program). If your name doesn't appear on this list, you can still play. Everyone needs to have officially signed up in this thread with their information by Friday the 13th.

Liquid Evil
Crazy Runner Guy

Once you join a game, you can go to your stash and swap items between rounds and you cannot leave the game to mule more beneficial items to your character so have everything you think you'll need in your stash when you join. Remember to wait for your opponent to signify his readiness before you start to fight him. If two people die at the same time, example: MattedFur was slain by Jengus, Jengus was slain by MattedFur; Jengus would be the victor because he killed his opponent first. No replacement duels are necessary. The host computer is the one that is the most accurate, so base the death off of that. If you have any questions about anything pertaining to this tournament thread, please post here as soon as possible so I can clarify for you.
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