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[2005] The Survivor Tourney Thread [by azn_apocalypse]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by azn_apocalypse on Jan 10, 2005. The last post was made Feb 23, 2005. (link to original thread on diabloii.net)

The Survivor Tourney Thread

The Survivor Tourney has begun!!! Post your updates here. Remember, don't post your level or score in your updates. That way, the results of challenges will be a surprise. Good luck and may the most clever, backstabbing player win.

Initial Participants (17)

Amazon (3)
SuperSavage (ToXiC) Javazon
xxarcherxx (Adrienne-Sun) Bowazon
Illiana Javazon

Assassin (2)
barren Kicksin
Hrus (Atalanta) Melee

Barbarian (2)
Cattleya (Clyde) Frenzy
Davemetalhead (Stryker) Conc

Druid (2)
Online (Meskinas) 2-Handed
erimatbrad (Typhoid) Rabies

Necro (1)
Starving Poet (Sob-atual) Regular

Paladin (5)
Gabriel74 (Vision) Vengeance
Drakon (CaptainRandom) FoH
simeonb (Marcus) Lightning
Aersik (Teimis) Ranger
Bull® (HolyHand) Smiteadin

Sorceress (2)
ricrestoni (LadySpark) CL/ES
Bwask (ColdShoulder) Blizz/ES

List of Rules, again

The Survivor Tourney – Rules
Tourney start - Monday, January 10th, midnight

1. Basics:
a) This is a Single Player HC Tourney. All participants must create brand new chars.
b) ATMA, the muling application, will be necessary to participate in the tourney. Your tourney character can use ATMA for an extended stash. Muling items onto your character from other chars, trading with other players (with the exception of challenges, explained later) and duping items are not allowed.
c) Any players setting is allowed, and you may change it at any time.
d) You can run areas as many times as you like. However, you may only kill Act Bosses 3 times.
e) All quests are optional. The only monsters you have to kill are Act Bosses; all other monsters can be ignored.
f) The “finish line†for the tourney is killing NM Baal. Progress beyond this point will not be factored in for the purposes of this tourney.
g) You must update your character every once in awhile, within a reasonable amount of time. Not posting a char update (or some reason why you haven’t been able to play) for three consecutive weeks = dead.

2. Classes/Builds:
You may freely choose which class and build to play. However, the following classes will have restrictions on them.

a) Necromancer
i.) Skellys are NOT allowed. Revives are allowed.
ii.) Necros may only place ONE stat point in vitality each time they level up.

b) Sorceress
i.) All builds of sorcs are allowed
ii.) Sorcs may only place ONE stat point in vitality each time they level up.

c) Paladin
i.) Hammerdins are banned (may only place one point in B Hammer, as prerequisite)

d) Druid
i.) Elemental druids are banned (you may place points in elemental skills, but for synergy purposes only. Don’t use them in combat.)

e) Assassin
i.) Trapsins are banned (you may place points in traps, but for synergy purposes only. Don't use them in combat.)

3. Scoring:
a) Each character starts out with zero points. Points are added to your score the first time you kill each Act Boss (ie complete an Act)
b) The amount of points you get is (100-clvl) points, where clvl = your character level right AFTER the kill.

4. Challenges
Each time a character completes a new Act, he will have to complete a challenge (nine potential challenges total). Challenges will occur between each pair of players finishing an Act. The challenge process is explained below.
a) When you complete an Act by killing an Act Boss, you must complete a “challenge†before you start the next Act; in other words, you may not start the next Act right away. You can go to the next Act’s town if you want, but you may not leave the town before your challenge is complete.
b) Challenges work like this. Whenever you complete an Act, e-mail the tourney moderator (me) at a**@**.com with BOTH your cumulative score (your total score to that point) as well as your cumulative experience points earned. Now you must wait until another person completes the same Act. Do not start the next Act.
c) The next player after you to complete the same Act and e-mail me their score/exp pts becomes your opponent in the challenge. The challenge process is, I will compare the scores between you and your opponent to see which one is higher. The player with the higher score is the “winner†of the challenge, and the player with the lower score is the “loser.†The exp points earned shall be used as a tiebreaker, only if your scores are the same (see case (f)).

d) Based on the results of the challenge, the winner and loser will SWAP items (by e-mail, using ATMA stashes) in the following manner:
i.) The winner CHOOSES an item from his stash, his merc, or his character, to give to the loser or his merc. This item will be considered “cursed,†and the loser (or the loser’s merc) will then be forced to wear the cursed item for the rest of the tourney, except in case (iii). Donation of terrible, practically useless items is encouraged (but not required). The restrictions on winner’s donations are the following:
-The donated item must be wearable, by the loser’s character or his merc.
-The donated item must not be a weapon.
--Donating a shield for a loser to wear is OK if the loser's build uses a shield in at least one of their weapon configs. If you curse a shield on a loser with a weapon/shield in both of his weapon configs, the cursed shield must always be worn with the weapon used to do most of the killing (ie the main weapon).
It is not OK to curse shields on slots where the loser’s build uses two-handed weapons (like bows or dual-wields, for example). Donating shields to necros is OK.
-The donated item must be blue (magic) or better. Only magic, rare, set, unique, and runeworded items can be donated.
-Donating ethereal armors (even broken ones) is OK.
-You may NOT shop NPCs specifically for items to donate. The donated item must be something you either: 1) picked up from the ground 2) bought from an NPC and used it yourself until you found something better, or 3) had “cursed†on you by losing a previous challenge.

ii.) The loser will donate the BEST item from his stash, merc, or character to the winner. The best item is the one that would be most useful to the winner. The moderator will decide which item is given by the loser, based on an ATMA readout. If you lose a challenge, e-mail the moderator (a**@**.com) with a narrowed-down list of your good items, and I will pick which one you will send to the winner. The item can be a charm or whatever; it need not be wearable. It can also be the loser's/merc's weapon, if the winner/merc would find it useful. There is no restriction on how the winner uses this gift item.

iii.) If you lose a challenge, receive a cursed item, and later end up as the winner of another challenge (having worn the cursed item throughout), you can get rid of the cursed item by donating it to the loser/merc of the second challenge. Now the new loser/merc must wear it (and continue to do so).

iv.) If a player loses multiple challenges, a new item slot must be cursed each time the player loses a challenge. Example: A player loses the Act 1 Normal challenge and receives a cursed pair of gloves. The player plays through Act 2 and then loses their Act 2 Normal challenge. The next item donated to the player must be something other than a pair of gloves, and going into Act 3 the player must wear BOTH cursed items.

e) After the challenge takes place and items have been exchanged, the two players can move on to the next Act (with their new equipment).

f) If the challenge is a tie, with both players having exactly the same cumulative score, then the total amount of exp pts earned to that point will be used to break to tie. The char with the lower exp will be the winner. In the EXTREMELY unlikely case that total exp earned is also the same, then there will be no exchange of items, and the two players will just move on to the next Act.

g) Cursed items may not be altered in any way. This means no cubing, crafting, or socketing of cursed items. You would have to take off the item anyway to alter it so this is not allowed.

5. Odd Numbers of Players
The initial # of tourney participants will be an even number. However, if one character dies, there would be an odd number of players, and this would complicate the challenge process somewhat. The rules if this happens are explained below.
a) If someone dies in Act X, causing there to be an odd number of people, then the last three people to complete Act X will complete a three-way challenge instead of a two-way challenge.
b) For a three-way challenge, there will be one winner and two losers (determined by cumulative score and then total exp pts, in that order). The winner will donate a cursed item to each of the losers. The winner will only receive ONE prize item, however. It will be the best item out of the two losers' stashes. This means that one of the losers will not have to give anything up from their stash (but they will be penalized because they will receive a cursed item).
c) If there are only two people remaining behind in an Act and one of them is killed (very unlikely to happen), then the remaining person, once they complete the Act, will not have to complete a challenge. They will just move on to the next Act.

6. What is secret/not secret information
a) The LEVEL and SCORE of your character should remain a secret to the rest of the players. (Only the tourney moderator will know this information).
b) The CLASS and BUILD of your character will be public information, disclosed when you sign up for the tourney. After you start the game, your LOCATION in the game will also be public information for your updates.
c) The results of all challenges are also public. After you complete a challenge, please post whether you won/lost, and what item you received/gave up as a result.
d) Also, your cursed item slots should be public information. That way if you lose future challenges, players will know what item slots are available for them to curse.
d) Other information about your character may be revealed at the player’s discretion.

7. Determining an Overall Winner:
a) The winner of the tourney is the person who advances the farthest without dying, NOT the person who has the highest score.
b) In the event that players advance to exactly the same spot, the score should be used as a tiebreak, and the player with the higher score will be considered the winner.

8. Prizes:
a) After the tourney is complete, everyone except the winner will send in TWO good items from their inventory to make a prize stash. I am doing this so participants can keep some of what they found. Use your judgement here, on what is a good item. As someone (I believe Exarkun) stated in another tourney, an El rune is NOT a sufficiently good item.
b) The winner will receive the contents of the prize stash.
Note: These are posts #3-20 from the original thread.

Here I am with the first update of the whole tournament. I use to report when I finish the act in tournament threads, but this one will require little more updates I think.

[highlight]Atalanta - lvl ? - Dark Wood[/highlight]
I realized that sins are fragile, yesterday I played with my BFury sin and she got one hit killed by boss archers in Hell Act 1 several times. Probably going 2handed assassin was not a good idea for HC untwinked low level tournament, but I will give this a try.
GL to all.
Well, Clyde is up to the Inner Cloister. I've had several very scary moments, so I am debating whether or not to level him before heading into the catacombs. I'm starting to understand just how truly evil the premise of the Touney is.


Frenzy Barb
Dual Wield (main and switch)
Inner Cloister
I have started LadySpark, and managed to get her a +3 charged bolt staff. Cool stuff! She had a NDE killing Blood Raven. Yes, this is an evil tourney, and I don't think she will last too long.

Probably a rush to Cain next.

CL/ES sorc
staff / orb & shield - today more like javelin and shield
Dark Wood
Well, Stryker's off. I've gotten to the Outer Cloister at an incredibly low level (normally at this level I tend to have finished the first task and cleared the Bllod Moor !). No NDE's, however I'm finding it very difficult to actually hit anything, so I guess I need to level up a little to get my AR higher. Nothing much of note found yet, either good or bad. He's using a two handed gemmed axe, after experimenting with a spear, and whilst I can do decent enough damage, it all depends on hitting my target ...

This is gonna be one b***h of a tourny !

2 Handed Conc Barb
Outer Cloister
I'm tempted to just go crazy! Why not finish Act I at level 20. :) Since it's -total- score, rather than score for each act, I figure I might as well fall behind gracefully.

...then again, maybe not.

I played for a few minutes before work, running across the land and collecting WPs. The only other thing to note is that I decided Typhus was a better name than Typhoid. :)

2H Rabies Druid
Den of Evil
Well... I got Sob-atual to rescue Cain. I leveled a bit to get the keys skill for my build, but if all goes well, I figure only levels I need to get now are boss kills! :p

But Sob is turning into a mojomancer, and I think he might be the first HC mojomancer I've ever attempted. This will be interesting... and slow.

Sob-atual - Mojomancer - 1 Handed - Dark Wood
Act 1 Cold Rogue Merc
Couldn't think of a nice name... Decided on CursedCorina (CC for friends :xears: ) in the end. This is indeed going to be a very difficult tourney. CC has reached the Dark woods wp at an (in my eyes) incredible low level, and hitting things is indeed getting hard! What level was Penetrate again? Stopped playing when CC got almost got one hit killed by extra fast Goatmen... Scary stuff. Might play some more this evening. Good luck to all!

Dark woods WP
Teimis has arrived at the outer cloister at a ridiculously low level (well, compared to going all the way on /p8), and is having the serious AR problems. So much so I'm tempted to go the high level route. After all, in theory this build could go all the way with nothing but a fast bow and as much increased light radius gear as people can curse on me, but in theory my lightbulb could unscrew itself and float round my head flashing morse code. So, um, time to decide where to put the middle gound I guess.
Teimis - Strom Ranger
2-handed (main), sword/shield (switch)
Act 1 Rogue
Outer Cloister
Well, it seems as if I am the first one to finish Act I. I am now waiting a challenger. :xsmile4:

I have to say that if my game were observed by others I would look funny running around the standing stones hitting them in order all the while trying to avoind Rakinishu and his group.

Same goes for the Tree of Inifus.

Andariel was easier than I expected.
Well I've started my paladin up.. and he's a rediculously low level (for my playing standards at least... he's probably higher than a lot of yours though). So lets say I'm taking the mid route as well.

Lut Gholein
Act1 Cold Merc[/highlight]

"Best" find as of yet is a 6pdsc... which then again isn't that great. My smite damage sucks, but since you cannot miss (or at least I believe that.. I may be crazy) I have no AR issues. I'm most likely going to attempt to take down Andy tonight or tomorrow.. and was wondering one thing about the rules.

You said you can't start the next act, but can go to town. So does this mean you can get better gear, a new merc, and rerun other areas (You already said rerunning is fine) with your new merc/gear before you get the result of the challenge?

[EDIT] Andy died. Yay. With 4-7 smite damage it took 4 town trips (for healing/merc ressurrection) to kill Andarial. Now I hope this level wins this challenge... as it was rediculously low for my likings.

Andys Drop:
so-so yellow amulet
junk yellow axe (is yellow rare?)
el rune
chipped sapphire
chipped skull

So I guess if I loose a challenge I'll loose mr. sapphire?
Update: CursedCorina has defeated Andariel with very little difficulty... Throwing javelins is nice! I found myself levelling at an alarming rate down in the Jail and later the Catacombs, even though I was playing on players1 and only killing really dangerous things... Still killed Andariel with my lowest level char ever though!
The results of the first challenge are in.

Gabriel74 (Vengeance Pally) vs. Bull(R) (Smiteadin)

Winner: Gabriel74
Loser: Bull(R)

Tough break for HolyHand.

Good job, Gabriel74. You may now curse any item onto HolyHand except for shield.

Bull(R), what are the stats on the yellow ammy? I think a 6 pdmg small charm > sapphire in terms of usefulness, b/c it stops monsters from healing and the sapphire can only be used once for any particular purpose. So, depending on the stats of the ammy, you will have to give up either the pdmg small charm or the ammy.

Bull(R) said:
You said you can't start the next act, but can go to town. So does this mean you can get better gear, a new merc, and rerun other areas (You already said rerunning is fine) with your new merc/gear before you get the result of the challenge?

I don't see anything wrong with this. Just bear in mind that rerunning areas will make it tougher to win future challenges.
I've restarted, this time AFTER the tournament has actually started. I'm playing a fire dart base vit sorc named the same as my kicksin - OMG_barrenHAX. She's currently on quest 4.

I just reread the rules again, and only realized now that the lower the lvl of your char, the better. Doh! I think i've already blown it.
barren said:
I've restarted, this time AFTER the tournament has actually started. I'm playing a fire dart base vit sorc named the same as my kicksin - OMG_barrenHAX. She's currently on quest 4.

I just reread the rules again, and only realized now that the lower the lvl of your char, the better. Doh! I think i've already blown it.
Don't fret. You may lose your first challenge but it's only one. For a sorc, it's not big a setback. As long as you're not, oh I don't know, let's say, level 30 in Act One, then I think you may be fine in the long run.
Sorry azn, I gotta pull out of the tourney. My comp is acting up, and I gotta do some work on it (IE: Reformat and repair.) And by the time Im done Ill be kind of far behind.
Well, I will be gracious in victory. I have to say, I was pretty confident with how low my level was.

For those interested this will be the item sent over. I realize it isn't that cruel, but I didn't find much, and anyway rings can have important stuff.

Ring of Craftmanship
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 12
Fingerprint: 0x8bc71bdf
+1 to Maximum Damage

Bull please post your e-mail, or just send me my item at d**@**.com and I will respond.
Actually since + damage doesn't work with smite (IIRC) that takes up a ring slot for me, and in the process is pretty much more useless than a +1 to light radius ring.

I've emailed you with that amulet stats, respond with what you would like.
Drakon said:
Sorry azn, I gotta pull out of the tourney. My comp is acting up, and I gotta do some work on it (IE: Reformat and repair.) And by the time Im done Ill be kind of far behind.
Sorry to hear that, Drakon. We will miss you. Good luck fixing your comp. I know how painful it is to do a full reformat.
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