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[2005] Survivor Tourney III [by Cattleya]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by Cattleya on Jul 7, 2005. The last post was made Dec 22, 2005.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Survivor Tourney 3 -- Progress Thread

[highlight]The Survivor Tourney III - Rules[/highlight]
Tourney start - Now!

Sign-ups will remain open until Friday, August 5th. Restarts due to death will not be allowed under any circumstances.


Runner- This is the character that all players will go up against in challenges. See Section V for more on the Runner.

Donator- This is the person in charge of cursing losing players with items. A player becomes the Donator when they win one of their challenges, and remains the Donator until another player wins their challenge. (It is possible that a Donator may not get an opportunity to curse anyone before a new Donator steps up.) The host will be the first Donator. (I still have a bunch of items from Clyde's Cursed Items Stash from the first Survivor tourney, so they will be HC items.)

Winner's Stash- This is a stash of items that challenge winners can choose an item from. Challenge losers will donate an item to this stash, and the host will provide some seed items for the stash from her HC characters. (Nothing too exciting, a few charms, gems, and low end jewelry. I only have a couple of low-level characters to work with right now. It still should be at least as good as the early items winners got in the first 2 Survivor Tourneys.)

I. Basics:

A. This is a Single Player HC Tourney. All participants must create new characters.

B. No game mods are allowed.

C. Your tourney character can use ATMA for an extended stash. Muling items onto your character from other chars, trading with other players (with the exception of challenges, explained later) and duping items are not allowed.

D. Any players setting is allowed, and you may change it at any time.

E. You can run areas as many times as you like. However, you may only kill Act Bosses 3 times.

F. All quests are optional. The only monsters you have to kill are Act Bosses; all other monsters can be ignored. You do not need to collect all of the WPs.

G. The “finish line†for the tourney is killing NM Baal.

H. You must update your character every once in awhile, within a reasonable amount of time. Not posting a char update (or some reason why you haven't been able to play) for one month = dead.

I. No Save and Exit to escape death.

II. Classes/Builds:
You may freely choose which class and build to play. However, the following classes will have restrictions on them.

A. Necromancer
  1. Skellys are NOT allowed. Revives are allowed.
B. Sorceress
  1. All builds of sorcs are allowed
  2. Sorcs may only place ONE stat point in vitality each time they level up.
C. Paladin
  1. Hammerdins are banned (may only place one point in B Hammer, as prerequisite)
D. Druid
  1. Elemental druids are banned (you may place points in elemental skills, but for synergy purposes only. Don't use them in combat.)
E. Assassin
  1. Trapsins may not place any points in vitality. A Trapsin is defined as any Assassin who places points in the Traps tree with the following exceptions: 1 point may be placed in Fire Blast, Wake of Fire, and Blade Sentinel. Unlimited points may be placed in Blade Fury.
E. Amazon
  1. Javazons are limited to 1/vit per level. A Javazon is defined as an Amazon that places more than one point in poison javelin and lightning bolt or any points in plague javelin or lightning fury.

III. Scoring:

A. You receive (100-clvl) points upon completing an act. Your challenge score is your cumulative score (including the current act score) + the current act score. The moderator will calculate scores based on the player's level. (In other words, the challenge score is the cumulative score with the current act being counted double.)

B. Example
Act  Level  Act Score  Cumulative Score  Challenge Score
1    20     80         80                160
2    28     72         152               224
3    34     66         218               284

IV. Challenges

A. When you complete an Act by killing an Act Boss, you must complete a “challenge†before you start the next Act. You can go to the next Act’s town if you want, but you may not leave the town before your challenge is complete.

B. Challenges work like this. Whenever you complete an Act, wait for the call for e-mails for the act you have completed*, then e-mail the tourney moderator (me) at desertcattleya at gmail dot com with BOTH your level as well as your total experience right after killing the Act boss. Also send a full ATMA dump of your best items. The easiest way to do this is to place your best items on the character (or in their inventory/stash) and do a full ATMA dump for the character. This dump will include the stats on the items as well as the character stats (like level and experience.)

*I will post when I have completed an act with the Runner, and after that time, players can send in their e-mails for that act. While you will not be disqualified for sending your e-mail early, it could put you at a disadvantage, as the Runner will know your score before completing the act.

C. You will then complete a challenge with the Runner. If the player's score is higher than the Runners, the player is a "winner." If the player's score is lower, the player is a "loser." The exp points earned shall be used as a tiebreaker, only if the scores are the same. If the scores and XP are the same, then the player wins the challenge.

D. Winners get to pick a new item from the Winner's Stash and become the new Donator, and losers will be forced to give up an item and receive a cursed item:
  1. Once a player becomes the Donator, they will be responsible for cursing any players that fail a challenge until he is unseated as Donator by another player. When cursing another player, the Donator CHOOSES an item from his stash, his merc, or his character, to give to the loser or his merc. This item will be considered “cursed,†and the loser (or the loser’s merc) will then be forced to wear the cursed item for the rest of the tourney, except in case (3). The Donator chooses where the item will be worn, such as on the player of the merc. Donation of terrible, practically useless items is encouraged (but not required). The restrictions on the Donator's donations are the following:
    • The donated item must be wearable, by the loser’s character or his merc. (No charms.)
    • The donated item must not be a weapon. Players must state before their Act I challenge what type of weapon they will use both as a primary weapon and on weapon switch. The options are as follows:
      • 2-handed (dual wield, two handed weapons, bows) If this is chosen, the player may never equip a shield in that weapon switch.
      • 1-handed weapon. Players may use two handed weapons as long a cursed item does not prevent it's use (i.e. a cursed shield.)
      • Boots (Kicksin) -- Weapon switch does not apply, all weapon slots can be cursed.
      • Shield (Smitadin)
      Any other spots not taken up by the weapon as defined above may be cursed.
    • If you are cursed with an item in the weapon/shield slot, the cursed item must always be worn on the main weapon switch used to do most of the killing. (Exception: players who use 2-handed as their main and 1-handed on switch can still use the 2-handed weapon as their main weapon.)
    • The donated item must be magic, rare, set, unique, or crafted.
    • Donating ethereal items (even broken ones) is OK (and great fun!).
    • You may NOT shop NPCs specifically for items to donate. The donated item must be something you either: 1) picked up from the ground (feel free to do Blood Moor runs) 2) bought from an NPC and used yourself until you found something better, or 3) had “cursed†on you by losing a previous challenge.
  2. The winner of a challenge may choose any item from the Winner's Stash. They may use (or not use) the item in any way they choose.
  3. If a player loses a challenge they will have to donate the BEST item from his stash, merc, or character to the Winner's Stash. The moderator will decide which item is given by the loser, based on the ATMA readout sent when the act is completed. The item can be a charm or whatever; it need not be wearable. It can also be the loser's/merc's weapon. There is no restriction on how the winner uses this gift item.
  4. If you lose a challenge, receive a cursed item, and later become the Donator (having worn the cursed item throughout), you can get rid of the cursed item by donating it to a loser. Now the new loser/merc must wear it (and continue to do so).
  5. If a player loses multiple challenges, a new item slot must be cursed each time the player loses a challenge. The next item donated to the player must be something other than a pair of gloves, and going into Act 3 the player must wear BOTH cursed items.
E. After the challenge takes place and items have been exchanged, the player can move on to the next Act (with their new equipment).

F. Cursed items may not be altered in any way. This means no cubing, crafting, or socketing of cursed items. You would have to take off the item anyway to alter it so this is not allowed. You may also not place any items in existing sockets, although the item can have something in the socket(s) already when it was given to you.

G. If you are planning to use a specific merc, you may declare it before you are cursed with an item that locks in a type of merc. So, if you say HF merc, you may still get him even if you have a cursed weapon/shield on your "temporary" merc. (And if you are using a Act II Norm merc as your temp merc, and they are cursed with a weapon, your HF merc has to use the weapon as well.) However, you cannot change the cursed merc until your declared merc becomes available. So, if you say Act II HF, and someone curses your Rogue merc with a bow, she is yours until NM. To clarify, you can declare/change your endgame merc until a curse prevents it, but if you get cursed before then, you are stuck.

V. The Runner

The Runner will be the character that all players go up against in the challenge. For Survivor Tournament III, the Runner will be played by your host, Cattleya. He will be a barb named Neil. He will be 2-handed, with a shield on switch. Here are the rules that the Runner will follow.

A. The Runner will be Softcore. :evil:
B. The Runner will not receive reward or cursed items.
C. The Runner will receive a penalty point for each death. At the end of an act, any penalty points earned by the Runner during the act will be added on to the Runner's level when calculating his score. Example: The runner completes Act 2 at level 16 with one death. His level used for calculating his score will be 17. All Runner deaths will be reported in the progress thread.
D. The Runner will be the original Donator, until unseated by another player. To avoid mixing SC and HC items, the items will come from Clyde's stash of crappy items. (He was my character in the original Survivor Tourney.) If I run out of items I will do some countess runs with Jennifer, a HC MA/BF Assassin from AQT3, for items.
E. The runner does not need to wait for challenges before proceeding to the next act.
F. The runner will take a maximum of 2 weeks to complete each Act. (Hopefully less.)

VI. What is Secret/Not Secret Information

A. The LEVEL and SCORE of your character should remain a secret to the rest of the players. (Only the tourney moderator will know this information). Don't reveal your level upon death.I know it is tempting, but it may allow players to estimate the progress of surviving players. I will post all of the level/challenge info at the end of the tournament for the curious.
B. The CLASS and BUILD of your character will be public information, disclosed when you sign up for the tourney. After you start the game, your LOCATION in the game will also be public information for your updates.
C. The results of all challenges are also public. After you complete a challenge, please post whether you won/lost, and what item you received/gave up as a result.
D. Also, your cursed item slots should be public information. That way if you lose future challenges, players will know what item slots are available for them to curse.
E. Other information about your character may be revealed at the player’s discretion.

Updates should be in the following format:

Character Name
Class: character class/build (i.e. amazon/LF zon)
Weapon: main/switch (i.e. 1-handed/2-handed)
Cursed Items: cursed slots (i.e. 1 ring, shield, armor)
Location: last area visited
Merc: current merc being used

VII. Determining an Overall Winner

A. The winner of the tourney is the player who advances the farthest without dying, NOT the person who has the highest score.
B. In the event that players advance to exactly the same spot, the player with the higher score will be considered the winner.

VIII. Prizes

A. The winner will receive the remaining contents of the Winner's Stash.
B. Donations of nice HC items for the winner is welcome, but not required. (Donated items will be kept separate from the Winner's Stash until it is time to send the items to the winner.)
Note: This is post #2 from the original thread.

Forum Member     Character          Class + Build     Cursed   W1/W2    Final Merc
[highlight]Act I[/highlight]
Hrus             ?                  As Furysin        None     1-H/1-H         
CloneStar        SurvivingJustice   Am Tankazon       None     2-H/1-H  Act 2
Gaz              Tsurinam           As Kicker         None     Boots    Act 2
Chaotic Illusion Toril              As Charge-up/Kick None     1-H/2-H  Act 2
Sir Lanksalot    Phineas            N  Poisonmancer   None     1-H/1-H  Act 2
GodofWar         WarmAndFuzzy       D  Werebear       None     2-H/2-H  Act 2
Wizardhawk       Werehawk           D  Werebear       None     2-H/1-H  Act 2
Shadow Druid     Kane               D  Werebear       None     2-H/1-H  Act 2
Sint Nikolaas    Lihc               P  Smiter         None     Sh/Sh    Act 3
SuperSavage      Dave               D  Summoner       None     1-H/1-H
Humphrey         ?                  B  Whirlwind      None     2-H/2-H  Act 2
skoolbus         ?                  S  Lightning      None     1-H/1-H  Act 2
Note: These are posts #3-20 from the original thread.

I want in on this! How do I sign up? Should I copy the code and add myself in there or just give you the details of my build and weapons, etc?
teh_roy said:
I want in on this! How do I sign up? Should I copy the code and add myself in there or just give you the details of my build and weapons, etc?
Just post the details of you build, and I will add you into the table on the next update. I prefer not to have the table updated in each post, as (at least for me) it makes the thread harder to read. I will post updates pretty frequently, especially in the beginning of the tourney.
I'm dead :D

Died in the barracks at level 5. Good luck to everyone.
Yay. Here goes.

Class: Assassin (c/c kicker)
Weapon: boot/boot
Cursed Items: none.....yet
Final Merc: since nobody seems to like A5 mercs....I'll take one.
Well, Kane completed Act 1 today and is my lowest level character by a long way to ever do it. Even so I know I could have done better, and judging by reports of the runners previous survivor character I will be a loser but that was what I expected. I was really worried about Andariel but as it turned out she wasn't a problem at all and I only needed one trip to town.

Commiserations Skoolbus - I don't envy you trying to get a level 5 lightning sorc through the barracks and beyond.
RIP Schoolbus. Aside from Duriel, I think the Barracks/Jail/Catacombs are the most dangerous spots in this tourney.

I've started doing some Blood Moor runs with Neil to get some items. (The house with the special chest is right next to the Rogue Encampment entrance. 👏 ) Hopefully, I will be able to take out Andarial by the end of the weekend so that people can have thier first challenge.
Indeed, the barracks, jail, cats are all very very dangerous, especially when we're trying to complete this at such a low level. Low level means your hit-ration vs monsters will suck, and their hit-ratio against you will be quite high. My assassin needed exactly 0 trips to town, because of my ghetto blocking setup. I did it with base vit....wow. Without the killing power, I would have died much sooner, so I figured the best defense would be a huge offense. Sorry for forgetting to name my character in my last post, but here is my update after being done A1. I anxiously await Cattleya's call to emails, so I can show everyone the meaning of PWNAGE!

Class: Assassin (tiger strike/kicker)
Weapon: boots
Cursed Items: none....yet
Location: Catacombs Level 4 (last area I visited)
Merc: Rogue....for now....
Notice the name change Surving instead of Surviving.
No green or gold yet but got through alive.

Class: Axezon
Weapon: 2h/1h
Cursed Items: none
Location: Waiting for Act 2
Merc: Act 2
I just like to point out that I'll be the one with the cool merc :D

Good luck to all, I won't have time untill next week to start...
Well my first venture into hardcore has ended rather quickly... Phineas died in the barracks. Had just turned level 6 when i was cornered by a boss pack of the scythe weilding things. I couldn't hit them, but they had no trouble getting through my defences and before i knew it my purple and red pots had all been drunk and i was staring at some red writing. :(

Good luck to everyone else.
So the tournament started Friday.. and I was at the Warped Tour all day, and that was one hell of a time. And then I was busy all day so it seems I'll be starting my Asn here soon... just like to say g'luck to everyone and have a good time.

P.S. It says my weapon is Claw/ Claw & 1-H/ Shield.. but it is obvious that Boots are too because I'm a kicker right? :D Thanks.
Chaotic Illusion said:
P.S. It says my weapon is Claw/ Claw & 1-H/ Shield.. but it is obvious that Boots are too because I'm a kicker right? :D Thanks.
You will have to decide which to declare as your weapon. (Just as Sint can't declare both his weapon and shield as off limits, only the shield.)

Edit: I will be trying to get Neil through Act I tonight.
Okay, Neil has taken out Andarial, who was kind enough to give him enough XP to level. :rant: He did not suffer any deaths, so his score for Act I will be based on his actual level.

So, send in your Act I e-mails whenever you are ready! When you send your email, include "Survivor Tourney 3" in the subject, and make sure that you include your forum name in the e-mail. Also include an ATMA full dump of your character's best items. You can either send it as a text attachment or just copy/paste it into the e-mail. Remember not to start Act II until your Act I challenge is resolved.

Here are the current contents of the Winner's Stash. You can lust after the items in there at least until I send you your cursed item. :D Perhaps I need to start up those countess runs with Jennifer. [/trash talk]

Edit: I have a lot going on in RL for the next week or so, so unfortunately it will likely take me the 2 weeks to get through act 2. We'll see what happens, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up.

CloneStar's SurvingJustice takes on Neil in Act 1.

The winner: Neil
The loser: SurvingJustice

Clonestar, you can send this nice low-level MF ring to me at desertcattleya (at) gmail.com for the winner's stash:

Bronze Ring of Chance
Required Level: 9
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 14
Fingerprint: 0xa6b8b348
+17 to Attack Rating
10% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

As soon as I get your e-mail, I will send your new cursed item:

Helm of Balance
Defense: 22
Durability: 3 of 13
Required Strength: 16
Required Level: 3
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 11
Fingerprint: 0x8909f859
10% Faster Hit Recovery
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)

You may start act 2 as soon as you have the helm equipped.
Class: Kicksin
Weapon: Boots
Cursed Items: none
Location: Cold Plains
Merc: None currently, but will be an act 2 merc as soon as I get there

So I played a little this weekend. Finished the Den of Evil. And i have found the entrance to the underground tunnel. Haven't rescued Cain yet. Been Spending a lot of time running into the blood Moor to get to the nice chest so that I have some money for gambling boots and buying potions.

Hope to get to the outer cloister tonight.

ShadowDruid's Kane takes on Neil in Act 1.

The winner: Neil
The loser: Kane

You can send this skull cap to me at desertcattleya (at) gmail.com for the Winner's Stash.

Demon Hood
Skull Cap
Defense: 9
Durability: 18 of 18
Required Strength: 15
Required Level: 3
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 8
Fingerprint: 0x8b88b0b4
+1 to Energy
Fire Resist +10%
Lightning Resist +7%
Poison Resist +8%
10% Faster Hit Recovery

In return, you get these very nice boots! (The stash has been sent.)

Beryl Heavy Boots
Defense: 9
Durability: 8 of 8
Kick Damage: 4 to 10
Required Strength: 8
Required Level: 3
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 11
Fingerprint: 0x74a77415
Poison Resist +9%
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)

You may start act 2 as soon as you have the boots equipped and have sent off the skull cap.

@CloneStar: Stash recieved and Stash sent.

@All: don't worry, I still have a few more ethereal items in Clyde's old stash for the rest of you. :evil:
Thanks for the boots :rolleyes:. I think I need to do a lot more careful planning and playing in this Act rather than charging off gung ho like I did in Act 1. I have already exceeded my expectations (i.e not first eliminated) so now I have to set my sights higher :)

Character Name: Kane
Character Class: Werebear Druid
Weapon: 2 Hander, 1h/shield on switch
Cursed Items: Boots
Location: Lut Gholein
Merc: Act 2
:lol: So what do I do? Run off into the sewers and get myself killed of course! :bonk:

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Good luck everyone!
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