[2005] Official Ear-Cutting Olympics Thread [by kabal]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by Gaz on Apr 8, 2005. The last post was made Jun 21, 2005.

(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Official Ear-Cutting Olympics Thread

What is it?

As advertised at http://www.rpgforums.net/showthread.php?t=335232&page=1&pp=10, it's the inaugural Ear-Cutting Olympics, the first large scale high level PvP tournament to hit the SPF in a long, long time. The primary goal of the tournament is to encourage more dueling at the SPF, as too many people go their entire D2 careers without ever hitting that "hostile" button or collecting an ear. As challenging and fulfilling as doing Baal runs with a HotO/Enigma/CtA hammerdin is, it simply doesn't compare to having to outwit and outfight a human opponent.

When is it?
The tournament will officially begin April 23rd, giving all participants two weeks to build and refine their killing machines. The tournament doesn't have a set end date, but it should not take more than a month to crown a winner. Once the round robin portion is over, the elimination portion should proceed very quickly (see tournament format).

What's the format?
All duels will be a best of five series conducted in the Blood Moor on Nightmare difficulty. All participants will first participate in a large round robin, in which each person will duel every other person once. Points for the round robin will be assigned as follows:

3 wins = 3 points
2 wins = 2 points
1 win = 1 point
0 wins = 0 points

Participants will be ranked according to these points at the conclusion of the round robin phase. In the case of a tie in points, the winner of the head to head matchup will receive the higher rank. The top 16 finishers of the round robin phase will advance to the elimination phase.

In the elimination phase, the 16 participants will be seeded according to the round robin ranks. The seeding will be similar to that used in the NCAA basketball tournament, where lower seeds are matched against higher seeds in the first round. Duels will still be best of five, with the winner advancing to the next round and the loser being eliminated from the tournament.

The two losers in the semi-finals will have a duel for third place, while the winner and loser of the final will be first and second place respectively. All further placements will be determined by which round the participant was eliminated in; participants eliminated in the same round will be ordered according to their round robin ranks.

What are the rules?

Duels start when both parties have clearly signified their readiness.

-Items may not be muled on or off the character once the tournament begins. The only exception will be to mule on gold/runes for repairs, and to mule off ears collected during combat. Characters have access to gear in their stash, cube, or inventory at any point in the tournament.
-No Bugged, Hacked, Duped Items or Illegitimate characters
-No .07/.08 Vita Items (Including Arkaines, Shako, Gerkes…etc)
-No Potions, Mercs, or Shrines
-No Slow gear or Item Charges
-No chance to cast Life Tap, Decrepify, Iron Maiden, or Amp Dmg
-No Call to Arms runeword battle cries may be used
-No Items/Skills totaling over 25 Life Replenish
-No poison damage from gear or charms (not from a skill) can exceed 200
-No character can exceed 110% Faster Run/Walk
-No minions that cannot be summoned in town are allowed (with the exception of Decoy)
-No dual elemental absorb sources (cannot wear a Ravenfrost and Blackoak together). The simultaneous use of Guardian Angel and Thundergod's Vigor/Blackhorn's face is banned.
-Sources of Poison Length Reduction will count as a source of poison absorb. Skills that grant Poison Length Reduction (i.e. Cleansing) will also count as poison absorb.
-No use of Marrowalk boots on Bone Necros

Banned Skills
The following skills are not to be used at any stage of a duel. They may have points invested in them as a pre-requisite for higher-tier skills or for synergy benefits.
- Bone Prison (Necromancer)
- Decrepify (Necromancer)
- Blessed Hammer and Concentration at the same time (Paladin)
- Holy Bolt (Paladin)
- Holy Freeze (Paladin) (this includes the Doom runeword)
- Teleport (Sorceress)
Skill Restrictions
The following skills are capped or have limitations regarding their use in duels.
- Bone Spirit (Necromancer) - It cannot exceed 33 skill points with Bone Necromancers. Bone Necromancers are defined as a Necromancer that has more than 20 total natural points in Bone Spirit synergies. Both gear and charms can be used to boost it to no higher than level 33.
- Bone Armor (Necromancer) - It cannot be cast more than once per duel.
- Cyclone Armor (Druid) - It cannot be cast more than once per duel.

What's the prize?
I am currently in the process of compiling an uber prize stash through donations. As of right now the stash contains:

Andariel's Visage
Bul Katho's Sacred Charge
Bul Katho's Sacred Charge
Bul Katho's Tribal Guardian
Death's Fathom
Gargoyle's Bite
Griffon's Eye
Griswold's Valor
Immortal King's Soul Cage
M'avina's True Sight
Schaefer's Hammer
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Wisp Projector

Donation to the prize stash is purely voluntary and will remain open until sign-ups close. Those who have extra items equal to or greater than a Tal Rasha's Guardianship in rarity and/or power are encouraged to donate to make the tournament more worthwhile for everyone involved. Donations can be sent to me at k**@**.com; please let me know when the stash has been sent so I'll know to expect it. Prize distribution will be determined once all donations have been received.

Who's in it?
As of this posting, the following people have expressed interest in the tournament, and are assumed to be participating unless I am further notified:

barren's brother
Crazy Runner Guy
Liquid Evil
farting bob

The following people have also expressed interest, but have not commited to participating yet:


Sign-ups will remain open until April 17th, 11:59 PM. All participants should get MSN Messenger if they don't already have it, and post their screen names and MSN emails in this thread. This will greatly facilitate arranging the duels during the tournament.

Final Words
Try to keep posts within this thread related to direct tournament related matters. Results, questions, and some friendly trash talk/betting are all acceptable. For general PvP discussions and concerns, please post here:
Jan 3, 2007
Note: These are posts #2-20 from the original post.

Alright I'm in
kabal said:
-No Slow gear
-No chance to cast Amp Dmg
-The simultaneous use of Guardian Angel and Thundergod's Vigor is banned.
Great idea, but my double throw barb will break those rules.
An addendum to the rules:
Rising Sun amulet is banned.
Knockback is banned unless it's inherent to a skill (i.e. charge, smite, leap, etc.)
Casters may use items with slow (i.e. fire sorc wearing an Arachnid Mesh)
Clay Golem is allowed, even though it slows.

@Deathmaster - Let me guess...Lacerators, Cleglaw's Gloves, GA, and Tgods? The GA, Tgods, and Cleglaw's are easily replaced, but it'll be harder to find a pair of throwing weapons as good as Lacerators. If you can, I'm sure you can get your thrower to fit under the tournament rules.
Just to check a few things:
- Warcry is fully allowed for barbs yes? no restrictions or bans? (guess my build :p)
- Having to do a round robin will mean getting a gorup of people together at the same time, which in this world wide forum is tough. i suggest keeping the round robin groups to same continants. So a euro group, 1 (maybe 2) america groups, then asia/australia group. This should make everyone in the group within a reasonable time difference.
- How regular do you expect us to duel? The whole group in 1 weekend, or spread out over a week or 2?
- Are items with -enemy res allowed, and will there be a cap on the amount of res to 1 element?
I should be in. But I have exams till 03 May. But I have a break from 25 to 29 Apr.
I found a great guide for pvp with the clan honor rules (nearly identical to the ones we're using) from our very own clan honor forum @ dii.net. If you're nooby and don't have any experience, this thread is a must read!

Does it *work* in PvP? I know I've spammed endless shockwaves at a hostile player, and they have zero effect (IME).
Found the round robin portion, I'd be happy if everyone could complete one duel a day. If we can do that, the round robin portion should last ~2 weeks, although I'm not going to set a time limit on it yet. I had considered dividing the round robin into smaller groups based on time zones, but I decided against it. Part of the reason that I even have the round robin is to give everyone a chance to duel everyone else. I certainly don't expect all 20 or so participants to get together at once and have a big duel-fest; the idea is that once everyone posts their MSN the duelists can arrange their own times at their and their opponents' leisure.

Finally, there is no restriction on warcry, -enemy resists, or maximum resist stack, so feel free to go nuts.
Gohanman said:
farting bob said:
Just to check a few things:
- Warcry is fully allowed for barbs yes? no restrictions or bans? (guess my build :p)
Does it *work* in PvP? I know I've spammed endless shockwaves at a hostile player, and they have zero effect (IME).
Yes, it damages and stuns in PvP, and with suitable amounts of FCR, i know from experience (on the wrong end of a war cry) its very difficult for many characters to escape from.
Can necromancers cast the curses that aren't allowwed on ctc items? Because it seems to me a necro can just cast IM on a melee and do what he will with his poison and bone skills. This is a question coming from a person planning on using a necro, so I'm not complaining and whining that it should be banned, I'm just curious, because if we got rid of ctc curses, it seems they shouldn't be used from necros either.
Maybe I'm the Ultimate N00b, but how exactly do you make a dueler? Is a SP character? I've only played SP, and for about 2 years now. Mostly just played my barbarians.
jrlafrance said:
Maybe I'm the Ultimate N00b, but how exactly do you make a dueler? Is a SP character? I've only played SP, and for about 2 years now. Mostly just played my barbarians.
Well a dueler can be 2 things really. either a strong SP character maybe with some slight item changes to make them more uitable to fighting against people. Or it can be a charatcer built from the start designed to duel. The proper dueler builds often arent as good at monster killing, but against 1 person will be muh stronger.
I can host (yipee!) since my braodband is now up and running, earlier than expected. should be able to host most evenings. im at GMT+0, so i could host evening european games, or if theres americans dueling and its not too late for me, i could host them.
Damn , this tournament is definitly going to be a lot of fun :p

my msn : s*@hotmail.com

To all of those who play a lot of MP, just add me ;) I'm always rdy for some baal pwning
My msn: k*@hotmail.com
When you add me, my screen name will most likely appear as 2 boxes unless you have chinese text enabled. I'm EST (GMT -5) but I have a very unpredictable sleep and play schedule due to classes, studying, etc.
MSN is l*@hotmail.com]

Time is GMT +8.
My MSN is z*@hotmail.com
And I'm GMT+12
MSN: P*at hotmail dot com . GMT -5
I'll give this tournament a try eventhough I've never seriously dueled before.

MSN: c* (at) **(dot) com
GMT -5
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