[2005] Multiple Events Tournament [by Hrus]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by Hrus on Feb 28, 2005. The last post was made Oct 30, 2005.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Multiple Events tournament - progress thread

The MET just begins!

Previous Rules & signup thread (Note: link is dead)

Update your scores here (preferable) or just calculate your score and post in this thread. (Note: link is dead)

Good Luck to all and have fun!

MET - Multiple Events Tournament - Final Rules

1. Hardcore Single Player, no Multiplayer allowed

2. Untwinked, however, you can mule the items off to special stash, from which you can mule back on your char.

3. Trading IS ALLOWED between tournament characters. According to SPF rules, runes cannot be traded.

4. Skill selection. Skill selection is free however you can get bonus for tougher/original build. Each player have to write something about his character.
I want people to mention:
1) skills where more than 10 points will go or skills being used frequently if they are not "standard".
2) play style (2handed/1h+shield/ranged/hybrid)
3) type of mercenary if it is original (A2 mercenaries are common)
4) anything special. (like going with only 2 skill-trees )

There is a jury (me, Cormallon and erimatbrad), each juror can give you score bonus for your build. Total score bonus will be averaged. Each juror can give from 0-35 points, in my scoring system 35 points means half the points from the whole difficulty, but this amount of points will be given only if going really strange builds (as 1-tree warcries barbarian for example), so each player has to consider if the bonus in score is good reward for playing really weird and weak character. My advice is to play what you think will be fun for you, don't worry about bonus points.

5. Item restiction. Characters can use only white/blue items (normal,superior,magic) without restrictions. This includes mercenary item slots.
Character can use 1 socketed item with jewels/runes.
Character can use 1 runeword item.
Character can use 1 rare item.
Character can use 1 crafted item.
Character can use 1 set item.
Character can use 1 unique item.
In other words - character can't use more than 1 socketed/runeword/rare/crafted/set/unique item at the same moment. Mercenary item slots count into this, so if character wears a unique, his mercenary can't wear another one.

Magic/normal items with sockets counts as magic/normal as long as jewel/rune/gem is not placed into them. Then it becomes socketed or runeword item.
Rare/craft/set/unique items with sockets still count as rare/craft/set/unique even if jewel/rune is placed into them.
Gheeds Charm is considered unique. Rare jewels and facets are considered magic, you can place multiple of them in your sockets.
Under specific circumstances your character (+merc) will be allowed to wear more items of the specific type. See the next rule.

6. This is the key of the tournament: Multiple events. I will declare first 3 events now, other will be declared during the tournament.
EVENT 1: Set hunt. First character who completes and sends me any set will be granted to wear 1 addidtional set item.
EVENT 2: Destroyer. First character who completes Normal difficulty will be granted to wear 1 additional rare/crafted item.
EVENT 3: Black Hack hunt. First player who makes a screenshot of an evil boss named Black Hack will be granted to wear 1 additional runeword/socketed item.

7. If your character dies, you must send me a stash immediatly. Then you can start another character, but you lose winning prizes from events, and your score. You cannot mule from your previous characters' stash.

8. Every area can be rerun, but only 2 times (3 runs in total).

9. You can use any player settings.

1 point for each waypoint (including those town waypoints).
1 point for each quest done (you are not forced to collect rewards - Imbue quest is done when you return Malus to Charsi).
2 points for killing Cow King.
2 points for completing the difficulty.
70 points per difficulty.

11. Prizes:
You have to donate any good you find. Decent rares, very decent grays (generally no grays without good automods), very decent blues (charm skillers), all uniques / sets. If you find anything you want for yourself (rare grail item for example), you have to ask me politely if you can keep it.
When tourney ends, the whole prize stash will be divided between players acording to their tournament rankings and quality of donated prize stashes.
Items cannot be taken from a dead character.

12. Tourney will start at 03-01-2005

13. When the interest becomes low, or most of the participants die, the deadline will be declared. No update for a month - the deadline will be declared.

14. The Winner is the player, whos character has gained the highest score up to the deadline.
If there will be two with the same score, they will share prizes and glory.

15. My mail: h* at * dot net
Place     Competitor                        Points        
1         Sir Lister of Smeg                34       
2         Hypnoshit                         31        
3         Bull(R)                           30        
4         SuperSavage                       28        
5         Erimatbrad                        26        
6         Immortal Slayer                   23        
7         Slartibartfast                    22        
8         Hrus                              22        
9         Gaz                               20        
10        Corrupted                         19        
11        Cassandra                         19        
12        Corax                             17        
13        Horobi                            17        
14        LprMan                            16        
15        Shermo                            16        
16        PicoDynamite                      15
17        skoolbus                          15
18        Poopie_Pants                      13        
19        Ron                               12        
20        Cattleya                          8        
21        Cormallon                         8 
22        Illiana                           ?
Note: These are posts #4-20 from the original thread.

Level 12
Next Area: Stony Field

Wow! What a p8 full clear will do. After the Moor, the Den, Blood Raven (and Crypt/Mausoleum), and the Plains (and cave), our plucky young sorcie is level 12 and is plowing right along.

I'm using lots of blue items. I've got a socketed item, which is a bow with chippies.

She's found maybe 10 chipped topazes (living to her namesake), and not too much else. Her cold rogue is staying alive well.

Blaze is fun, as of now, but of limited use. Hopefully as she levels, the damage will ramp up even more. :)

More to come tomorrow...
So far I've got my fire druid to level 10, doing blood moore/den of evil 3 times on /players8. I'm off to Cold Plains/Caves 1&2 tommarrow. I'm currently wearing a socketed scepter (chipped emerald), rare javelin on switch, Artic Furrs, and rest are blue/white. I got the Artic Furrs from my first kill of Corpsefire :).
If I add my points together I get...
Rogue Encampment WP (1), Cold Plains Wp (1), Den of Evil Quest Completed (1), Build Points (15),
(I think I'm doing this right, let me know if I forgot something or messed something up)
Clarissa has fought completed the first 3 quests. She has full cleared all areas up to and including the Dark Wood, then did a /p1 run to the Black Marsh WP. She was able to find it without killing anything. She did her 3 clears of the Blood Moor in hopes of topazes. She found only found 2 in the Blood Moor, but she got a Gem Shrine on run #3. Since then, she's been doing pretty well with chipped topazes. So far no green or gold items.

The limitations of the tournament have some interesting repercussions. Clarissa had to chose between a crappy rare ring and a crappy rare cap (both with cold and lightning resist.) She also can't store rare weapons on her weapon switch to take back to town to sell. It's amazing the things I normally take for granted.

She got a hunter's bow from Charsi with 5% LL, so her red bulb rarely sees much of a dent. MA is at level 12, and doesn't seem to drain her mana anymore, so I am focusing on the M&P skills.

Clarissa (MA/Passive Amazon)
Points: 16
WP: Black Marsh
Level: 15
Socketed Item: 3-socketed ring mail with 2 chipped topazes + 1 flawed topaz
Runeword Item: None
Rare Item: Cap with lighting and cold resist
Crafted Item: None
Set Item: None
Unique Item: None

Rincewind the lord of mages went down in the den of EVIIIIILLLL!!!!

I got surrounded by fallen and the corpsefire zombies and i ran out of reds as the shamans kept shooting me. so i went down screaming

lvl 5
Den Of Evil
8 hours and several litres of coffee later!


A bonesnap from baal! How lucky can you be? I was so overwhelmed with that dropping, only to discover that it was ethereal :-(

Anyway, more detailed updates further on, now I just want some sleep (Been playing 00.00-08.00 AM)
Nice work Corrupted! Congrats! Enjoy the reward.

RIP Corax. That was really quick!
Hrus said:
Nice work Corrupted! Congrats! Enjoy the reward.

RIP Corax. That was really quick!
Do i get a prize for dying first?

GG corrupted.
Hey corax, you nub :D But AFAIK you can start a new char for this tourney if you want to

Im just going to start mine
Well, RIP to Corax. that deeds screen is always sucky.

Growler the Grizzlygeddon Bear managed to clear the den of evil three times on P8 and found a green buckler. Hsarus; Iron Stay I think. He is currently using a scepter socketed with 2 chipped rubies to kill stuff. So, the update.

Level 9
Waypoint: Cold Plains
No of Points: 3
Total Points 23
corax said:
lvl 5
Den Of Evil
Dead? Rincewind??? Now that's totally out of character :p . Are you going to play Twoflower the tourist next? :cool:

Congrats Corrupted! I'm amazed, I've just arrived at work and haven't gotten near my Diablo game today, and you've already beat normal, whow :cool: .

I'm hoping to get started tonight (and it's only 8:55 a.m. around here, so that's still a long way off :rolleyes: ), so no news from me yet.
Corrupted said:
8 hours and several litres of coffee later!


A bonesnap from baal! How lucky can you be? I was so overwhelmed with that dropping, only to discover that it was ethereal :-(

Anyway, more detailed updates further on, now I just want some sleep (Been playing 00.00-08.00 AM)

My druid is just level 4, I could play him for about 10 minutes this morning. No quests, only waypoint in rogue encampment. Makes a score of 9. He found a bit of blue jewelry, nothing great. I expect him to advance more in the evening, now I'm at work and 9 hours to go.
Aerie the melee sorcerer advanced up to Black March fully clearing all areas and dungeons she encountered. Gemmed Broad axe combined with highest defense armors available and Shiver Armour lvl 6 gives her a whopping 155 defense and 19-35 damage. She has advanced to lvl 17 already and next plans are to do 2 more runs of Tristram in the hopes of items.

She found her first set item: Hsarus' Iron Fist Buckler. It's up for trade :)
Hmm, just took a shower, I'm not in the mood for sleep right now.

So, my future plans for Fenris is to collect the few WP's and Quests I left behind, I miss a lot of wp's in act 5 so I could go along with p8 and catch up some levels (35 ain't much for nm.)
My ethereal bonesnap will probably be saved for Act Boss killing.


Arctic Binding (Light Belt)
Berserker's Headgear (Helm)
Iratha's Cuff (Light Gauntlets)
Gleamscythe (Falchion)
Milebrega's Rod (War Scepter)
Thul Rune
Thul Rune
Shael Rune
(And lower ones)

Grim Aegis
Heraldic Shield
Defense: 35
Chance to Block: 60%
Smite Damage: 3 to 9
Durability: 26 of 40
(Paladin Only)
Required Strength: 40
Required Level: 12
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 22
Fingerprint: 0xc4390e88
+30% Enhanced Defense
+20% Increased Chance of Blocking
Magic Damage Reduced by 1
All Resistances +12
10% Faster Hit Recovery
30% Faster Block Rate

Skull Bludgeon
Grim Wand
One-Hand Damage: 5 to 11
Durability: 12 of 15
Required Level: 42
Staff Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 60
Fingerprint: 0xc0877974
Cold Resist +15%
7% Life stolen per hit
6% Mana stolen per hit
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
+2 to Lower Resist (Necromancer Only)
150% Damage to Undead
Level 3 Confuse (48/82 Charges)
Corrupted said:
Thul rune
Thul Rune
Shael Rune
Can't trade runes. :)

Congrats on the speedy destroyer!
Yes - we can't trade runes.
I don't want to mess up with the rules of SPF in any way, so I explicitly forbid that in tourney rules.

(Looking forward to see FBob being banned for giving his teh Zod as a price for his tourney :) )
Ah - sorry forgot that

Damn, I was hoping to get some useful weapon for that Shael :-]
Sharifa (lvl 20) has just made her way to act 2. All quests of act 1 are done and she has all waypoints :)

I've been playing on p8 all the way, clearing each area once. As I have now hired act 2 merc I will go back to act 1 and rerun few areas and kill superuniques two more times to level up my merc and maybe find some useful items

Coldcrow was nasty before I found a way to kill her easily. Meleeing them was horrible, hit recovery + being chilled isn't fun. Decided to kill the pack with those poison gas potions while running circles and dodging arrows. Rakanishu died in 2 hits of fully charged FoF. Found Cleglaw's shield on Barracks which was a nice surprise (75% psn length reduce :)). Prebuffed my assy with dozen antidotes before battle against Andariel, which was really easy, only one healing potion used. Andy dropped Crushflange unique mace btw :)

edit: oh and in catacombs I met a boss zombie called "Black Hawk"... :p
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