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[2005] A Quick Tournament III [by Cattleya]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by Cattleya on Feb 12, 2005. The last post was made Jun 17, 2005.
link to original thread on diabloii.net)

A Quick Tournament III

I had fun during the last one (although my appearance was brief, I think I had the honor of being the first to die.) So, I've decided to make good on my threats and start a new round now that the old one has wrapped up. I considered ending this at Conqueror instead of Guardian, but that would deny Illiana the chance of taking out the Hell Ancients. So come on, its time to make that 2-handed titan build you've been dreaming about!

[highlight]A Quick Tournament III[/highlight]

1. HC only.
2. All builds are allowed (with the exception in 11a.)
3. There are no restrictions on running areas. Players may return to earlier Acts/Difficulties to run areas if they wish.
4. No save & exit to escape death.
5. Muling of items found by the character (both on and off) is allowed.
6. Trading is allowed only with other "A Quick Tournament" characters.
7. MP is allowed only with other "A Quick Tournament" characters.
8. No town portal scrolls in the belt, hot-key is allowed.
9. All quests must be completed and all WPs must be collected (with the exception of the Hall of Pain WP) before proceeding to the next Act. Returning the Malus to Charsi, killing Shenk, and killing Nilathak are sufficient for the completion of these quests. The rewards do not need to be used.
10. Any player settings may be used.

Now for the fun rules...
11. You may NOT use a shield of any type for any reason!
a. Assassins may not use Weapon Block. Dual wielding assassins may not place any points in Weapon Block, even as a prerequisite. This means no Shadow Warrior/Shadow Master when dual wielding claws.
12. You may NOT put any points into vitality! EVER! You may, however, use equipment that boosts your vitality.
13. You may NOT use Act II or Act V mercs.

Sign Ups
Players can start whenever they choose. New players may sign up for the tournament until [highlight]April-30-2005[/highlight]. Players whose characters die may restart a total of 2 times (3 attempts) as long as the new character is started before April 30th.

Character Updates
Updates should include the character name, class, level, and last WP collected. Characters that are not updated for 30 days will be dropped from the tournament. So update! Even if it is just, "Went into the Blood moor today. Killed a fallen. He dropped crap."

End of Tournament:
This tournament will end when all characters have died, reached Guardian, or have been dropped due to inactivity. The tournament host reserves the right to announce an end date for the tournament. This will be posted at least a month before the date designated as the end of the tournament.

The winner(s) will be the player(s) who progress the furthest. In the event of a tie, winners will divide the the prize stash. Each winner will take turns picking items until the stash has been divided. The order will be determined by character experience, with the lowest experience picking first.

Prize Stash:
The prize stash should consist of 3 nice items found by the character. (Players who restart due to a character death should submit a prize stash for each character.) These should be nice rare/unique/set items of at least exceptional quality. (Characters that die before these items start dropping can donate normal quality set and unique items, gems, and jewels found by the character.) E-mail prize stashes to desertcattleya (at) gmail.com.

Good luck, have fun, and don't die!
Jan 3, 2007
Note: These are posts #2-20 from the original thread.

Jennifer had only half-listened to the account of his death. Just outside the gate of Lut Gholein... A demonically enchanted oversized cockroach... In the end, it didn't matter. All she knew was that his death must be avenged. She had made it as far as the Rogue Pass, only to find her way blocked. She found a small camp of Rogue's and it quickly became apparent that Elmer had managed to get involved in something much bigger that a few giant bugs. She took one last look at the encampment before deciding to step inside. Her quest would begin here...

Class: Assassin
Level 1
WP: Rogue Encampment
Hmm....sounds like fun!

And so, Amaranth was born...

Main Entry: am-a-ranth (n): A flower that never fades.

Class: Sorceress
Level 1
Rogue Encampment

Oh, and I assume we can use any players setting?
Tal Rasha's Jock Strap said:
Oh, and I assume we can use any players setting?
Yup. (And you caught this while I still had time to edit the inital post, so I fixed it there as well.)

Denzel was always considered to be a fairly unhealthy person by the Druids with whom he lived. Always the first to catch any illness and easily injured, the Elders scoffed at his plans to follow the path of a Shapeshifter. "One as lacking in vitality as yourself, young Denzel, should surely follow the safest path of an Elemental master!" they chided him.

But Denzel's mind was set, and whilst his health may have been fragile, he had been working out, boosting his musclarity, to use the largest weapons he could find.

And then, with a sudden fit of coughing, he came upon his destination: The Rogue Encampment. (Some people claimed they used rouge but he didn't see their cheeks as particularly rosy :p) At once, he set off upon his epic journey...

Denzel, Level 1 Druid (Rogue Encampment)
This sounds like real fun :D . I want to sign up, is this post enough or for this?

So, my first tourney character is born! I present.... * drum roll*...... *dramatic pause* *more dramatic pause* David!

Class: Necromancer
Level 1
Rogue Encampment
A quick tournament you say? And people can start over till April 30th? :rolleyes:
Name: Grettle
Class: Sorc
Level: One
Area: Rogue camp

This should be fun!
Corrupted said:
A quick tournament you say? And people can start over till April 30th? :rolleyes:
Hey, I'm stuck with the name of the original tournament! :D I never said it was accurate...

I'm hoping the liberal policy on restarting and the long sign-up period will help curb the previous problem of one or two lone players making it to Hell and with everyone else dead. It may or may not work, but there is only one way to find out.

Is it ok if i play SC and then drop out when I die for the first time?
corax said:
Is it ok if i play SC and then drop out when I die for the first time?
The only problem I see with that would be the prize stash. I don't personally play in tournaments for the prizes so that doesn't bother me, maybe find some others to "sponsor" you and donate extra HC prizes? I'm going to open this up for debate among participants before I make a final decision.

Although, I will say that part of the rush (and fun) of playing such a fragile character is knowing what that one mistake will cost you. So I would encourage you to seriously consider trying it out in HC.

Regardless of the final decision, if you want to go ahead in softcore, I'd still love to hear about your characters adventures in this thread even if its not "official."

Make the sign up end at March 1st :p
Since I'm about to finish the poison tourney, and want to get back into HC mode, I will participate.

Never played an Amazon in one of these tourneys, I think I will try one.

Name: HailofSteel
Level 1
Corrupted said:
Make the sign up end at March 1st :p
The first time this tournament was run (which was before my time, admittedly) the host didn't expect anyone to get past Normal Duriel given the restrictions, but a handful made it into Hell. So, the name of the tournament is more traditional than anything else. (Although it's certainly not a TWD length-wise.) Think of it as an opportunity to prove the title ironic by surviving a long, long time.

The last "Quick Tournament" lasted just over 3 1/2 months and had participants joining more than a month in. My theory this time around is that it might be more fun for those that have characters still going a couple of months into the tournament to have other participants to share war stories with, even if they are a lot further behind in the game.

If things start to languish, I will declare an "end of tournament," but I don't want players to feel rushed. I want to be optimistic and hope someone gets a Guardian this time around!

Aside from that, I have an update (since I'm posting anyway). Jennifer has cleared the Den of Evil, and hit the Cold Plains WP. I was still only level 4 after a full /p8 clear of the Blood Moor which is lower that what I am used to, but she went in anyhow. I still haven't allocated any stat or skill points. I'm not sure where I'm going with her, but I don't want to go traps (aside from a utility point in DS). Why? 'Cuz I'm nuts, that why. I'm thinking primarily melee with a crossbow for when things get ugly. I just can't decide if I want to go Dual Claw BoI, or BHS Tiger Strike. Best to wait to make a decision until after I've had some sleep. (I really need to get toss out all sources of caffeine in my apartment.)

Class: Assassin
Level 6
WP: Cold Plains
Heh... can you say Titan Martyr hc, untwinked? :teeth:

I'll give it a try then, don't expect to get too far though :p

I'll think up and post a name with my first little update which will probably tomorrow,

I'm bound to need a small brake from contineous Vamp Bloodlines some time am i not?
I would love to join, but I am already active in 4 tournaments and there will be my own tournament from march. I think I must resist and skip this one.
Hmmm I'd like to join the tournament...Should be a challenge as no classes have a distinct disadvantage or advantage. I'm gonna use a barbarian named Hank.

Level 1
Last WP: Rogue Encampment
This will be the first tournament I participate in, but its sounds like fun, though I doubt I will get past duriel :rolleyes:

I will try a barbarian, and pray I never get IM'ed...

Level 1

anyone want to host some MP for some new chars? so we might get past dury lol
First update. David killed Andariel already. All waypoints in Act1 collected, all quests done, only the quest reward for returning the hammer remains. Because no shield and no might merc are allowed, this cannot be made into a Fishymancer, so I'm thinking to make David some kind of poison/summon hybrid with a crossbow. Now he has 6 skellies and uses some crap rare crossbow. I played at players 8 until the outer cloister, when I lost patience and rushed to Andariel at players 1. Btw, it feels strange to meet the str/dex requirements of all items I find with a necro :cool:

Andariel was real easy, after I gave the Rogue merc a long bow with 3 chipped rubies, and I only had to re-summon the skellies one time. That is players 1, of course.

Level 18
Lut Gholein
HailofSteel killed Andariel at level 18, and the kill pushed her to level 19. All of Act 1 Normal was run at players 8, including the Maiden of Anguish herself. I want to get to level 24/30 as soon as possible, so I can use the Decoy/Valk that will be key to my survival.

The battle with Andariel was pretty scary, I must admit. Her first attack almost killed me...I wasn't sure if Slow Missiles would work on her, so I got close to her to try it once...and got hit full in the face with her Poison Nova (which had not been slowed down). Ouch. My red bulb went alarmingly low but luckily i had rejuvs + antidote potions in my belt, and was able to save myself that way. Ok, so Slow Missiles doesn't work on her. Need a new strategy. What I settled on was just continually running away from her, after I noticed she kept coming after me and totally ignoring my merc (Amplisa the Cold Rogue, who I intend to stick with). I eventually brought her down with a combination of Cold Arrows and Magic Arrows (I took potshots at her in breaks between running away). She dropped nothing significant, just a rare ammy and rare heavy boots.

Looking forward, I intend to use Strafe as my primary offensive skill. I am also thinking about powering up one of the elemental arrows (probably fire arrow) to use against stone skin/phys immunes (if I get that far). I've discovered that Slow Missiles is da bomb skill, so I'll probably continue to make use of it (but will keep it on lvl 1).

Skill Distro so far:
Passives: Critical Strike 4, all other available skills 1
Bow skills: Fire/Cold/Magic Arrow 1, Multishot 1, Guided Arrow 1
Saved points: 5

Stat Distro so far:
Str: 49
Dex: 86
Vit: base
Energy: base
Saved points: 0
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