[2004] Tankazon Tourney revisited [by Freekje]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by Freekje on Oct 19, 2004. The last post was made May 19, 2005.
link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Tankazon Tourney revisited

There was a tankazon tourney some time ago: http://www.rpgforums.net/showthread.php?t=209728

I liked the idea, so I will start a new one.

This are the rules:

  1. Hardcore only
  2. Amazons only
  3. All player settings are allowed
  4. All quests and waypoints must be collected, Imbue and socket-quests may be stalled out till later.
  5. You may mule off, but not on your tankazon
  6. You must begin with a lvl 1 character
  7. Single- and Multiplayer friendly, you may MP, but only with other competing characters in this tournament.
  8. Only skills from the passive/magic-tree are allowed
  9. You may not use spear/javelins or bows/crossbows
  10. Highest level tankazon or the first to become guardian wins the tournament
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Note: These are posts #2-20 from the original thread.

I'll join myself:

Character-name: Royal_Guardian
Level: 1
Farthest area: Rogue encampment
Last WP: -

I'll wait till friday, if I think there are not enough people that signed up, I will cancel the tournament...

(Boohoohoo :hanky: )
Freekje said:
I'll wait till friday, if I think there are not enough people that signed up, I will cancel the tournament...

(Boohoohoo :hanky: )
way too early to close up camp. tournements usually take a full 24 hours to get entrants, some people are only on here one hour of their day and those times vary.

I am considering joining as a softcore and telling you when my first death occurs. But I wanted to twink my passive tree amazon so I will choose not to enter. I have too many builds and too little D2 time.
*Checks next character on todo list*
*sees tankazon*

I'm in.

Character-name: BigHonkinAxChick
Level: 1
Farthest area: Rogue encampment
Last WP: -

I'll hold off actually starting her till we see if this takes off or not.
I am seriously considering it. It's been a while since I last ventured into the HC nether regions. It might be a good between-runs relief.
Freekje said:
[*]You may not use spear/javelins or bows/crossbows
What weapon do you use? Anything else but the spear/javelin or bow/crossbow?
Im in!

Lvl 1
Rogue Encampment
This sounds like a ton of fun but I'm currently too swamped with other stuff to add another helping to my already way too time consuming d2 habit. I'll get around to making a twinked sc tankazon though :lol:
Hmm... sounds like fun. I'm assuming we toss our Javelins from the start? Or do we use those until we find something else? Punch our way to new items? I can live with it. I'll see about joining up when I get home later today.
Lvl 6
Cold Plains
Last Quest: Den of Evil

Im currently using a rare sword with cold and poison damage on it.
Yeah, anything but those weapons, so for example swords or staffs...

And yeah, I toss my javs from the start, but as long as you do it before you have advanced too much it's ok with me...
I really regretted not participating in the last Tankazon Tourney...I'll think about it.

*has family guy flashback*

Lois: I regretted not going to my high school dance...
Lois:But daddy, if you don't do what they say, they'll kill us!
Mr. Pewterschmidt:Now honey, you know our family doesn't negotiate with terrorists...
Lois: Daddy no!
Mr. Pewterschmidt hangs up phone...
"She'll be fine."
GregTheGreat said:
Lvl 6
Cold Plains
Last Quest: Den of Evil

Im currently using a rare sword with cold and poison damage on it.
Rare sword with cold and poison at clvl 6 dang that was quick.

The rule should state that the amazon is to sell their javalin for 1 gold and punch or find a weapon to get your first kills. flipping rocks find a weapon plenty fast on players 8. 👍
Don't close it yet, I wan't to join in. Waited for this a long time ago because I missed the last one.

Tanking_Ploppy will join in.

Good Luck everyone.

OK, from now on, you have to sell your startign jav's for one gold as soon as you begin...

I am happy that people started joining, I guess I was a bit quick with thinking no-one would join :)
Ah why not.

Level 1
Rogue Encampment

By jav/spear/bow/xbow being ruled out, that means I can still use throwing axes and knives, correct?

Must be sure so I can work out my precious ideassss...
Day 1

Tanking_Ploppy is a familymember of the strong Ploppy family. She was sent to the rouge encampment by her father because he thought that she was a bit low on experience and should fight against the evil.

When she arrived to the camp she saw that her stash was in the middle of the Encampment and she went there directly to pick up her sharp sword so she could go out and kill some monsters.

When she opened the stash she saw that all of her equipment was gone. Someone had stolen her most precious weapon.

She went directly to Akara to tell her that all her items have been stolen and asked if she have something to give her until she could get something better. Akara gave her a set of Javas and a Buckler. Ploppy looked at the javas and thought what should I do with these, so she sold them to akara at once and got a penny for it.

After that she went to Charsi who seemed to be a blacksmith and Ploppy asked her if she could buy a sharp sword for a penny, but Charsi only laughed and said "A penny you must be joking it will cost much more than that."
After that Charsi gave her an advice to go out and kill some monsters and open some chest and maybe find weapon and gold that way so she could get a nice Sword.

But how can I kill any monsters without any weapon said Ploppy.
Well rather easy said Charsi, you beat them to death, there is a cave nearby with a lot of monsters which you must clear out for us, make sure you got a weapon before that or you won't make it.

So Ploppy wen't out in the wilderness and started to punch some Zombies and some small rats and was amazed how fast they fell. But none of them was kind enough to carry a sword. She really looked everywhere for a sword but no luck, and she found the cave and entered there without any weapon despite Charsis warning.

The cave was filled with terrible monsters, who attacked her at once, but she beat her way through the hordes, she was getting quite experienced with her fists and thought it was fun to kill the monsters with only her fists.

After a bit of beating in the cave she managed to find a shiny sword. It had two empty slots which she filled with two nice rubies she had found earlier and it made the weapon do some nice firedamage. After this find the rest of the monsters in the cave fell rather easy, even a big bad a** called corpsefire died very easy. After he had died light entered the cave and she understood that all the monsters in the cave was dead.

Now she searched for a Waypoint in the second wilderness called the Cold Plains. She found it very easy because a Rouge stood there and pointed the way to the WP. Ploppy got a dark feeling when she entered the Cold Plains something big and evil was going on in these lands. She went back to the town with the WP and talked to a girl called Kashya about the dark thought she had when she reached the Cold Plains, and Kashya tell her a story that made Ploppys blood freeze to ice.

Kashya told her that a dark rouge was raising dead in a Burial Ground where a lot of rouges were buried. Yuo must kill her said Kashya and if you do I will give a Rouge to help you out on your quest.

Ploppy went straight to the Burial Grounds and it was exactly where Kashya had told her it would be. Some skeletons and Zombies attacked her at once and that was really a blessing from the sky when this dropped. She was very happy about getting a big sword like that and in the middle of the Burial Grounds she found the fearsome Blood Raven. She had alot of Zombies around her and was wakening up more all the time andf Ploppy thought that the only way to stop this was to kill Blood Raven at once. So she did, Blood Raven was no match for her when she had her shiny sword.

Kashya hold her word and freely gave her a rouge to help her out she was called Hannah, and Ploppy directly bought a Long Bow to her which she was very happy about.

They went out to the Wilderness to rescue and old man called Cain and to do that they needed to find the Tree of Inifuss which have a code on how to open a secret portal to Tristram which could be found in the Stony fields.

But before she could get to the tree she had to go through a big Dungeon which lead to a place called Dark Woods where the tree should. Well rather fast she found the tree, but when she got close three fury creatures ran to them and start hitting them, well Ploppy was very angry and hit them back but she had a big Sword and killed the monsters in a few hits and Hannah helped from behind with her bow.

Ploppy took the inscription from the tree but she couldn't read it, this was a job for Akara she thought. So she took the scroll to Akara who told her what it said and Ploppy was told that the Cairn Stones in the Stony fields must be touched in a given order to open the portal to Tristram.

So Ploppy did that and a big red portal opened and she took a deep breath and walked through and what she saw made her feel very bad, the once proud city of Tristram was in ruins and a lot of monsters were walking around there. She made her way through, she even got past a guy called Griswold which hit her very hard but she stood up firmly and killed him. In the center of the city there was an old man in a cage screaming for help, and Ploppy understood that this was Cain that she have heard about.

So she released her and he was a very wise man and told her that if she were looking for treasures she should visit the forgotten tower. There are a lot of dangerous creatures in there but she didn't fear anything but now it was time to sleep for her. It had been a long day.

End of day1

Wow quite a long update this, guess I got inspired :uhhuh:
Tanking_Ploppy is in the Black Marsh on her way to get into the forgotten tower and she is currently on level 15.

Tanking_Ploppy lvl 15 Black Marsh WP
Last quest made: Rescue Cain

Good Luck all

I really enjoyed reading the last Tankazon thread and wished I had found the forum fast enough to enter it. So I will play this one.

Level 1
Rogue Encampment
DX-Crawler said:
I really enjoyed reading your outing!

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