[2004] Low Level Random Tournament, Round 2 [by goltar25]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by goltar25 on Oct 10, 2004. The last post was made Feb 3, 2005. (link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Low Level Random Tournament, Round 2

Alright, it's time for round two of the Low Level Random Tournament. The rules have been modified and should be more fun this time around.

1. Hardcore only

2. Class chosen randomly, 1-7:

There will be an option to reroll your class if you aren’t happy with what you get, the rerolling option will be explained later.

3. Skills are chosen randomly as follows. At level one, a skill will be randomly selected from those available at the time. This skill will then receive the next three skill points. Once these points have been placed, another skill will be randomly selected from those now available, the next three skill points will go into here, and so on. The exception to this is if a skill would be maxed within the three points. In this case, the remaining skill points OF THE THREE can be placed in a skill of the player’s choosing. For example, if you are a Paladin, and have Slvl 18 Smite, and your next random skill turns out to be Smite, the next two points must be placed in Smite, and the third point can be placed in any skill you have access to at that time. As with the class selection, there will be an option to reroll.

4. Any skills can be used, including those obtained through +skills, charges, and ctc.

5. Items can be muled off, and back on. You may only mule items on that were found by this character.

6. All quests do not need to be completed, and all waypoints do not need to be activated. However, points are given for quests and waypoints, so it is to your benefit to do them.

7. Points will be awarded as follows:
Quests: (100-Clvl)*act#*2
Waypoints: (100-Clvl)*act#
Clvl is your level when you complete the quest or activate the waypoint. If a quest causes you to gain a level (or more) use your Clvl immediately prior to completing the quest. Act# is the number of the act you are in, plus 5 for nightmare, and 10 for hell.

8. Ranking will be based on highest point total. Ties will be broken as follows: If all in the tie reach Guardian, then whoever reaches Guardian first wins. In a tie anyone who reaches Guardian is above those who do not reach Guardian. If none reach Guardian, then whoever has completed the most quests/activated the most waypoints wins; and if there is still a tie, then whoever completes their last quest/waypoint first wins. The time of completion will be based on posting time of the accomplishment.

9. All updates should be posted in this thread, or if this one gets too large, in the current thread for the tournament. Also, all updates should include your Clvl at the completion of each quest/waypoint for the score sheet. If you do not post your Clvl, you will get no points for completion. I will attempt to keep scores updated at least daily.

10. Prizes. When your character dies, send me any items that were muled off before death to donate to the prize stash. Once the tournament is over, everyone who donated items will get a chance to take items from the prize stash. The exact number of items each person will get depends on how many people donate items, and how many items there are. Players get to pick from the stash based on their final rank. As to exactly how this will work, I haven’t decided yet, but probably not like last time, since that stash is currently MIA.

11. Donations to the prize stash will be accepted as follows: No White (except runes Amn and higher) or Grey (unless really good) items. Dinky Blue/Yellow items-- +1 stamina charms, and the like—will also be ignored. Tyrael’s Might is always welcome. :D If in doubt, ask.

12. Rerolls. Every player will be allowed 10 rerolls. These rerolls can be used for one of three things:
1. If you don’t like your class at start, you can use 1 reroll to try again.
2. If you get a skill you don’t want to put points into at the moment, you can use 1 reroll to try again.
3. If you die, you can use 3 rerolls to start a new character. You start over completely, with a score of 0, except for the rerolls that you have already used.

13. The tournament will continue until everyone reaches Guardian, dies and doesn’t have enough rerolls to start over or chooses not to, or stops playing. If no updates are posted for a period of one week (exceptions can be made if needed) the tournament will end.

14. No MP or item trading.

15. You may use any /players x setting you want, as well as any equipment/mercenary.

16. The tournament will begin Friday, October 15, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. (Same as forum time if you’re unaware of U.S. time zones.) Players may sign up at any time until the tournament ends, though the sooner you join the better.

17. I may update/clarify/change rules if needed.

Yes, the rules are rather long, but I wanted to try to cover everything. I know something else will come up, so if you've got any questions, ask away.
Jan 3, 2007
Note: These are posts #2-20 from the original thread.

Also, an example of how the random skill selection works. Let's say you are a Necromancer, starting out. Your initial skill table would be something like this:

1-Amplify Damage
3-Bone Armor
4-Raise Skeleton

The numbers aren't that important, you can set them however you want before you roll. Now, let's assume that you were to get Raise Skeleton as your first skill. Then once you've gotten three skill points put into Raise Skeleton (you'll be at either Clvl 3 or 4, depending on how soon you finish Den of Evil), you will be able to roll for another skill. This time, your choices would be:

1-Amplify Damage
3-Bone Armor
4-Raise Skeleton
5-Skeleton Mastery

Of course, once a skill is maxed, that skill can no longer be selected, and is removed from the choices.
Hmm... this sounds interesting, but I might suggest a slightly simpler scoring method, as my brain isn't smart enough to keep up with a string of huge numbers that we constantly have to add up. I'm having a hard enough time adding up the points my characters are using in the 3wd tourney :lol: I can't think of a simpler one at the moment, though, and that's what they made calculators for. :)

And 2: This is a low level *character* random tournament, and not a low level random skills tournament, right? In that we could, eventually, get our 3 points to go into level 30 skills, right?

I'm intrigued by the idea, and might play :)

I rolled a Druid, so I'll stick with that and save my reroll points for skills. I'll post later if I don't think I'll have the time to play, though.

I shall name him Dueirad, out of the fact that it looks randomish.
Let's see...

I told myself I wasn't going to play Druid again. But I don't want a Barbarian in this tournament...I think I'll stick with him.

Meet Rick_Bayless. First roll was 2 so I believe that's Werewolf.

@erimatbrad: Last round goltar kept track of the scores himself. The formula looks complicated, but it's actually fairly simple...
Just as promised, round two will commence. I like the rule changes, since last time most characters were so underpowered that players lost interest very quickly.

Of course I'm in, especially since I took 2nd last time. *vows to win at least one tourney this year*

erimatbrad said:
And 2: This is a low level *character* random tournament, and not a low level random skills tournament, right? In that we could, eventually, get our 3 points to go into level 30 skills, right?

This wasn't a problem last time - I think someone (not me) did eventually get a lvl12 skill though. With the re-rolls, we will do better, but I doubt anyone will get all pre-reqs to get any lvl30 skills. I guess exceptions may be sorc masteries that don't have pre-reqs.

I do have a question on "esc/save" to avoid death, and TPs in the belt. Are these allowed? Esc/save in particular is "abused" quite often if not disallowed.
Well I rolled a 7 so thats a sorc for me, her name will Random_Fusion.

I rolled a 5 for my moves which means I get Warmth, JOY!
I agree that last time the characters were very underpowered. The strength of a lvl 20 clvl1 skill goes away pretty quickly in Act IV normal. I was utterly amazed that max's "pseudo-fishy" (with no mastery at all :flip: ) made it to Hell. That sort of patience was insane. I think I almost wanted to die by the time I was in Arcane (where I died) since I felt like I was a useless add-on to a useless vine...this time I'm really going to go through. It's destroyer time!
Now that I am playing HC I am definitely up for this tournament.

I do have one question. How are the rolls done. Since the numbers don't really jive with dice. I am assuming there is a way to do a random number generator, but seeing as I am not that computer literate (I know enough to play games and type papers) I am not sure how you would go about doing the rolling.
Gabriel74 said:
Now that I am playing HC I am definitely up for this tournament.

I do have one question. How are the rolls done. Since the numbers don't really jive with dice. I am assuming there is a way to do a random number generator, but seeing as I am not that computer literate (I know enough to play games and type papers) I am not sure how you would go about doing the rolling.
I used this http://www.random.org/nform.html.

Hope that helped.
This does sound very interesting.

1) My wife loves Barbarians. If she rolls a Sorceress, she has the option to re-roll and hope for a Barbarian. If she doesn't get it, can she elect to re-roll again, or is that it and she has to play that character?

2) How do we roll? As mentioned, dice don't really go past 12 and maybe there are more than 12 items to roll for (skills have more than 12 different ones). I can make a random number generator for her to use that she can just run the program and get a random number, but since the tournament has been ran before; there is probably a logical way of doing it.

3) Since points allocated upon hitting a waypoint, is it beneficial to not click on the waypoint even though you have found it already? IE: You find the waypoint quickly, but plan to play a couple of hours, now you have leveled up 3 levels which would give you more points now to go back and click the waypoint. Of course, if you have to stop playing and forget to go back and click the waypoint, you will have to kill all those monsters again to get back to that waypoint to get credit for it.

4) My wife, brother, and I recently played a start to finish game where we each had a different character and took all 3 to the end. We always played together to offset each other's weakness; is this game SOLO only with no MP playing?
Heck, I'll play. Never played HC before, so it'll be a new experience or something. Looks like I'll be playing a Necromancer. The roll wants me to use Teeth, but I guess I'll reroll that for... Amp Damage.
Condor, I'll give your questions a shot:

1) The rules give each character 10 total re-rolls. These can be used for any of the three reasons listed above. So theoretically your wife could re-roll 10 times to get a Barb, but then she's be stuck with all random skills. It's a balance.

2) Any random number process would work, but the post right above yours shows the on-line version many of us use.

3) The scoring algorithm rewards finding waypoints and completing quests with the lowest character level. So it would be silly to wait to hit the WP. You don't need to stop the game when you find them, you just use pencil-n-paper to record your character levels. :)

4) Rule 14 says "no MP".
Just a side note on the scoring.. you didn't set any limits, which means I can just run trough act 1 without doing quest 1-5 and the when I reach level ** I can go back to act 1 normal and do the quests and waypoints getting ALOT of points for them. I think you should make a rule not to travel back to previous ACTS. this still leaves some fraud open, by not getting the wp's and just when you finish the act run to get all the wp's at once..
I won't be participating since I don't have time on my hands :(

:drink: Sint
Sint, waiting to hit WPs or complete quests is a bad idea in this tourney:

AE completes Den of Evil @ clvl5
points = (100-Clvl)*act#*2 = (100-5)*1*2 = 180

Sint completes Den of Evil @ clvl88
points = (100-Clvl)*act#*2 = (100-**)*1*2 = 24

Same logic with waypoints. Earlier = better :D
I will be playing a Paladin. I was actually hoping for one (it is the character I have played the most) and got it on the first roll.

Second roll resist fire. . . no, reroll might.
Awesome, lots of interest in this.

Thanks AE for taking care of all of the questions. In answer to yours, TP in belt is allowed, but no esc/save. Since you have the option to use 3 rerolls and restart, I don't think esc/save would be fair.

As for the scores, you can keep track of your own score, but I'll be keeping track of all of the scores. I have a spreadsheet from the first round that only needs a few minor changes for this time around.

Remember, completing things at a lower level is better for your score.

EDIT: I got a Paladin with Resist Fire as my first skill.
I'll play this. I haven't been in any tournaments before or played HC so I don't suppose I'll get very far. I'm assuming the number for the class is based on the character select screen. I rolled a 7 so if thats a druid thats what I'll be (another first for me).

Edit: reading > me. Found out a 7 is sorc. So I guess a sorc is what I am.
I got a Pally, who's first skill is Resist Fire. Great, just great. Is the score of our highest level character counted, or all of them combined?
Anyway, I'm getting started right now, I have a strategy.
My Pally's name will be WarriorofRandom
Your score is only counted for the last character you play. So for example if you get to Act 2 NM and die with enough rerolls to start over, you may want to just keep that score and end it there.
Sorry to post a quest so soon after my last post but please explain to me what forum time is. The times I see on the forum are in my local time zone GMT+10 so I don't know when we are allowed to start.
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