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[2004] Alphabet Tourney [by azn_apocalypse]

Mar 14, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by azn_apocalypse on Feb 23, 2004. The last post was made Dec 29, 2005.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Alphabet Tourney: Sign up and play


What it is: This is a Single Player HC tourney.

Object: The object will be to take your character as far through the game as possible without dying while following the rules set forth below. Once you die, even if it is to a Fallen in Act 1 Normal, that is it. No mulligans, nothing. The winner will be the person who takes their character the farthest through the game.


1) Entrants should enter only one character into the tourney. You must create your character brand new, from scratch. The class of this character will be randomly determined, you may not choose. To do this, assign each number from 1 to 7 to a character class, and then pick a random number from 1 to 7.

Visit http://www.random.org/nform.html

for a good random number generator; you can also program a graphing calculator to do it.

If you don't like your initial draw of character you can take a minor mulligan and draw once more. However, you can only get one minor mulligan. If you decide to use your minor mulligan and draw a second time, you must take what the random # generator gives you at that point. Also, before you choose a name your character, you might want to read item 6) for the bit on Personalized Items.

2) There is no muling or trading allowed at any time during this tourney. What you find is what you get.

3) There is no running of areas allowed. that is, you can only kill the monsters in an area once and only once. Once you kill all the monsters in an area you cannot restart the game and go back to the same area and kill the monsters again. This is to prevent running of areas for exp and mf.

There will be some leniency here. For example, one exception to this rule is if you have no choice but to go a certain area twice. Example: you've cleared Stony Field in a previous game, you've restarted the game, and now you need to kill Rakinishu again so you can safely open the portal to Tristram, where you haven't been before. This is okay, as long as you do not kill more monsters then you have to. In the above example you might want to consider running through the Stony Field, not killing anything, until you get to the stone circle where Rakinishu lives. You may also not pick up ANYTHING you find the second time you go through an area.

You can also skip areas (by running through them, or just not going in if it someplace optional like the Pit) and come back to clear them later. Feel free to keep track of places you've skipped so you can come back to them later. Just don't kill the monsters in any area more than once!

4) The /players setting can be changed at any time, to any number. Your discretion here.

5) (This is an important rule and may be slightly different from other random skill tourneys.)
This rule is to prevent caster characters from dominating the tourney. Of the skill points you earn from leveling, you may only choose where every THIRD one goes. That is, you can only place the skill points you earn when you level up to 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, etc. You can place these points in any skill you wish or save them to use for later. Skill points you earn from quests (Den of Evil/Radament/Izual) will also be considered "free" to use at your discretion.

The rest of the points, the ones you earn at level 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, etc...will be assigned randomly, in a way similar to the random character creation.

Basically, you number the skills that are available for you to choose from, and then you pick a random number out of that range. Example: the first time you level up you may only have 4 skills to choose from, hence you will draw a number between 1 and 4. If you are level 50 and have a point in every skill, then you would choose a number between 1 and 30. Just make sure you have picked out what skill has what number before you generate the random number.

6) (This is the most important rule of the tourney.) Every time you leave town, the equipment you have selected to wear on your character MUST BE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER from head to toe, left to right. Items must follow alphabetical order in the following sequence: Head, Amulet, Left Weapon, Armor, Right Weapon, Gloves, Left ring, Belt, Right Ring, Boots. The "name" of the item for the purposes of determining alpha order will differ according to the type of item, and is determined as follows:

6a) Unique Items - Use the entire name of the item, sorting by the first point of difference. Names are alphabetized as they would appear in a dictionary. If you were a dual-axe wielding Barbarian and wanted to wield both Deathspade and Death Cleaver, you would have to wield Death Cleaver in your left (first) hand and Deathspade in your right (second) hand. This is because Deathspade is all one word and comes after Death Cleaver, which is two words. The words "A", "An," and "The" in the name of the item will be ignored. The General's Tan Do Li Ga will be considered to start with G.

6b) Set Items - This gets a little complicated.

Items from Different Sets - Items will be sorted according to their full name. Anything from the Aldur's Rhythm set must be placed before anything from the Tal Rasha's set. The Laying of Hands from the Disciple set will be considered an "L", not a "D."

Items from the Same Set - You can equip items from the same set without worrying about the order. However, the first item from the set that appears in the head-->amulet-->...-->right ring-->boots sequence must be in order in relation to the other items. Any other items that you have equipped from that set will be considered "empty" for the purposes of alpha checking.

For example, if you were wearing all the items of the Disciple set, only the Telling of Beads amulet would matter. The rest of the items: armor, belt, gloves, and boots, would not. Thus, you would only be restricted in that your headgear would have to come before "T," and your weapon, shield, left ring, and right ring would all have to come after "T", and be in order themselves. Example: Peasant Crown, Ume's Lament, Wall of the Eyeless , and two Wyrm's Rings (+ to mana) would work, if you had all the other items from the disciple set on.

6c) RuneWords - Will be sorted by the name of the runeword, not the name of the individual runes. "Steel" (TirEl) will be considered an S, not a T.

6d) Rare/Crafted Items - Sorted by the special name that the item gets upon spawning...like Death Mark or Eagle Hand. First point of difference. Wraith Beads would have to come before Wraith Loop.

6e) Magical/Superior/Inferior/Normal Quality Items - Sorted by the full name of the item, according to first point of difference. Drake's Amulet would have to come before Drake's Cap, therefore you could not wear both at the same time. Likewise, you could not wear both a Superior Heavy Boots and Superior Heavy Gloves at the same time. You could, however, wear a cracked heavy gloves and superior heavy boots if you wished.

6f) Gemmed Items - Considered like any other normal item, starts with a G, sorted by first point of difference. You could not wear both a gemmed full helm and a gemmed breast plate at the same time. Three out of four of the possible gemmed slots are next to each other, so it will be feasible to have a gemmed weapon, armor, and shield if you chose to do so (ie Gemmed Cestus, Gemmed Chain Mail, Gemmed Spiked Shield).

6g) Personalized Items - You can personalize items from the Anya Quest in Act 5. Once you personalize an item, the item will take your character name as its first word, and this will be the name that is used to sort alphabetically. If your character name is Bill_Gates and you personalize Tal Rasha's Death Mask, the mask will be sorted by "Bill_Gates" rather than "Tal." Keep in mind that you can only personalize three items...and that is if you make it to Hell Act 5! Choose your character name wisely and don't personalize anything unless you think you absolutely have to in order to equip it.

You can leave any number of slots empty. You will simply ignore these slots when you check alpha order. If I decided not to equip any rings, I would have to follow the order Head, Amulet, Left Weapon, Armor, Right Weapon, Gloves, Belt, Boots. In addition, if you do not have any items that can go into a slot and satisfy the alpha order, then you must leave that slot empty.

Also, when setting up secondary weapon configurations, both your weapon configs must individually obey the alpha rule in relation to the rest of your items. However, you don't have to worry about setting up configuration 1 in any way relative to configuration 2.

It is acceptable to use a shield in your left slot and a weapon in your right slot. I am not sure if there are any game effects from equipping like this, but it is definitely allowed.

7) The weapon and equipment configuration of your merc is unrestricted. You can use any type of item on him/her, in any order.

8) Your stats point assignments are entirely at your discretion. Choose wisely...or unwisely if you wish! :)

10) These rules are final and will not be changed. Any situations that arise that have not been described above should be addressed to the forum.

Good luck and have fun!
Mar 14, 2020
Note: These are posts #2-20 from the original thread.

I have started my own char for this tourney. I drew a barbarian, liked it, and created the char. I named him "Nemesis."

Not much to report right now. I'm Lvl 13 in the Dark Wood of Act I Normal. I found a socketed jawbone cap with good +skills and stuck some chipped topazes in there, so now it is a "Gemmed Jawbone Cap." G is pretty high in the alphabet, so I'm going to use that cap as a base to build my equipment, for now at least.

I'm not wearing any gloves, right ring, or amulet at this point. I've discovered that the alphabet rule presents a decent challenge, since it's pretty hard to find items that I can equip.


Nemesis, Lvl 13, Act 1 Norm.
Fire Arrow rogue merc, Lvl 7
Since I'm at work (as some others of us are during the day, EST), could someone list the character classes left-to-right so I can at least save time and roll now at work, so I don't spend time planning when I get home? :)

@erimatbrad: you can just as easily just assign each class with a number yourself and then roll for a number.

I got assigned an assassin. Decided to name her Fonix, for humor value and hopefully I can later personalize a good claw and fit it in with my gear. Now to go and play!
sativola said:
@erimatbrad: you can just as easily just assign each class with a number yourself and then roll for a number.

I got assigned an assassin. Decided to name her Fonix, for humor value and hopefully I can later personalize a good claw and fit it in with my gear. Now to go and play!
This is true.

1- Amazon
2- Assassin
3- Barbarian
4- Druid
5- Necromancer
6- Paladin
7- Sorceress (woo for alphabetical order)

And... rolled a 1. That's good enough for me.

So, may I introduce, Seven's sister.... (wait for it)....

Fyve! (bad joke, I know, but I"m running with it).

More later, when I actually get a chance to *play* her...
Alrighty, meet Aaliyah the confused Sorceress and (hopefully) future queen of godly circlet/amulet gambles. :D

I am happy with the roll because I really wanted to play a sorceress in a random tourney. I want to prove that they are not as bad for that as recent random tourneys have suggested.
Just a clarification, but I assume we can use ATMA as an extended stash for our characters? No muling items from other characters of course, just the ability to keep all the stuff you find and not wasting your in-game stash space with all your runes/gems/charms/what-have-you.
Hmmm. Necro.... Not good. Let's have a mulligan.

And it's barb. Not exactly what I wanted but still good. At least he can kill stuff. :) His name is Maliz.

@Staviola: I think he ment that no muling. I can be wrong, tough. And at least muling out should be allowed to make prize mules. Not muling in cool 'cause then you would have to think what items do you save for later use.
hmmm, i drew a druid...crap. o well, thats ok. his name is kapenius, so hopefully i find a good maul.

oh, and question about the random skill placement. suppose im level 34 and draw a lvl 30 skill and dont have all the prereqs, such as armageddon. what do i do? draw again?

and our discretionary points (4, 7, 10, ..., den, radament, izzy), can we save them?
A couple of addendums to the rules. These aren't rule changes, just making things more clear.

a) You may NOT use ATMA for this tourney. No muling of any kind. You'll have to make decisions as to what items/runes/gems to keep and which ones to throw away.

b) The skill points that you must randomly assign (at lvl 2, 3, 5, 6, etc.) CANNOT be saved to use for later. You must generate a random # and assign the skill point as soon as you earn it.
You can´t roll a skill that is not possible to invest in, if you do it right. For each point to distribute, count the available choices. Example: if there are 14 possible choices, roll a number 1-14.
tking716 said:
oh, and question about the random skill placement. suppose im level 34 and draw a lvl 30 skill and dont have all the prereqs, such as armageddon. what do i do? draw again?

tking716 said:
and our discretionary points (4, 7, 10, ..., den, radament, izzy), can we save them?

gotcha, thanks!
jiansonz said:
You can´t roll a skill that is not possible to invest in, if you do it right. For each point to distribute, count the available choices. Example: if there are 14 possible choices, roll a number 1-14.
This is correct.

Also, tking gave a bad example when he said "let's say I am level 34," b/c the skill point you earn when you lvl up to 34 is actually a free one!
Since my char died in the Set/Unique tourney I might as well sign up for this. I rolled an Assassin, her name will be....... LostInShadow
Fonix the assassin has killed the Countess and will soon be entering the Tamoe Highland and its infamous pit. The random skills have been pretty biased towards the martial arts! My skill set up:

Tiger Strike 3 (1 chosen), Dragon Talon 3, Fists of Fire 1
Claw Mastery 3 (2 chosen), Burst of Speed 1 (chosen)
Blade Sentinel (1)

Too bad traps are safer in HC! I only meant to put one in Claw Mastery, but the second was from an accidental click. Oh well.

As far as her gear goes:
Fiend Crest Skull Cap (rare +5 resists to all but poison)
Gemmed Katar
Hard Leather Armor of Equilibrium
Shimmering Small Shield of Blocking
Storm Lock Sash (rare crap)
Sturdy Boots of Charged Bolt

No jewelry or gloves, since I can't really get anything to fit there with this setup. Gonna have to socket a shield pretty soon to get those spots open. Not much exciting yet.

Fonix, Lvl 12 Assassin, Act 1 N, Black Marsh Waypoint
Fiona, Lvl 9 Fire Rogue Merc
azn_apocalypse said:
a) You may NOT use ATMA for this tourney. No muling of any kind. You'll have to make decisions as to what items/runes/gems to keep and which ones to throw away.
Are there any prize mules or other prize for the winner. No, I'm not playing this for the prize but asked anyway.

Does that mean that if someone finds enough godly stuff that he can't use he can't mule them off (not muling them back)?

Barbarian Maliz reached Cold Plains waypoint. Got a lucky skill point in Bash and added my own to Howl to open the three. Those masterys are going to be problem. Now I have one point in Axe and two in Mace. I'm plannig to do something that uses heavy two handed weapons and investes just little in dex to be able to use some poles/spears.

Maliz, barb, Act 1 normal, Cold Plains wp. Level 6
I rolled a Druid. I will name hime DeweyDecimel. :uhhuh:
This sounds like an "interesting" tourney so I am definitely in. I rolled a 5 so going by the above post it is necromancer time.

May I proudly present, Nevermore, the alphabetical necromancer, hopefully jack of a few trades and master of at least one.
rolled a....7?

I present to you, Gorgonzola, the cheezy paladin!

looking forward to many bad puns with this character.

I'm in too, but I'm at work right now, so I just rolled for my character type. First I rolled a 3, but I played a barb in the Set/Unique Tourney, so I want to try something different. Rolled again and came up with a 2 -

Say hello to Babs the Assassin (Bob's evil twin sister)

Babs will be starting her adventures this evening. I'm going to try the Valk technique so successfully used by Sun Xingjiang in the S/U tourney with my shadow. No idea how well it will work. Other than that, I'll just take them as they come, can't be worse than starting with 6 masteries and not much else.

Should be interesting, since I haven't really tried a 1.10 assassin yet, let alone hardcore. Guess I'm off to do a bit of research.
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