2 quick questions


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May 24, 2006
2 quick questions

2 questions that have bothered me, and i need answers too.

1) Does +poison damage from any item result in that you cant critical hit from skills ? i red that from a few pages ago and i have never heard it before.

2) When MF´ing and killing a boss. Do i have to wear my MF-gear whole time when i first attacked the boss, or when the boss have like 1/100 HP left, i can teleport, switch gear, go in again and kill him, and all +MF applys ?

Is it the one having +MF-gear who HAS to make the kill, no other ?

Thanks guys
Much Love.
1. Poison damage does not interfer with Critical Strike. False Rumour.

2. MF applies when the 'final' strike is done. You can switch for MF items when the monster has 1life left.
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