1st Pat/character


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Jun 22, 2003
1st Pat/character

Well I just finished Hell with my 1st SP character.

Demon-Knight(Skele-mancer; Nightfish's version)


Vipermagi armor w p/topaz
Ume's Lament wand
Sigon's shield
Waterwalk boots
(2) Nagelring
Tals belt
Frostburn gloves
The Disciple (Telling of the Beads) ammy

as most of us know it doesnt take much to beat hell with a skelemancer.lol

I died about 10 times total, 9 of those in hell, with about 70% of those due to the damn ice-blast death... :grrr:
Overall he was(is) a blast to play..like playing football with Amp/CE.

The merc as always was the key for me..his items consisted of

Crown of Thieves helm
Griswold armor (w 3 p/rubies)
Bonehew (empty as of yet)

A few of you gave most of these items to me thru the Free Giveaway. Summoned in particular gave the most..thx again man.;)
I have found some fairly decent items thru the bosses. But nothing I can really use yet.
I did find some War travelers..like 36%..so their decent.

But enjoyed it alot, and looking forwards to my next character.

I do plan on tho getting all my characters to lvl 99. But mine as well jump to another character to keep it interesting.

Cyas later. :wave:
cool. never patted a skelliemancer. so way to go :thumbsup:
that is teh awesomeness
I have a poisonsummoner in the works, who will max out skeletons first. I agree they roxx0r teh boxx0r!

Congratulations! And... Are you REALLY sure you want to bring all your chars to lvl 99??? :surprise:
Congrats! I have a Fishymancer in Hell act 3. I am right behind you!
Congratulations! always good to see a first pat thread here, it shows that although the game is getting on a bit (it terms of computer games its ancient) people are still finding it fun and improving there characters.
And making all yopur characters lvl 99? you need to get a job, because you have way to much time on your hands!
:lol: Thanks fellas.

Well I want to 'eventually" get them to lvl 99..easy to say..who knows if I will be able to do.;)

On to the next character

Warrior_ofRohan; Concentrate Barb( Hal's version) :thumbsup:

I will miss the speed of that Skelemancer for awhile. :drink:
i find concentrate barbs about as exciting as a loaf of bread, with a glass of water to wash i down with. i'd say go for a wirly or a frenzy barb instead, but its up to you, and youve probably already spent alot fo time on this guy.
Well I will for sure build a WW sooner or later..as I love the Barb and necro builds. But my concentrate barbs always have a backup point into WW..I think they all should have 2 things LeapAttack/WW. Cant runs thru tunnels, and mf quickly without these two..well unless you've got teleport.

LeapAttack btw is poormans teleport.. :lol:

I had a Concentrate barb on Bnet..that I absoulty love is lvl 89. But its gonna be hard to find the uberness he had in SP..gonna take awhile.
I REALLY, REALLY want a Frenzy barb again...but on Bnet I used pretty much anything and everything to make them work in 1.10. Couldn't survive Hell if my life depended on it. So I became to lose faith in them.
I see many of you still use Frenziers..and my hope have arose some..so I will give it a shot someday soon. But you'll prob see a thread asking of all the help possible..or just do some serious searching as I usually do for guides and such.

A few future build will be

WW Barb
Concentrate Barb
Immortal King barb<<OMG, why the abuse! But I did it once on Bnet legitly, so surely SP will be possible.
Sorc...of some kind
Frenzier<<if you guys can talk me into it.
Maybe a Werebear..always loved them

But I only got 8 slots to fill so..I gotta chose carefully.
renziers are great, get 1 to patriarch and then make up your mind if you believe me :lol:
And look in the inidividual character forums for all the builds, as most of the forums now have a sticky with all the guides linked to, so easy to find 1 that suites you.
Yup, you really need to build a frenzier! I have one in act III hell. If you have a hurting weapon + dracul's grasp + (if you like) warcry, they really rock! :thumbsup:
I find the Fury Wolf Druid to be much more enjoyable than a Frenzy Barb. Actually, my Double Throw Barb has a higher surviveability too. That's just personal preference tho.
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