100% Ias


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Apr 16, 2005
100% Ias

Is there any belt that gives 15% IAS?
Or is there any way to get 100% IAS from equipment without using IAS armour?

Most IAS Helm = 45/120 or Mavs with 15% = 45% IAS
Most IAS gloves = 20%
Most IAS Amulet = 20%
Most IAS belt = 10% ??

If above is true then one can only get a max of 95% IAS from equipment (excluding armour)...

I'm rolling a Faith and I'm just worried that if its level 12 fana then I need 100% IAS to hit the last bp... anything higher than level 12 i only need 95% so im okay..
Sigon's Gloves give 30% ias when paired with another part of the set (boots, in this case).

IK Gloves give 25% ias when paired with another part of the set (again, boots)

Giving you 105% ias and 100% ias respectively.

You're gonna have to sacrifice your gore riders for it though
ahhh thanks, sounds good now i just have to pray that i dont get lvl 12

I forgot about sigs combo, and didn't even know about IKs - thnx again
I'm waiting on the guy to come trade me the 4OS GM BOw :(
I'll post it up once i roll it.. god i hope its more than 12 fanta
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I saw your post on trade forum about the bow, gl with it. LMK if you want to team up sometimes =P.

So I used a GMB 4OS +1 +14% ED - Rolled a ....

15/1/1 Faith woot! with 344% ED :)
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