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Jul 11, 2021
I'm starting to get multiples of uniques of varying usefulness, and I'm often conflicted about cutting them down, on the off chance I could somehow regret it later on. For trading or giving away, I guess. But I realize that if I can find them reliably, than so can others; and most people probably get the same satisfaction from finding things themselves (as well as most people here being infinitely more established in single player gear than me). But I guess I'd like some input to help me decide on it. And I know ATMA space is unlimited, but I'd like to try to avoid the 'slow loading' issue I've heard of at a certain point; and it's also nice to be able to keep things more pared down and simpler.

So, as an example, should I just go ahead and delete all but 1 of something like Frostburns without hesitation?
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Apr 14, 2020
There are some sets/uniques that you should hold onto. EG Vipermagi, Guiiliames, etc so that you dont have to move items between your chars. Also are you SC or HC or both. The transfer of items between SC and HC characters can be tricky: HC to SC is fine by me but that is a permanent move imho. SC to HC is a no-no. And use Gomule. Loadtimes are a breeze.


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Mar 15, 2020
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I'm in the camp where Java stuff doesn't always run well on my computer, so I'm relegated to using ATMA myself.

Agreed; items that have use across multiple characters at various stages of the game deserve extra copies. War Travs, Gore Riders, LoH, Shakos, Tal's helms, all those lovely cross-class utility things for you & all your mercs. Multiple sets of leveling gear if you start new toons regularly.

There's arguments to be made for extras for lots of reasons, though. Level barbarians a lot? Keep two one-handers of the weapons you like to use. Unless you're rune rich with awesome HotOs and 6x Ist'ed PBs, at least two Wizardspikes or Ali Babas for FCR & MF options. Two copies of claws for any assassin. Two copies of throwing weapons (maybe four if you like Double Throw barbs that much). Do you care about eth uniques that a merc wouldn't use, maybe you have the desire to fill out that ridiculous grail? What about low drop rate elites -- gonna just throw your 3rd Windforce in the garbage (technically, an Act I merc can use the 2nd)?

Variable rolls on items play into it, too. For example: I've ignored a few Strings at this point, then went to look at the one I stashed and see it's got some of the lowest LL & DR rolls possible. Not the end of the world, but it hurts the heart knowing I probably could have had something better in all those things I abandonded. It's not fun when you find something useful, think you have a back up unused item somewhere, toss the item, and go to look later and end up cursing yourself for not holding onto it.

Unlimited stash size, yes. But also multiple stashes. If there's any kind of trophy you want to hold onto, you can always make another stash for random stuff to keep. Maybe you don't need multiple Templar's Mights cluttering your standard stash, but I know I'd be hard pressed to ditch them regardless of how worthless it is.

As an ATMA user, I don't really think about it. My main stash is around 750 sets & uniques, and yeah it loads a little slowly, but not bad enough that I'm worried about purging things. A large amount of my grail is filled out at this point, but if I see something interesting drop I tend to pick it up and put it somewhere. Probably don't need four Wolfhowls. I got 'em anyway. For me, hoarding is a way of life in D2.
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Apr 18, 2021
I use ATMA and my biggest stash currently has 2,250 gems in it. It takes less that 3 seconds to load. My pefefect gem stash has 685 currently and takes about a second to load and everything else is smalleer and takes an eye blink to load. So as long as you creat multiple stashes and keep them under 1,000 items I don't see a bothersome lag.

The trading forum is nothing like it was 10 or 15 years ago. Back then there were a lot of giveaways to people just starting out or starting a new character type. Maybe that will restart with D2R.

No matter how apparently useless you think a set or unique maybe I'd argue that you should keep more than one of each. Which brings up the concept of stash management. ATMA and Go Mule make it easy to simply throw an item into a stash and forget about it. One thing I've done for a long time is comparing a new find with what I already have and keeping the best in my Unique and set stashes and either moving a lesser item to the doubles stash or selling it. While you can't have enough Arreat's Faces if you do barbs how many Artic Horns do you really need to keep.

I'm probably not the best example to follow when it comes to actually managing what I have in my stashes beyond trying to make sure I do keep the better items for my characters since if it's green or gold I do tend to hoard. I'd been gone about 10 years and when I started looking through my stashes I found a lot of repeats, I even had multiple stashes for doubles! I just looked and the first item in my trade bait stash is Aldur's Rhythm and there are 10 of them in it!

Something else that some people do is have a stash for each character they develop to see how sucessful it was as they move them to throug the game.


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Jul 24, 2020
You should use GoMule if you don't have the issues others have talked about. Right now, I have 17,043 items in my SC stashes. I have 15 pairs of Frostburns. That said, I'm such a hoarder that I'm glad that Skyrim doesn't have a muling app (don't tell me about it if I'm wrong).

I've been doing Trav runs today, and I'm trying to learn to leave stuff on the ground. That green ring? Do I need *another* cathan's seal, sigh, yes, pick it up. (I have 66 of them now.)

If you're usually a hoarder in other item based games, then I'd say you should fix that now. If you're not, keep 3-5 of each set/unique, but still pick up new ones since they may have better rolls.

Edit: most set items don't have random affixes, but some do.